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Hello im new here:)
do you mind if i be an ass and edit all of my older posts?

no, of course you don't mind.
Im a noob to Lunar Magic. XD

I was also a complete idiot. Way to make a first impression, past me.
It works. I request a lock.
I want to know how to insert custom blocks without screwing the GFX up annd how to insert custom monsters (Such as the classic pirrahna plant and hammer bro.)
I hope you continue with this hack. it looks cool so far.
when I open it
it says to run this application you first must install one of the following versions of the NET. framework v2.0.507027
Ghost Houses make sprites see-thoure, and I want to make them solid like in normal levels. How would I do this?
Thank you, that worked.
My messages won't come out right and I can't use a empty one.
Can someone give me the code to the original thank you message?
Or how can I make it not send you to the bonus room?
I don't see a #1 or #2.
I hope i don't have to delete my hack...
How would I edit it though?
Where would I download a "hex editor"?
Ok I opened my rom in it.
What do i do now?
I see a flashing 0 next to a one now. Do I enter it from here?
ok I entered #1
do I enter #2 on row x3F41A?
So I save now?
It didn't work.
What do I do?
1. I opened up my rom in it.
2. did ctrl+g and entered x3F3AA
3. entered 000000
4. did ctrl+g and entered x3F41A
5. entered FC
6. saved
7. tested
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Delta's Profile - Posts by Delta