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Dose it let you edit the feild you walk around in or is it just for battles and sprites?
Z = Jump
X = Run
C = Spin Jump
ENT = Pause
SFT = Select
D = L Button
F = R Button
It works fine.
It looks like the boo has a nose and mario is invisable when its on the same screen as him.
Since im a nOOb the only thing im good at is level design.
Heres a video of a 1-1 level: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4k9573R0AtA&feature=related
If you accept me, you'll have to tell me what levels to edit, and
what the ExGFX numbers are (sprite number, first bit, ect.)
and how difficult it will be.
I guess your to good for me :P

How do i make that not happen? Heres the GFX in yy-chr:

Part of Circus Bro's foot turning blue
(also it throws circus balls, witch I want mario to be able to stand on them but theres no check box for that in cfg. editor.)
Im tweaking the Fire Bro and I want to know how to make the fire balls standable (mario can stand on them)
(this thread is not to old so let's keep it alive)
Anyway the editor looks awesome.
I hope you know how to seperate the games in the editor. Mabey a dbutton that makes the box pop up and you see this list.
i.e: SMB1, 1-1, 1-2 ect.
and we click the level and press "Open" and theres the level, all ready for editing.
How do we insert sprites? I really think you should have a add object/sprite button, so we could put in some enemys eaisily.
I completly missed that!
Now i just need some asm.
If any of you know it please check the ASM Help thread (Its stickied)
Whats disassembleing?
It comes sepratley. It has its own ASM and cfg file.
Right now they just dissapear in a cloud of smoke untill I do SOMETHING
to it.
I always thought that was his specail world because its not like that in the credits of the GBA version.
Change him blue.
I need help. My goal stars look all weird. Now i want to fix this.

Please help.
Seems cool.
Can't wait till you do more work.
I do not know. Isn't it a little early for halloween talk? Well it IS october.
I HAVE to get a costume because i want candy. :3
Offtopic: It would be cool if there was a halloween level contest.
I'll be going to the pub and having a few pints then stealing sweets off kids on the way home.

Very funny.
ASM makes the world go round.
Or was it the bagle?
I really like the work being put in this hack.
Is that rain layer 3, layer 2, a sprite or a genarator?
I like the rain, its very ambiant :D
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Delta's Profile - Posts by Delta