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My profile says 4 years 6 months, but really its more like 3 years with all my time spent away. Not exactly veteran material.

Also yeah, speaking as someone who decided not to go to college, I have not actually worried about money that much, because I keep a steady job and don't live too expensively. Though since you are actually taking higher level education I'm sure in the long run you win out.
All the fun of filling out forms and all the freedoms of a checklist wrapped into an "opinionated statement". This thread is sure magical.
It's occurring to me that all the bands my sister liked when she was 12 I like now.
I've had to work a lot as a cashier. Its probably the easiest part about working retail though, working the floor is torture and at least as a cashier you usually get a chair for when its not busy. Though you have to memorize a lot, things like store layout and of course that speil you have to say at the end of checkout about rewards cards and all that.
You probably shouldn't kill someone though. Like, thats not cool, dude. Nobody likes a murderer, unless this girl has a murderer fetish, then, you know, thats cool. But you should find that out before you murder someone.
I'm pretty much only going to be playing Wii Fit Trainer and Little Mac, why would I play anyone else? Can't be a Luigi main forever.

Also Diddy Kong, meh. Expected and unimpressive.
Wait where was it said that there would be less characters than in Brawl?
"Not much bigger" but still bigger. So assuming that "not much" is like, 5. Because if we add 5 to 34 (Brawl's Roster, minus Sheik and Zero Suit since they don't appear on the character select) its 40 (39 plus one for "random"), and that number is divisible by 8, making it look nice and clean on the character select. Though that might just be wishful thinking.

With the characters Egadd listed plus, say, 5 for potential Brawl vets, thats 35. So that leaves a potential 4 Newcomers. Give or take but I think that is pretty good.
1) Souls
2) No, more like 5
3) Don't like popcorn
4) Film, only film
5) Isn't that kinda the point?


1) If you be able to shift between your regular self and an animal at will, what animal would you shift to?
2) Metal Gear?
3) What/Who is your biggest inspiration?
4) Seeing someone, handsome?
5) Are you an anime?
Oh no! Now how will I immediately lose to hackers in Mario Kart DS?

But seriously, the wifi barely worked anyway on a good day. The only shit part is that now Pokemon Gen 4 and 5 are dead for Wifi Battles, which I still enjoy some competitive Platinum every now and again, so that kinda blows.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
i'm still trying to figure out why i'm here and not out saving the world

Because whatever effort you made would be negligible, best to stay inside and be disappointed at people you will never meet.
Originally posted by HackerOfTheLegend
1. Do you like waffles?
2. Do you think SNN secretly in love with Kieran?
3. What's you're favorite Kingdom Hearts game?
4. Do you own an Xbone?
5. Is a question a question if the meaning of the question is the same as the question's question?

1) Yeah, but you can't compete with pancakes.
2. I think Kieran is secretly in love with SNN.
3) The only one I have ever played is the one on the GBA, and only for like 5 minutes.. so I guess that one.
4. Nope, latest console I own is the Gamecube
5) ur dum


1> Still in school?
2: Favorite snack?
3> Where would you like to live?
4: 2nd favorite movie?
5) Who was the 19th president of the united states of america?
Way too distracting with all the bits everywhere. My main problem is with the ground, but the pipes aren't super nice to look at either.
Originally posted by KY2010
1. What's your favorite planet in the solar system and why?
2. Are you left or right handed?
3. Your fictional crush?
4. What's the most important aspect in a video game, in your opinion.
5. Drop it like it's hot?

1. Earth because all the shit's here.
2. Right, but attempting to learn to be ambidextrous.
3. Alexander from Civ 5.
4. Conveyance. Basically how easy it is to tell what's going on on your first runthough.
5. If a bitch get an attitude.


1. Best hair colour on a potential "mate"?
2. Still got stuffed animals?
3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hot am I?
4. Do we need no water?
5. Worst place you've ever been?
Inventor. Just a non specific inventor. Had a journal where I would draw really crap drawings of my crap inventions.

Now, I am a filmmaker. And I like that a lot better.
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