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I once saw on a youtube video that s.o. unlocked the final stage in Luigi's World via Lunar Magic (I think that was the name of the program). It was called Final Battle, thus being the final stage AFTER Luigi's Castle and it included a Megaman Portal room just like the one being seen in Megaman 2 and also being used in VIP 3. Thus I consider that you might fight Peach at Luigi's Castle, Luigi himself escapes. After you've completed Luigi's Castle, you have to proceed to the final stage where you will have to battle 8 bosses (like in any Megaman game and VIP 3), before the final boss appears in the 9th teleporter (Luigi, who will most probably have several phases or forms).

I just hope that the Luigi fight will not be the "normal" SMW Bowser fight (Luigi sitting in the chopter), but that it would be original and unique. ;)

Many people are mistaken on youtube, they say that the Romancing Saga 2 boss (the Koopaling fusion) would be the very final boss of Brutal Mario/ Super Kitiku World. In fact it will be Luigi. ;)
Or actually transform into a demon sort of thing.

Luigi would reveal himself as not being Luigi, but a fake one, that was actually a demon and who has captured the real Luigi. That would be a cool plot turn at the end. :)
Hell, we are.

Do you think that the final version of BM would be released within this year?
Hmm Thunder can you describe the pic of Peach in the Goddess appearance? Does she look different the Goddess, since the Goddess in FF VI had dark hair. Maybe in BM she would have blond hair and a crown?
Hmm, I don't think that Luigi is a good king either. I actually think so because of the way, the World 9 map looks. If you don't know, Luigi's World is shown as a dark place with a DKC 2 (I think it's K. Rools Castle from DKC 2 right?) styled dark castle in its middle. Lightnings can be seen, as well as some massive rocks flying up towards the sky and being broken into pieces by the lightnings. So if Luigi has got his castle in this place and by the way, the castle looks like, I would consider Luigi being evil as well. Otherwise his world would look more peacefull. ;)

One thing I want to say is, that I really do not hope that the hack needs several years to be completed. I know that the hack actually will be awesome in the end, but you have to think of several facts:
First of all the last official demo was playable till world 8 (there were 2 stages left in world 8, that you could not visit). The Star World was complete as far as I know. Now in the meantime the stage before Bowser's Castle (the stage with the Dark Lich as a boss) as well as Bowser's Castle are finished, which thus means that all of world 8 is complete at this point of time. All that is left are some stages in world 9 including Luigi's Castle and the final stage after Luigi's Castle called "Final Battle". Plus, think of some other stags being finished as well and being shown in the unofficial Super Kitiku World demo, including those two colourfull stages, the Ghost House, the stage where you can change the hight of the water level and so on.
Thus I ask you: What still should Carol work on. I personally think of Brutal Mario being released next year.

According to some rumours the game should have been released this spring but due to some massive problem in his real life Carol must have delayed the public final release of his hack.

I still think that the Portal room from Megaman will stay in the final stage. It's just like the final boss fight in VIP 3: You have to enter 8 Portals and fight some bosses there. After each of them is defeated a ninth Portal will appear in the room and you can enter the final battlefield where you have to defeat Luigi. ;)

Do you personally think that Luigi's Castle will include "just" classic SMW castle tiles or do you think that Carol will use another tileset. Whenever I think of Luigi's Castle I think of the Trauma Tower of DKC 2 due to the fact that it appears as a DKC 2 castle on the overworld.

It would be cool if Peach would be fought in Luigi's Castle as well. As some sort of final boss in his castle before entering the stage called "Final Battle". Thus she would be the second to last main boss in the hack. ;)

Oh well, there's so much to discuss about this great game. i wish I could play it right now.

Finally Thunder: Those 5 rooms in Bowser's Castle are hellish. I only passed the first four rooms, the final room was quite hard since I didn't manage to activate all of these switches in time. :(

Greetings. :)
Slit Zurifa (known as Slit08 at youtube)
I thought Peach might be found in that big black airship on the Chrono Trigger overworld map as well. You know the stage with the RPG themed boss battles...

Hmm, I personally think that some few levels might be changed for the final game. One stage that I personally didn't like that much since it was neither challenging nor did it have any well-thought level design was the first stage of world 3. It was this one stage where you rode on some dolphins in order to reach the Yoshi Coins and where Yoshi had to eat some of those dolphins at the end (I think he had to eat 20 of those).

What's with some stages in the unofficial Super Kitiku stages like the maze in the forest or the one where you must change the hight of the water level in order to progress? Where should they get included. I think that the forest maze would be included in the Forest World, the stage where Mario is chased by Santa will bet added to the Ice World.

Finally a question I've thought about for a long time. From which game do graphics and music theme of the following two colourfull stages come from?

The music... it sounds so familiar to me, as well as those tiles but I just don't get it where I've seen this before.
Where will those two colourfull stages be included in the final game?

K, that makes sense.

Ehhr, are the other star stages replaced by new ones as well?
Originally posted by The Thunder
Anything else on Brutal Mario?

Yes, there are always things to discuss about Brutal Mario. ;)
Hmm, I personally would want to discuss about the Koopaling fusion at the very end of Bowser's Castle. There are just a few things Carol should fix:

1.) Did you ever realize that the Koopaling at the very left side of the fusion creature doesn't have a right hand? The arm is cut... this definatley has to be fixed since it looks strange if one of the Koopalings misses a hand.

2.) During the battle I get immune to some of his attacks. I really don't know if that's meant to be that case, but I don't think so. Of course I know, that Mario actually dodges some of those attacks (since it's a RPG based battle), but hey... I do not think that it was originally meant to be that after some period of time nearly all of his attacks don't hurt you anymore.

3.) What's this one spell of the fusion creature actually doing? It's the spell where some lightnings (yellow and red) mappear on top of the screen, that do not harm you at all, but after they've vanished a Japanese text can be read I cannot translate. It's the spell that usually follows after the spell with the white mask (that makes you not use one of your attacks anymore)has been spelled.

Does anyone of you know, how to download the Super Kitiku Demo that incldes Marx, Wily and some other stages? I once heard that there's not any download link at the Internet anymore. However, some users get it still, like bloodspittinglizard who has made a LP video of those stages recently.

If ANYONE has got the ROM of this demo and wouldn't mind to send a copy of it via PM, I would be very thankfull. Again, it's the demo with many stages, like the Dr Wily stage, the Kirby stage where you have to fight Nova and Marx and also have to compete the Dark Lich.

Thanks a lot buds. See ya. :)

EDIT: I think I sent you a PM Roll (if I did it right, would be my first PPM on this forum). Would be glad to play this boss. :)
Yeah, Julius would be perfect as a boss for Brutal Mario. I absolutely love this boss fight. Maybe he would fit as a boss in one of the last stages (so most probably in Luigi's World... maybe a) he's the first boss in Luigi's Castle before fighting Peach in the second half of this stage or b) he's a boss in one of the stages before entering Luigi's Castle), plus he somewhat fits better to the Brutal Mario than to the VIP universe. What ya say?

I think it's a good thing that the bosses get better and better. You can see a huge difference in boss quality between Morton O' Koopa's fight in BM and the recently shown Julius boss battle. ;)
Thus I believe that the Luigi fight will be somewhat awesome since Carol has gained MUCH experience till she comes to the point of time to code Luigi.

According the ROM of the Cheep Demo. Hmm... there are several possibilities:

1.) Thunder asks Carol for permission if he might send me the ROM via PM since he shouldn't be banned cause he's a cool guy. :)

2.) Someone finds the Download link and sends me the link via PM.^^

3.) I could ask Carl as well, BUT I've got a problem with youtube. Youtube doesn't work at my computer recently snd I still do not know why... whenever I want to add friends on youtube or send messages to other users I have to do so on another computer, which is mostly one of the coms at the university I'm visiting. :( Thus even though I would mostly like to write Carol a PM I couldn't do so since youtube doesn't work on my com at this point of time and cause it might take some more months to fix this problems due to learning stuff for university.

BTW, thank you very much Thunder for your detailed answers concerning BM. You seem to be such a great fan of BM as I am. ;) Thanks to you I learned a lot new informations about the game.

A further question:
You said that there would be 7 or 8 special stages. What would they be?
As far as I remember I only know about the Megaman stages and the Marx stage being 2 of the planed special world stages. What will the other special stages be and on which games will they be based?


PS @ Thunder: I do not know who of us both writes the longer posts in this thread. xP

EDIT: Never mind, I found an ips file of the Cheep Demo via searching on youtube. :)
Thanks again for the detailed answer Thunder.
Hmm there are actually two Twinbee/ Rainbowbell stages, one with a normal exit, the other one with this boss which is hanging from the wall.
Hmm, I'm stuck at the cheep demo. Where do I find the exit in the Dark Lich stage in the room, where I have to run up the wall? I run in a circle since I run up the wall and on the othjer side there's nothing more. :(
Thanks. :) Let's see if I manage to do so.
Oh god, the third Wily stage is SOOO freaking hard. I just got mad after all those pointless Doc Robot fights.
Yeah Wood Man is hard but to be honest I had problems with the fourth. I do not know how to avoid his beaming ability that freezes me... I somewhat spined through the whole arena and with a little luck I destroyed him.

Now I'm stuck on Wily. I do not know how to harm him in his first form. He seems to be immune to all of my attacks.

I think i#m going to try the Lich King after this stage.
Ok thanks for the info. Now I've completed all the stages except the one with bouncing on the fish, which I personally consider to be the most difficult.

Actually it's quite funny that the Koopaling fusion boss as well as Bowser are easier to defeat than the Lich King or Dr Wily.^^
Speaking of which (Star Road boss) I managed to collect all the coins but the stage ended and there was no teleportation to the incomplete boss. :(

BTW, I think that you will need to go through the Star World in order to get to the extra or special world in order to get to the final 5 levels in Luigi's World. ;) Thus you HAVE TO defeat Wily. ;)
Yeah, that's the way I thought about getting to Luigi too.

Hmm, I just realized that the secret exit of the first Twinbee/ Rainbowbell stage led to the second one. Thus I think that the first one has to be in the special world too. :)

Hpefully Carol will work on BM again after having finished all of the work with VIP5. :)
Hey there. I've got one question according VIP 5 though I know that this thread is about Brutal Mario (but I din't find any answer to my question on the internet): Since two custom bosses were shown that carol created can we assume that in VIP 5 evey castle will have its won custom boss (instead f the Koopalings)?
Yeah, I think we will have to wait. Neverthless it would be awesome to not confront all the Koopalings again in the castles but custom bosses like Julius and Tanasinn.
Hmm, if I'm not mistaken the VIP website says that the game is 99% finished. Thus it should be released within these days. I mean... come on, 1 %, that's nothing (maybe they are testing the game or Carol works on the final boss).
BTW, what actually is Julius? Is he a demon? He seems to look like a demon.

As said before those custom bosses look very nice indeed, and I actually share your oppinion that Carol gets better and better when it comes to custom bosses.

One idea I thought about was, that in case there were 8 custom bosses in VIP 5 (thus one per world) they might be fought in the Portal room in the final stage of Brutal Mario before entering the final boss fight against Luigi.
-> Thus Carol would not need to make 8 more custom bosses for the Portal room stage in Brutal Mario, plus many players do not know VIP whereas many of them know Brutal Mario (just compare the number of BM LPs with the number of VIP LPs).
What ya say ma' friends. :)

Originally posted by Flandre Scarlet
Originally posted by Slit08
Yeah, I think we will have to wait. Neverthless it would be awesome to not confront all the Koopalings again in the castles but custom bosses like Julius and Tanasinn.
Hmm, if I'm not mistaken the VIP website says that the game is 99% finished. Thus it should be released within these days. I mean... come on, 1 %, that's nothing

It's been 99% done for over 3 months now I think XD

Nope, 3 months ago it was finished about 60 % as far as I remember. :)

Well Thunder, that's just a theory of me; but it would make sense that there would be eigt custom bosses in VIP 5 since there are usually 8 worlds. ;)

Ah well, let's wait and see.
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