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uhh....i think so....

next poster is almost always on SMWC
holy sh!t! im UPSIDEDOWN!
nope, im watching somebody else watch tv

NP is playing a game
i want a rain effect in my level, and somebody told me it was in the layer 3 section but i couldn't find it, so, how to i get rain in my level?
Originally posted by Demi

ok, everything worked, except, do i have to draw my own rain or can i download some graphics for it, and if so where?, i cant find it in the exgfx section
Originally posted by Demi
You'll have to draw your own.

(Rain shouldn't be that hard to draw. Just a few dots, I guess :P)

urgh, i inserted it and its all glitched, what now?
Originally posted by Demi
Did you draw the rain in tiles 20, 30, 40, and 50 in GFX 2B?

you mean the bank? or something different?
Originally posted by Demi
Originally posted by Smallhacker's readme
4) The rain will use the following tiles in GFX2B.bin: $30, $40, $50 and $60

Sorry, I meant 30, 40, 50, and 60.

Anyways, no, I mean the actual rain graphics.

what i mean, is, do i need YY-chr or something, or is it in LM
Originally posted by Demi
Yeah, you need YY-CHR. Just open GFX 2B in it.

i did, and i drew the rain, than i inserted it, and its still glitched
6:57 am

slept til 5:30 pm
Do i send my level as a IPS patch or is there some other method?

Who do i send it to?

The level I picked is a underwater level, but i want it to be a cave level, how do i change it to a cave level?

ok, that last question is stupid, but could you answer it anyways

NP is not a she

lol, no, really, i dont believe in him

NP is LP
Can i use custom sprites, or am i limited to the original sprites
I got a clean SMW rom, and when I open it in Lunar Magic, all the graphics are all garbled. What went wrong?

NP will or won't say NP
Originally posted by ChaoticFox
Well, try it. And if it turns out it's not clean, try Googling Super Mario World (U).smc. I hope this doesn't count as Rom distribution...

Also, are you stealing ICB's identity or something?

wait.....WHAT? What are you talking about? "Stealing identity"
uhh...i dont think so....

Next poster is not me nor will ever be.
i eat it.

I drop a fat goomba
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