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Your level sounds awesome. :) I like the gimmick of using different kind of alligators that tend to act in different ways. The aligators that pop out of the water and disappear are reminding me of DKC 2. Instead of water I would like to see something else they are swimming in (maybe a swamp). Cause it would be awesome if you would have to jump on the alligators in order to proceed. If you would jump in the swamp you would get hurt. Maybe some of these alligators might also pop out after you pressed a switch and disappear after a certain time so that you would need to hurry up.
What do you think of alligators that pop out but with their mouth open so that you would actually have to wait till they close it in order to jump on them safely?
As some sort of final suggestions you might also consider reusing the enemies encountered in SMWCP's world 2 Cave Story inspired stage. There were some alligators (or enemies that resembled those) that came out of the ground after you step on the ground.
^SNN: I think it is pretty good so far. It might be hard at moments but it is doable. It's just about timing. :) Hopefully you come up with nice creative ways to implement this gimmick at later parts of the stage.
One thing however: I hope this BG is not the one you are using in the finished game. While it doesn't look that bad it doesn't fit this stage or world. Hopefully you or someone else will draw somethin Carnival'ish later on.
I really like your ideas so far. However, I wanted to ask you if you will use an already used tileset and BG for this stage or if yo will draw something yourself since there are currently no custom tilesets and BGs available for tropical landscapes!
Looks pretty sweet so far. Hmm, yeah once he has the basic ground tiles finished you can start though hopefully Lupus will work on some decorations while you are designing the stage, which you can add later. :) 'Cause this man has lots of potential in drawing graphics. Will he also draw a BG?
Hqah the whole tileset looks pretty awesome. I guess it is some sort of underwater temple? So how is this level built? First above the water, then underwater, and finally in the underwater temple? I sure hope that the section including these graphics is pretty big so that we get to see them a bit longer. :)
While it might look hard it will be a short, but intense room so I guess that's okay. I really like the lasers since you have to react quickly after getting a glimpse of where they will launch. :) Awesome stuff right there, YCZ. So which BG will you be using? Maybe you should wait after someone decides to create a sky BG.
Honestly I have a totally different oppinion than TomPhanto. I think this level's difficulty was just fine, not too hard for world 6 at all. Sure it isn't easy, but let us not forget that this is world 6 and thus later in the game. Most of the pits were easy to cross since bullet jumping is not that hard at all. You just need to time right that's all.

I like your stage a lot YCZ. Didn't have any difficulties with it. :)
You might also add some bimps floating in the sky Agent Q! ;)
Also try to add a bit more detail to the clouds. Even though they look pretty good, you might draw them with a but more detail to them. Also design them so that they might move in the background. :)
It's a very nice stage. Why do you need FG tiles? You already have FG tiles for the sections above water. Do you plan to use other ones?

Maybe you could put some Asian decorations in both the above water and the underwater sections. :)
I think this is a perfect start for this stage. It's quite doable without dying. From here on you can ramp up the difficulty mre and more. I would also suggest to redo the previous part of the stage but maybe as third room. However, you would have to slow down a few blocks.
Wow guy! This is one of the best stages so far. It is like an epic journey: Starting at some cliffs, diving deep into the water, where you encounter an ancient sunken temple. After venturing thorugh the temple you reach an area with strong currents underwater and will be catapulted out of the water to the area which will transition to the castle stage. A VERY nice concept.
Which BG will you use for the first area btw?

Gammeplay wise this level was mostly fun though I have a few suggestions:

1.) You used some flower enemies that spit out fire. They are a great addition to this stage. However, I would slightly change their code. They should not walk of edges. Most of the time (especially in the fisrt area) I can just wait till they walk of an edge and thus walk into oblivion by falling into the water. Thus they should turn back whenever they reach the edge of the platform they are walking. This would also require to time your jumps better (thus not get hit by their fire balls).

2.) The giant fish in the second area are superfluos (the Giant Puffer Fish or whatever it is called). They are easy dodgeable by just swimming by, plus they seem to be out of place in an underwater area. Just delete those and replace them by other enemies (see 3.))!

3.) Instead of using Puffer Fish I would add other enemies in the underwater section. Now, some might think that this might make this stage a bit too difficult for world 3, however, keep in mind that underwater physics tend to grant more freedom in movement since you can move in every direction and thus have a lot more place to dodge enemies and projectiles. Thus I would recommand to use the fire spitting enemies that we encountered in the first area. They might be placed at some strategic places in this part and all you would have to do is dodge their fire projectiles.
Also increase the projectiles' height of the two Flower enemies near the start of the second area since in the level's current state Mario can just swim at the top without watching out for the projectiles.

4.) Also make the walking flowers immune to Fire Flower projectiles since if you enter this stage with either a Super Mushroom or a Fire Flower you might just have it easy by destroying every plant enemy with your fire balls.

5.) In the second room of the underwater temple there are some blue fish that keep swimming in a weird pattern and cause them to glitch in the walls. Delete those and replace them by either green cheep-cheeps or Urchins.

6.) Even though the room with the strong current is awesome you might overthink its design a bit. It should resemble a giant maze. You can actually controll the direction Mario is pushed by the current by pressing the adequate key. Now add some more directions Mario can take during this room. The right direction is indicated by coins. If mario fails to take the right decision he gets to a small room with a reset door so that he has to start the room over. The palyer should not be punished with death for taking the wrong direction but by resetting the gimmick actually gets a purpose: You need to have reflexes to put the right key at the right time and always watch for the next coins and thus the right direction/ path. ;) Revamp this room by designing it as some sort of maze with many reset possibilities if he fails to take the right direction (you might also just let the screen reset to the beginning of the room whenever the player takes the wrong direction instead of putting multiple doors in this room).

So even though I have many suggestions for you I still think that this level is pretty well designed.
Well, actually the only criticism that SNN had was the biggest plus for me. I think this level is as epic and awesome as it is due to its length. It does not get repetitive if you constantly increase the difficulty slightly. I think the length is just fine. Also given the fact that some of the current W 3 levels are rather short (think of Akurai Avenue and the Pon Pon Plalace) it's nice to see a longer level.
Nice to hear that you're making some progress. As for the Sandcrocs I suggest you to use them in a similiar way to the ones in the original SMWCP level: You need to make them appear by jumping on the Sand and then jump on them to reach higher platforms.

However, I am fairly certain that you're doing a great job here since I was impressed by your ADKC themed stage in A2MT as you might know. Still I would be happy to see some screenshots of your stage even though they might actually lack a proper BG.
This sky bg looks pretty awesome. I would recommand using it in Aerotastic Assault!
Keep in mind to make this stage pretty hard. After all it is a World 9 stage and is thus supposed to be difficult.
Will you draw a BG as well or will you ask someone else to do so?
Will you include any gimmicks in your stage? it would be pretty neat to see something clever.
Tell us something about your ideas concerning the gameplay!
Well, good to hear that SNN. So in this case you might still stick to your idea with the Fire Lakitu usage after the midpoint? I think it would be a GREAT addition to your stage and to world 7.
It is way too empty. However, I did like the sections with the Cuks. You could not reacht he Chuck but had to watch out for his baseballs. That was great level design.
However, I wish to see an update WYE!
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