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The vacationers acted quickly, and within a single minute Falconpunch, a Tourist was dead, lying at the bottom of an ocean or something. Sadly, ShadowFire, another Tourist dropped dead right after this, bringing the total number of townies down to one.

The assassins, phenolatukas and superdragonyoshi1 (who was a Bounty Hounter, a one-shot nightvig), just looked at each other and shrugged, decided that all of this was a complete waste of time, and walked out the door into the sunset.

Four years later, Pokeymeister80, formerly a Tourist, became the proud owner of Hotel Mafia and the murders that happened there were promptly forgotten.

Assassin Victory
Signing up.
Vote: Falconpunch for automatically jumping on the bandwagon as soon as the card jokes wore thin.

What is the point of having a one-shot tracker if there's another role that can do that an infinite number of times?

And what shall we do with the third party? Leave it alive, hoping it will take out a few mafia members? Hunt it down so it doesn't kill all of us? You've been given information but you're refusing to use it. Critical thinking, people?
We still have the one-shot version, you know. Besides, there isn't much use for a tracker this early in the game. And if nobody kills, then it's hard for the tracker to find out who's scum. If Jim dies on day one, and it turns out Bob targeted Jim, that doesn't mean anything. But if Jim, Rick and Carl die on consecutive days and Bob targeted all of them, it's likely he's the killer, no? So the tracker becomes more useful every day they exist.

The tracker should be careful, however. This means they're a primary target for both killing parties.
Actually, Pheno, it's possible that you're the SK and the mafia targeted you. After all, they're not allies.
Originally posted by Xinn
Originally posted by LaughingLuigi

This green sky kinda hurts my eyes and doesn't look good with that brown ground palette.

Uhhh, what? The sky isn't even green in that shot. It's a standard palette anyways.

It is green, actually. And just because it's a standard palette doesn't mean you should use it. I recommend changing the palettes anyway, feels more unique that way.
Vote: Fuggnutz. I really don't like that attitude.
And how, exactly, do we know you're not lying about that?
Vote: Shadowfire.

Also roleclaiming One-Shot Tracker. Last night I checked TRS. He visited nobody. A bit disappointing, really, but at least we know he's clear.
Ach, that's right. I didn't think about that. Unvote.

Care to explain your reasoning, Evilguy?
Vote: Medic

Yeaah... sorry for this.
Whoooooa this place still exists.


Also, I think it was, like, TKO or something. It was five years ago. I was like eleven back then. Time flies I guess.
I'm not a big fan of full-on water levels, but I have enjoyed levels with water elements in the past. I find that a lot of times people make water levels too tight and hard to maneuver, and have obstacles that are impossible to get past, like goddamn Rip van Fish. However, with a good gimmick a water level could be fun. It just needs to be something that speeds up the level rather than slowing it down.
mario and luigi: I'm not sure how I feel about Mario's face (it looks kinda deformed) but overall it's pretty nice, and I love the sunset palettes you've made. (I am pretty terrible at paletting a nice sunset)

lolyoshi: I like it! It feels like something you'd see in a Special World level in the original SMW. I've never been much a fan of mandatory spin-jumping, but I think you've handled it pretty well in this level and haven't overdone it. The overworld at the end looks pretty nice as well.


Ruinous Road

This is the second level in my hack, Ruinous Road. It mainly serves as an introductory level to Yoshi. The first half of the level takes place outside, while the second half takes place inside of a cave. This level also utilizes some shatter blocks which break when Mario touches them, but not when sprites touch them. Also, many stone structures are prevalent throughout the level, adding a bit of flair.

It also has a secret exit, which may be somewhat tricky to find as it involves a bit of backtracking. However, if you do find it you'll be able to skip two levels and head straight to the World 1 castle.

The music in this level is Sand Canyon 1, from Kirby 3.
That looks super great, Magiluigi! He looks like an enemy that would appear in an actual, professional game.
I'm very purposefully using happy, bouncy music for the levels in this world, since it is the first world. Later on in the world it becomes more 'deserty' in the traditional Mario sense, but the first part, at least, is a bit vegetated and vibrant.

K3fka: It looks like a pretty decent level, and I like the palette choice for the trees in the background. I'd just make sure that the pipes aren't too claustrophobic to move between, since they look like they're pretty close to the ground.

lolyoshi: That looks pretty good! It looks like it's the right difficulty, without being too hard to complete without tools. And it's always nice to see a level that actually uses Layer 2. I'm just not sure how fitting the music is for a castle level, although I suppose it's okay for a final level.
I agree, the colors in that cave level contrast with each other too much and would probably look better if transitioned more smoothly with each other. But regardless...

Here are some assorted screenshots from World 1 in my hack, Verdant Valley:

The last level there is a work in progress. After that I just need to make the castle level, and then it's on to World 2!

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