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I'm working on a cave level entitled "big boos cave" and as you can probably tell, its got a lot of boos in it. and my problem is that when i put a drybones in there, the bones that he throws are glitched, I know he needs to have the sp4 be 03 to make the bones look nonglitched, but because of the boos, I cant make them look good. how do i get it to look right without having to give up the boos?

and in the same level, i want some thwomps, and the sp3 ExGFX are on 12, as they should be, but they still look glitchy, how do i get them to look proper?

and, if it matters, I put custom BG GFX and FG GFX, and custom ExGFX for the boos

Originally posted by ds777fighter
try clicking the red mushroom...

im not THAT much of a noob... i've already extracted GFX and ExGFX, oh, and if you mean the red POISON mushroom, then if already done that too.
Originally posted by Demi
If I understand correctly, you want to use Big Boos and Dry bone's bone in the same level.

You either have to remap the bone or Big Boo to some other spot, or you will have to not use one of the sprites. If you want to remap, look in the ROM map for the tilemaps of these sprites.

thank you, that helps alot
id be happy to, i may not be well known, but i am good with ExGFX, i can build this pretty quickly.
i want to edit the big boo boss to take 6 hits instead of 3, is that possible? and if so, how do i do it?
Originally posted by Dylan Yoshi
From the ROM Map:
"183A2 $03:81A2 1 byte Misc. Big Boo Boss HP"

im confused by the rom map, so, could you explain it....
Originally posted by S.N.N.
The ROM map is exactly what it sounds like - a map of the ROM itself. Generally, if you don't understand basic hex, you'll have a difficult time understanding how the ROM map works. I'll simplify it for you this time, but I would strongly advise reading up on it a bit.

If you don't already have a hex editor, get one. I recommend Translhextion (Google it). Once you have that, open your ROM in the hex editor, and go to "Offset -> Jump To". Enter "x183A2", as Dylan Yoshi mentioned. You should see an "03" here. Change that value to whatever you'd like (in your case, 06).

You can use the ROM map to accomplish a wide variety of other things as well. Experiment with it a bit, and you'll eventually catch on.

ohhhhh..... he was talking about hex? i already know most hex, i used it to disable the "MARIO START!" cuz it was glitched
i never log out....so...does that count....but im am here 23 hours a day
i made a hack and sent it to a beta tester....it was terrible and rushed

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what are you talking about, i perfectly understand that.
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