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Hey, I have a question:
I know how to rip and/or draw ExGFX, but when I tried to help in a request with custom title GFX, I couldn't pull the file up needed to edit. Could someone please tell me what to do or what file to pull up? Thanks!
I'm soooo exited! I'm new to this site, so this is my first contest. I may not be the best at hacking, but that doesn't mean the level I will make will totally suck.

G'luck to everyone!!!
It's A matter of time before I have my name changed to a Halloween one. I gotta get into spirit... Hey, maybe I can get some Halloween ExGFX ripped, or better yet, make my own! I think other people are gonna do this (If you will, you have my support).

Happy Halloween!

Hi! This is Rainbowslime, and I guess I'll try this contest since I didn't get too far on the "Chocolate" contest anyhow.

This is Noddy, an enemy found in the kirby games, none specifically, and I hope I win!
Hi, my name is Rainbowslime, and I've been here a while, and just realized this was here (go figure, I'm so slow) so I figured "hey, why not introduce myself?"

Anyway, I'll eventually make a thread on this ,but I'll tell you anyway. I'm making a hack, The first one's going to be called Crystal Cronicles: Molverine Madness I won't give much except this:

"and it's gonna be, HUGE!"

Originally posted by HalloDDR
Hey Count Blobula! Welcome to SMWC! I hope you find this place interesting!

yeah... very funny...
Originally posted by SNN

Originally posted by Alcaro

Originally posted by Raibys

Overall: 98/120. I expected lower, and actually got a 40/40. Again, I said I'd enter for the heck of it and because I didn't enter the chocolate level design contest, but that was fun.

P.S. Alcaro, I agree. It does look blocky.
I would see the book cover:

Flipping through each scary thought, I would finally get to the last chapter: When I would finally be found:

I would scream for a little bit, go to the doctor, figure out that I was about to have a Waldo obsession after the apocalypse, and screw the book over by never reading a "Where's waldo?" ever again. Then I'd let other people read it, thinking they'd get screwed over in the same way.
Bring it on, BRING IT ON!!!

1st try:
Raijnb iowsxlimews

2nd less effortful try:
RRsaikjun b owessloiim je

You win this round, But I'll be back!
I'd probably look like one of the KD3 emoticons that just happened to have all of a sudden pop up a while ago...
O.O Sniper Kitty
(Image wasn't appearing right so here's the link)

I'm sure this game is more inapropriate than vice city

Digital Upgraded Machine Built for Assassination and Scientific Sabotage

Get Your Cyborg Name

Deadly, Unholy, Maiden-Beheading Abomination from the Sunless Sanctuary

Get Your Monster Name

I couldn't help myself.

Just like HotWheels.
Slots would be cool. Is it going to be like any in a casino, or will it have custom icons related to SMWC or the new theme?

P.S. I like the new leaders. they are to my liking.
My story:
Once upon a time, in a place named after kitchen foodz, A very drunk man named Shnitzer Narwal Nuff-fluff had just blown up the last bar he had hung out in, and had been wandering, until he fell into a hole! wen he wok up, hee wuz in front of a menecing fort, but being drunk, Shnitzer claimed all the traps to be illusion. once at the top of such a fort, he pressed a shiny red buttun saeing "In case mario wins" he blurted out with all the slobber he cud "HEY MAREO! YUR NAME IS STUPID FOR A BARR KEEP! GIVE MEE A COLD ONE! AND CUT TEH SIREN!!!" Not knowing that the fort would blow upp, he sat there singing Living on a Prayer. It went kaboom, and S.N.N. wuz never seen again...

#'s: 456 and 1612
Look, I know I said I wouldn't enter this year, and this isn't my best work (the hack) but I am entering for the hell of it, and this is my most recent.

From the game Megaman 7, this is the 2-player arena graphics remixed for better use. I includes some of the origional tiles, plus some more edited tiles like slopes and 32x32 cubes. In a way, half ripped, half origional. Here's some examples:

I might go back and post this as a ExGFX submit in its respective spot on the site, but for now, it resides here.

contains the following:
ExGFX file
Level (40) file (ExGFX80)
Map16Page (tiles on page6)
screenshots seen above


Credit is not necessary, but is appreciated. do not claim as your own. please rate, comment, criticize, you get it.

Hint: with some color Exanimation, the tiles would look really cool
HOLY CRAP! 2-Players at the same time, and over netplay? this is incredible! are you going to release it to the public when it's done, or are you going to keep it for the hack only? I only ask, because I can think of a way this could be used for my hack. also, Is it available throughout the game, or can you put it in the levels you want it in?
Is there enough room? If there is, sign me up! I wanna try this game out.
Originally posted by Crystal/Half-Breed
Originally posted by sonikku2008
I have to agree with Ulti on that one. Even I think three detectives is too many given the number of people.

Also, crises is the plural of crisis. What other crises have befallen the town? *shot repeatedly*

...okay, so I might be seen as the grammar patrol there, but I'm curious. Could a second crisis (such as a plague) be affecting the town at the same time? Would make for an interesting game, to say the least.

I agree. There are too many Detectives.

Yeah, last couple games I went over, there were two sheriffs at the most. Sure the game could get interesting on the mafia's side, what with all the faking being sheriff (and that could go both ways), but it could also get the mafia killed on lucky shot if we were to believe the assumptions made by the real sheriffs.

Thing is, three removes the trust and fun of the sheriff role. Please just narrow it down, or just don't make any mistakes like this the next game. (Though the plague killing random people, both citizen and mafia, would be cool)

EDIT: I noticed that the trapper wasn't used, you could give the role of the trapper to a person who is already a sheriff to even things up.
Now, I'm confused
Are detectives sheriffs, or trappers? If they're trappers that makes part of my statement false.

Nvm, just a mistake:D
I have no influence on who is mafia or not at the moment, so I vote No Kill
If anyone has ideas though, lemme know and the vote may change.
Don't reveal yourself doctor, I made a mistake. (I've been making quite a few) I didn't realize that at first, so ignore what I said. I still think that the other sheriff should recieve protection from the doctor, and if the doctor gets killed, then trap the sheriff's room. Other than logic, the sheriff is our only good chance at the mafia. That way, the doc' and trapper stay unknown until they die. Sacrafice isn't the best idea, even if it removes two mafioso. Remember, the mafia can view whatever we say here, and also work around this (and personally, I'd feel as if it were my fault if anything were to steer wrong)
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