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Tell them it prints money, then when they get it and it doesn't say "It does print money!.. for Nintendo".

Then, get smacked upside the head, but at least you have a Wii U now.
I'm down.
So I totes forgot about this and now I have to really quickly record and edit together something that doesn't sound like shit and is entertaining. FUN!
I am just having trouble discerning what Pacman's moveset could possibly be. Since he can literally only attack when we has eaten a super pellet (which would probably end up being his final smash), its hard to see what else he could do.

I don't think he is the best representative for Namco, but I don't think any character that already appears in a fighter should appear either. I would much rather see someone like Klonoa. He is from a Namco game, is a beloved character, has a good selection of possible moves, is from a classic and slightly obscure game, he wouldn't be expected, he has Pac Man on his fucking hat. Seems ideal to me.
Yeah I played the one of the gamecube games, still seems super basic. Punches and kicks? 80 percent of the other characters already do that. What's the fun in that other than the novelty of playing as Pacman?

Its very clear they want to make each character feel unique, probably why they haven't announced Ganon yet, because they want to make him a lot different than just being a slow Captain Falcon. With just punches, kicks, headbutts, a projectile attack.. Pacman just sounds boring and plainly not fun.
(Gosh and golly I am being active for once)

Originally posted by Trollope
why wouldn't nintendo put another character from Sonic or Mega Man universe. Like Zero or Proto Man, like Tails or Knuckles.

For two reasons, 1) Because third party series probably won't get more than one representative character per series (licensing, overrepresentation of third party while underrepresentation of first party, etc) . 2) Because with some minor differences aside (shield, hovering, gliding) they would play super similar to Mega Man and Sonic.

Also Game and Watch might be announced but as for Snake, thats not up to Nintendo.

Originally posted by Trollope
Will there actually be an adventure mode like Subspace Emmisary? That would be awesome. Who knows, maybe they will put the adventure mode.

No. Nothing like Subspace Emissary will be included as far as we know. It is said because they didn't like how the cutscenes were all just put on the internet, as well as complaints about repetitiveness and blandness of SE. Plus SE got the game delayed a lot, with a lot more production hours going into it than the fighting part, which led to more complaints.

We might see a single player gamemode like in Smash 64 and Melee, but we won't be getting a story mode of any fashion.
For Glory isn't half assed, For Glory is exactly what you ask for in competitive, but for online play. Plus more, with most stages having a "Final Destination" type, its pretty fucking rad.
Ok I admit they have done more with less for characters (Captain Falcon is a great example being from a racing game, they had to base his moveset around the Falcon Punch from the anime). I'm sure a moveset for Pacman could be made with enough stretching of the imagination, but I still don't get why people want him in so bad other than "he is a classic character".
Ok fine then his moveset was literally based off of nothing.

Some more digital art, this time of Metroid's own Samus Aran using the Wave Beam!

Started off in pencil, used a fine tip sharpie to darken lines, took a picture and drew over in photoshop, applied color, shading.

I'd like to be able to open up a shop or something for my art, I just really don't know how many people would be willing to pay for something like this. I dunno man.

Edit: This picture has been repeatedly "fixed" like 10 times since I posted this.
If we are going for a grass starter, I'd really like to see Sceptile. He might not be a crowd favorite, but he seems like the most likely candidate, if we keep with the trend of final evolution and one per generation. Torterra is too slow and awkward moving, Snivy is a Pokeball Pokemon (doesn't knock out Serperior but it makes him a little less likely). Meganium could work, but I don't know that it is enough of a physical attacker. Again doesn't knock him out but maybe makes him less likely.

Sceptile on the other hand is mobile enough, has a variety of good physical moves to choose from (Leaf Blade, just plain smacking the opponent with his massive tree tail, basics like pound, etc), with some special attacks for good measure. This is probably me Gen 3 fanboying again, but whatever.
Though Inkay does show up at the end of the line later in the trailer.
All I know, is I'm gonna find out where its happening and get there early.
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