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im wanne play smw hacks with other players(online).
because its boring pleying with your self
if someone wants to do this post your email here pre ad me on msn

my msn is: [email protected]

Greetings Konings
Please is there someone that will play smw hacks (online) with me
i think its fun to beat a hack together.

Please contact me: [email protected]
u can join my hamachi network too
Network name : SMW Central
Password : ploplop

PS : please don't put these thread in the trash can
no mate, thats not what i mean
i know how to connect to zbattle !!
i just wanna play with people online (zbattle)
Are There any donkey kong hacks for the snes version, because i like the game very much like more mario fans and the ruguler game is just to easy. is it even possible to hack this game yet ore will it be possible in the feature. If it is possible maybe i start my own dk hack. I prefer a dk2 hack If anyone can give me more information i appreciate that. Thanks in advance

Greeting, Konings

Originally posted by ManuMaster654
Actually, there are only WELL hacks done of DKC1, the othre ones are very difficult to use the editor, or find the editor. I mean

Originally posted by ManuMaster654, Screenshots and Video Thread, ROM Hacking
...and the only bad thing is that there are only japanese editors for DKC2 and DKC3...

And if you want the DKC1 hacks, I could find it, but you need a V1.0 Rom of DKC.

Oke thanks, i can get a V1.0 of DKC thats no problem, but can you give me a link to 1 ore more Donkey Kong hack and the editors if u want. And if u know some Japanese hacks its oke to, do u think the emulators for DKC2 and DKC3 will be in English in the feature.
maybe u cant post everything on here you can also contact me on [email protected]
Thanks in Advance, i appreciate it.

Greetings, Konings
i did some research on Google and i could only find the following website: http://www.dkc-atlas.com. You can find many stuff on this website, but what i exactly want i justs a ips file so i can play a hack. does someone now a link to a (Well Done) dkc1 hack.
Thanks in advance
I want to play hacks on a real console.
Is there any way to get a hack playable on a real snes console?


Both the hacks on the following pages are smw hacks:


What is the different between SMW Hacks and Legacy hacks?


Can anyone make a hack that will (delete) replace the cape items with a flower item, because i think the original SMW will be awesome to beat when there is no cape in the game, this also will make the game a lot harder. To do this every cape block needs to get reclaced by for exampla a flower block and in the green bonus block there should be no cape in. When doing this mabey a few levels need to be changed a little bit, because i think u need the cape for some exits. Can someone fix this?

I would really appreciate it.


Super Mario World Original (NO CAPE/YOSHI)

This is the Original Super Mario World Game, but i replaced every cape block with a fire block and i deleted every other cape in the game. I also replaced the yoshi blocks with a 1up block. In some levels i also changed a few things to make them possible without a cape. I all did this to make the game a lot harder.

There are 2 version:

Version 1:
No cape in the game (Medium - Hard)

Version 2:
No cape and no yoshi in the game (Hard)

What do u think about this hack?
U can download the hack here: http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=6582

I dont understand why are u gonne remove the hack.
Its not only about the exits u need a cape, but now u need to walk trough every level instead of justt flying over it. Like the levels in special world are much harder without a cape (ore blue yoshi).
Even the levels in world 2 are harder now because u need to walk trough the levels. When there is no cape in the game is really much harder. Normal u can fly trough world 2, part of world 3, world 4, world 5 and even a few levels in world 6. Also star world has a few levels u can normal justt fly trough and special world is much harder now.
Please look into it for me
Yes I changed the parts where u need the feather.
So in this hack the feather will not be necessary anymore.
I still updated the game for people that wants to give it a shot and people also seems to enjoy it. Its updated to Version 2.1 at the moment and i think it will be the final version unless I/ Other hackers/players find a bug ore feather.
If it will get deleted by a moderator than i understand it, but i think that would be really a great pity,

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