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ok, let me be the latest noob to ask the age old question...
i've read S.N.N.'s document and through this entire thread as well as the one over at the acmlm board about addmusic. i saw a couple people experience the same issue i'm having and followed the offered fix and still am coming up sour.

i have the following prompt in cmd.exe:
after which i have typed:
addmusic smw.smc INIT

i keep experiencing the same error message:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Addmusic

i have all the addmusic files plus a clean 1mb rom plus cmd.exe all in the same folder and i have the latest edition of java, however i'm guessing this is a java issue. i'm hoping that i'm just completely blind to something - is there something i'm just not seeing here? i've even looked through google's horrible english translation of pukiwiki's site.
i'm not actually typing in the path location, that's just what's already set since it's in the folder. all i'm physically typing is the command line:

addmusic smw.smc INIT

only to be followed by the error message.
thanks Aiyo, the java code rocks - i think i misread yr originl post that had this. speeds things up nicely. anyway, i definitely have something quirky going on with java cause i can see in that split second between the codes on the adm.bat i'm still getting the same error message. crap....
oh god!!!! Sonic is here. man, i remember the console wars between nes and sega as if it were yesterday and now there two headliners get to finally duke it out in the arena. nice.
ok, Inferno_X had already asked the same, but i never saw a reply:
TSRP1 - how do you get to the key and keyhole in Volcano Castle. i see where they are, can't figure out how to get to them.
After an unfortuante wipe and loss of numerous files a few months back, i've just now found the time to try to recoup what i can from the loss and try to get back into the world of SMW hacking; and my first problem that arises - right where i left off: an irritating little java issue concerning addmusic preventing any success in the field of custom music. Before the wipe, i was banging my head against the wall reading through various java faq's and forums looking for the answer and tried an ungodly amount of suggestions to get it to work. Go figure, this is all i had to do:

Originally posted by Must

"main" noclassdeffounderror
If you get this error, then it means that java cannot find the class file its looking for, and is fixed by going to Start->control Panel (in classic view)->system->advanced->environment variables, and deleting CLASSPATH.

Through all my searching, i found everything Must mentioned in his post EXCEPT THIS!! I can't believe something as easy as a simple delete solved all my problems.
Thank you Must for the solution and thank you Aiyo for the new, slick, little AMME program.

Moral: it might be boring, but usually it helps to read 55+ pages of a thread.
I know i read something about this once but can't remember where.
How do you create a scrolling stroyline/credit sequence as yr opening scene similiar to what's in Keytastrophe and is it possible to do it as a vertical scroll as opposed to a horizontal scroll?
cool, thanks. for some reason i thought it was much more involved.
How do you disable getting a 1-up after collecting 5 dragon coins? I looked thru the rom map and couldn't find it.

Also, i'm thinking i just completely missed this one, what is the location for the sprite map pointer for the turn block bounce effect? Either that, or does anyone know the sprite pointer for the bounce effect for the smashable brick in blocktool? I want to be able to use both blocks in a level and need to repoint one or the other's sprite effect but can't locate either of them.
I'm having an issue with the Donut Lifts that come with Spritetool. Everything appears to be working fine except if you just run over the blocks they will turn into the blue map16 squares and act like grey cement blocks. Is there something that i should be inserting into the next map16 slot? I have all the offsets in Blocktool set according to the Donut txt. At least i'm guessing that this is a block issue and not a sprite issue as the sprite works fine.

Nevermind, got it!! It was a really, really stupid overlook on my part with the sprite.
@ Lady Bow

heh, just read Mattrizzle's answer a couple of hours ago...
Superstar fix

I have a question of my own:

What could possibly be causing this little white folder looking thing to pop up for about a second and then disappear when the intro movie begins? I've run back through all my backup files to see when this started occuring to see if an external patch or tool may have glitched the rom but from what i can gather it has occured since the very start - at least since from right after replacing the original SMW title with my own (the original SMW logo covered that spot up so i have no idea if it was originally there or started after i redesigned it).
Again, this only appears for about a second right when the movie opens up and then disappears permanently. I'm at a loss as to discovering its origin.

ps, i am very aware of the ugly font scheme and original border, that will be taken care of further on down the road when i start modding a lot of the original gfx's.
Originally posted by andy_k_250
I have that same little "glitch," and I've noticed it in other projects, too.

Hmm, I guess i've never really paid close attention to some of the hacks i've played (after all, it is just the first second of the game). Really more of a stubborn nuisance than anything. Well, after toying with the gfx for a bit, i managed to mask it. I suppose that'll do.
Originally posted by FPI

It's not your fault that this white "thing" is there. Actually, it's in the original SMW as well. The only reason you can't see it, is because the Layer3-font of "SUPER MARIO WORLD" is covering it. So far, there's no way found to get this out, so the only solution would be to use Layer 3 to cover it.

That's what I began to suspect, an inherent SMW anomaly that we've just never seen thanks to the layer 3 SMW logo, and so in the end I covered it up in a likewise manner. Thanks.
I'm having a stange little issue where after i had inserted all of my custom tracks, i tested each one and each one succesfully worked and then eventually after adding custom blocks/sprites so forth and so forth, suddenly tracks 22-26 are not loading into the levels and freezing it. I initially arranged my track order from smallest size to largest after have read several issues with larger tracks failing in the earlier slots. Could it be possible that certain tracks just can't play in certain slots? And it's also a little confusing that ALL tracks initially worked when i first loaded them in. Any ideas?
If you want it to act "exactly" like a turn block then you need to set the block to act like tile 11E, however, the brick will NOT break when hit from underneath, it will spin. Unless that is the effect yr shooting for, it is advised that you insert the Smashable Brick using Blocktool.
After setting the "acts like" attribute, did you paste the new block (the one to the left of the "edit properties" button) over the old block (the one on the map16 page)? You have to do that first, then press F9.
Um, is there a way to get the custom Goal Sphere Blocks (from Blocktool) to play the level end music? Or any music?

Also, still looking for answers to either of these if anyone's got it:
1. What is the ROM address to disable 1-ups after collecting 5 Dragon Coins?
2. I need to know what to edit to either repoint which sprite the Turn Block uses and/or the Smashable Brick from Blocktool.
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Milk's Profile - Posts by Milk

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