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Tip: Try making new backgrounds using SMW's existing graphics. For example, if you have a hilly BG, rearrange it to make it look more unique.Not logged in.
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The third one is pretty nice! I love the warmness of the palette, it gives off a very nice vibe. Generally I don't really use desaturated pallettes, but here it looks very nice and manages to avoid looking dull, which is something that I feel a lot of people could learn from.
The colons next to the C and M look somewhat weird...
The purple color is a bit too bright.

Overall, I like it, although I do worry a bit about you not having any room to place levels and paths. (OW protip: place layer 2 BEFORE doing layer 1, and place down path tiles first in layer 1.)
Originally posted by mario hacks

I'm sorry, but mario hacks is right. You need a liscense and a permit to use a boss outside of a boss room, otherwise the Federal Bureau of Sprite Placement (FBSP) will arrest you for being a sprite terrorist.

But seriously, you probably shouldn't use Fire Birdo in a regular level, especially not in an early level...
Well, first off, the background full of glass in the first screenshot is a bit ugly and repetitive, and those mailboxes are floating around for no reason.

Making tiny, precise jumps between one tile wide platforms is usually tedious and painful to do, especially in the first level.

The second level looks equally repetitive. I'm not sure why the water is just hanging there in midair. It's also eerily devoid of sprites.

The third level is made entirely out of cement blocks, which is usually a bad idea because of the strain it puts on the eyes. Placing a 3x3 square of bullet bills in a level doesn't strike me as 'challenging', it's just... Jump over the bullet bills. (And those really need to come from a generator and not just be there for no reason!)

The fourth level is by far the worst. Spin jumping on a koopa shell is boring and repetitive, especially when there's literally nothing else going on in the level.

I don't mean to be so harsh, but I don't really have anything positive to say about this. It just doesn't seem like it would be any fun to play. Although you seem to have a basic grasp over how Map16 works and how to edit the status bar and palettes, you don't quite have a good idea of how to make good levels yet. I recommend continuing to experiment until you learn the ins and outs of Lunar Magic. People rarely do any good on their first attempt. Keep practicing!
You should probably hex edit the ROM so that you can spin jump while carrying items.

Address is 05844, change 19 to 00.

I like the palettes in the second level, especially the background.
I'm having a similar problem. I've used Racing Stripe and STIM2BIN to create the tilemap for the layer 3 GFX. It works, but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get it to not look like garbage.

Am I missing something?
I've tried using the same file I used for the tilemap, but it's too large and doesn't look right anyway.
I see. How would I go about making a graphics file for this tilemap, then? What I did was create a savestate in level 103, which uses the rocky hills background, open it up in RacingStripe, moved some things around, and saved it as a .stim file with the address A800. Then I converted it to a .bin file and inserted it.

This is what my bypass window looks like. (100 is the tilemap file I created.)
Well, I've been using the original SMW graphics (GFX19, I think) since the background's from SMW.
SRH: I love the style you're going for! It's very nice and eye-pleasing. Sort of reminds me of Kirby, almost.

leictreon: Looks pretty interesting, although usually I'm not a huge fan of factory-type levels in SMW hacks. Perhaps you could add a little more detail to the bottom half?

reghrhre: It... looks pretty crazy for a World 1 level. There seems to be a lot of projectiles flying around in those screenshots. I mean, I guess it's okay if you're going for a challenging romhack, but personally I would dial the difficulty back a little bit. I enjoy all of the scenery in those levels, however.

Midna: It looks a little bit plain to me - I think it's the lack of background objects in the level aside from the trees, and there don't seem to be that many sprites in the level. In a level with flat terrain like this, you'll really want to use sprites that go in the air, like Jumping Parakoopas and the Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro, since they'll be more dangerous in that sort of environment than a ground enemy would.


Anyway, here's what I've been working on:

Cliffsand Cliffside

This is the fifth and penultimate level in World 1: Verdant Valley. It heavily features quicksand and shatter blocks as level elements. Quicksand in this hack sucks Mario downwards, making it harder for him to jump, but it does not affect sprites, and it does not affect Mario when he's riding Yoshi.

As such, this level also has a yellow Yoshi in it, which Mario can use to avoid the dangers of quicksand. Caution is advised, however, as the Pokeys in this level become more dangerous while you're on Yoshi.

Other enemies in this level include Wiggler, who moves at a very fast speed when you stomp on him and can be dangerous while on quicksand, Ninjis, who usually hang about on the edges of platforms, and Boomerang Bros, which can be difficult to deal with if they're at the same height as Mario. Watch out for that rebound!

This is actually the first level where I've had to stop because I reached the screen limit. Probably for my own good, since it's rather long by itself anyway (there's also a secret area in the level that I didn't show in the video), but there are a few concepts I wanted to use that I never got around to... I guess I'll just have to play around with those in a later level. ;)
Those path tiles on the overworld won't work, they don't connect to each other properly.

I took a break for a few months, but I'm back and I've returned to hacking! This level is a few months old, but it's relevant again because I gave it a better palette and changed some of the aesthetics! It now has a much more poppy and bright palette, and is a bit more rocky than it was before. I've also replaced the music with the desert theme from VLDC7.

Since I don't want to just repost old content, here's some new stuff as well:

These are from the World 1 castle, Sunset Stronghold. It's composed of three small segments - the entryway, the interior, and finally the rooftop. This level, like the one before it, also uses quicksand, this time even incorporating layer 2 platforms in the second section. This is actually quite dangerous in combination with the castle enemies.

The sand particles in the background of the second section are exanimated and also rise and fall with layer 2, which is pretty cool in action, giving it the impression of a dusty, sand-filled corridor.
Gravelord Cheetos: I think it's pretty clever how you used the red cave level overworld tile as a volcanic crater. Pretty neat on the whole!
Originally posted by GravelordCheetos
Originally posted by Delta
Gravelord Cheetos: I think it's pretty clever how you used the red cave level overworld tile as a volcanic crater. Pretty neat on the whole!

It's also a level ;)

...That actually makes a lot of sense, now that I think about it.

cheat-master30: Some pretty good rips there! I really dig the look of the first one.
I just finished playing this level (using the most recent IPS) and I have to say that I'm quite impressed. It was a very fun level to play in spite of being a fully underwater level. Putting items like throw blocks and koopa shells around the level that Mario could pick up in order to swim faster was a good idea and helped make it a much more enjoyable experience.

It was a fairly lengthy level, but the nature of the level made it so that rather than wanting the level to end, I was heavily anticipating seeing what the next part of the level would be. I'm completely awful at playing underwater levels, but I still had a lot of fun. The palettes were very nice as well.
I would recommend removing the hanging saws from the level. They're all placed in pretty annoying positions, and make certain jumps far too difficult to complete.
Originally posted by Dr. Tapeworm
Some progress on the factory theme. Still needs a great deal of work; feedback would help a lot.

I'd recommend changing the high-pitched instrument that plays in channel 3 from about :25-29 and :31-:35 to something else; it stands out a bit amongst the rest of the instruments. Other than that, it sounds pretty good!

One thing you might want to watch out for is at 1:30, where the song's "bridge" starts, for lack of a better term. It seems to drag on a bit after that point, up until the 2 minute mark where the song loops. I suppose that's probably because you're not finished with it yet, but it's still something worth noting.

Originally posted by Torchkas
Just started working on this. Just checking in if it's a good idea to continue working on it.

Yeah, definitely getting some DKC tones from this. It's very nice and relaxed. I'm interested to see how you'll fit the SMW melody into this.
I would like to request that the amount of lives you start with be increased slightly. While playing through VLDC7, I ended up never going above 10 lives due to the rarity of 1-ups, and the fact that some of the levels were hard as balls. Frequently losing midpoints due to game overs (most often on hard levels where I needed midpoints to win) was incredibly frustrating.

Calm Cove, the first level of World 2. It's a fairly short level, mainly to act as a breather after the castle level that precedes it. This level primarily introduces urchins, which are used to create a number of interesting obstacles.

The player starts in an alcove-like area with a grass ceiling hanging above them. Layer 2 water covers the bottom section of the screen and is frequently home to jumping cheep-cheeps and blurps. As the level progresses, the player eventually emerges out onto the open sea.

(Note: Since taking these screenshots I have darkened the palette of the background logs.)
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Delta's Profile - Posts by Delta

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