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1) Eat your own hand
2) Eat someone elses face
im editing the overworld and i want boos on the yoshis island submap, but they stop before they can be dragged to the submap. how can i fix this?
as far as i know, its impossible, because, even if you edited the graphics, the bone would be in front of him all the time.
urgh....only 50 more miles to McDonalds...
I would have to say old spaghetti factory
i wouldnt be here, my parents met in an arcade
as far as I know, your pretty nice, but since i dont know much about you

apparently, based off of that test im a...

but id rather be a lucario.
super metroid, and up to this day, i cant beat it
flamer guy (aka, shyguy on fire)
i was eating my own face somehow...

Tag (b) was not closed.
SIGN UPS ARE OPEN (No they're not)

I guess you could call this a team hack. But not really.

I think it would be cool if we could make a hack, that was just castles, and each would be made and based on by a different user.

I would except signups for castles and after you signed up, you would make your castle and sent it to me to be inserted with the rest of the castles. Of course I would make a castle, and design the overworld, and do my fair share of work.

Each castle would be based off of the user who picked it, what he or she wants to put in it, is okay. ExGFX, fine as long as you send me the list of ExGFX you used. Custom Sprites, sure, again, as long as you send me a list. Music, hell yeah, but im gonna need that list.

Now, there would be some rules to this, such as...

1. You MUST use a custom boss, i dont care if its a series of hammer bros, or a giant goomba. Just put in a custom boss, PLEASE!

2. No Kaizo levels, i want it to be fair, so NO KAIZO!

3. If i see any crappy designed levels, that weren't beta-tested, I will either, sent it back, or throw it away and tell you to restart.

ok, that covers the rules, and that just about wraps this up. Oh right...

4. Do NOT insert GFX files, only insert ExGFX files, Please and thank you.

5. Send your level as a MWL file, trust me, it will make things easier for everybody.

Ok I would love to hear feedback on this idea, so tell me what you think.
i basicly dream about what i want to make, and the next day, i make it
no, custom sprites are aloud, as long as you send me a list of the sprites you used, so I can insert them

oh, and raymanman, Big Boo is ok, i just dont want the koopa kids, there just to weak
you should have a metroid world, but if not, ill sign up for hyrule level design
Originally posted by Artsy2
No, I'm saying can my idea work, but seeing as how you you're letting Big Boo be a boss, then ok, I guess I'm in! Once I send you the castle, just put it wherever you think it should be in terms of difficulty. Is it ok however, if part of the castle takes place outside, and maybe the boss too?

thats fine, go ahead, remember, its whatever you want
it was just way to short and easy
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