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Ok, So I apply the Single Player ASM hack that I got from this site to my hack, I open the game, and it seems to run fine at first, when I start a game, the intro plays without giving me a chance to choose how many players I want. That's good, but after that, the whole game just goes blank, the OW doesn't even load. I have ruined 4 hacks trying to install this ASM (And I keep forgetting to backup my work so that means I've restarted my hack 4 times >.<). So my question is

a. Why is this happening and how do I fix it

or, if you don't have an answer for that

b. is there any way to get rid of an ASM hack that you apply to your ROM, I've tried using HEX to undo all the changes that the ASM file says it made but that just destroyed the rom entirely.
Oh I see what my problem is, I didn't convert the address (for some reason I thought that the program that found free space for you would convert it automagically, not sure why though...) so I pointed it to some free space that wasn't free and accidentally erased some important stuff (OW loading and whatnot). Thanks

Edit: Out of Curiosity, Would I be able to grab the HEX from a clean rom (or at least a working one) and paste that over everything in my screwed up ROM I've gotten as far as vreating a HEX dump but can't seem to figure out how I would move that HEX dump into my other ROM,

Well the problem with that is that Lunar Magic can no longer open my Hacked ROM (200 byte header issue, result of me attempting to fix the HEX by myself) so i can't export my levels.
Does anybody know where the ROM address for the X-position of Yoshi's tongue is? My "Yoshi" in my hack doesn't have a head so it looks like the tongue (actually an arm that grabs stuff) comes out of nowhere. I tried turning the head into a line which works fine if you are on the ground, but if you jump the "tongue" comes out at different places all the time to the lines don't line up.
"Well, you aren't supposed to use Yoshi with castle GFX. Maybe it's that."

No, you misunderstand my question. "Yoshi" doesn't have a head because I don't want him to have a head. I removed his head because he's not a Yoshi, he's a machine that you ride around on that doesn't have a head
I'm just trying to move the tongue so that it comes right out of the machine, instead of an an inch in front of him.
I'm looking in the Hand.ASM file that comes with the OW Sprite Editor tool and I am trying to make it so that the hand has a 5% chance of forcing you into the level and can't for the life of me find the code that it uses to determine what the probability of being sucked in to the level. I assume it's somewhere with the code that I have copied below (since it say's it is) but nothing is sticking out to me saying "Hi, I'm the code that changes probability"

LDA $0E65,x ;sprite position high byte
LDA $0E35,x ;sprite position low byte
REP #$20
SBC $001A,y ;Screen Boundry
STA $0000,y ;sprite position relative to screen boarder
SEP #$20

;; If sprite is near mario/luigi, enter level at the probability of 50%.
JSR GetBetweenLength
LDA $06
CMP.W #$0008
BCS NotNear
LDA $08
CMP.W #$0008
BCS NotNear
SEP #$20
LDA $0DB4,y
BMI NotNear ;if death
;STX $0EF7 ;delete this index number sprite when a level beaten
LDA $13D9 ;pad input mode
CMP #$04
BEQ NotNear ;when mario is moving, skip
LDA $0E05,x ;timer
BEQ TimerZero
CMP #$80
BCS Return02
JSR TimerCount
SEP #$20
STZ $0E05,x
STZ $0E55,x

(maybe right here?) TimerZero:
LDA $13
STA $148B
LDA $14
STA $148C
JSL $01ACF9 ;get random value
AND #$01
BNE NotHappen
LDA #$50
STA $0E05,x ;timer
LDA #$01
STA $13D9 ;pad input mode
Sweet thanks. 1/32 works better than 5% anyway, I was just throwing out an arbitrary number
Okay so I think that this should be pretty simple. All I want to do is make it so that one power up Item will give you both power ups. I've got the powerup stacker and have turned off all the places I don't want capespin/fireball to happen, I just need for one powerup to give you a cape and fireball at the same time.
so your saying just stick em on top of eachother all the time? ok.
I don't want Mario to get one or the other, I want for one power up to do both firepower and cape, I've gotten as far as giving Mario a cape when he has firepower (Using Kpheonix power up thing) but the cape doesn't do anything, it just looks like it does.
How do I change Mario's firepower routine so that when you push Y when you have firepower, it points to another area in the ROM (or is it RAM? I'm not entirely sure), specifically the Yoshi eating an enemy routine (general answer would be better since I am probably going to have to change the Yoshi routine drastically for it to work better with a person using it instead of Yoshi so I'll need to copy the routine elsewhere anyways)

Here is a basic picture of what I am looking for (not exactly obviously, it will look a lot cleaner when I'm done but you get the picture)

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HuFlungDu's Profile - Posts by HuFlungDu

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