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\/(-_-)\/, Orbis. Excuse my bandwagoning, but Sonniku2008's half right. We also need to get somewhere in this game.
Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Again! Execpt we won instead of a tie![/obnoxious]

I hardly did anything this game. I ordered Sonikku2008 to do all the killing, got a little pissed at Jorshamo during that one mistake, and my first wierd death to Rayman Man was rejected. (sorry Pac-man, another day) My other comment is that I saw the "I'm a townie! Kill me and feel sorrow" act again. Stop doing that it doesn't help!

Since I was very inactive during this game, I'm doubting if I'll join again. If I do, It'd rock to be on the citizen's side (expecially the doctor)

Lastly, I suggest using the Roleblocker in other regular games of Mafia, it made things interesting. I'd have to play againsed it though, to get a real oppinion.
Looks like you have 7, Sonikku2008. If your not hosting this game though, then that leaks a small window of opportunity to join. If at all possible, I've decided to join.
Originally posted by mariocool1999
Why No-kill? No-kill is good when the sheriff is around, but it's the opposite when the sheriff is dead. So, I hold my vote until further notice.

Ya, but what if there isn't a further notice. Heck with people who say that are bound to bandwagon, kill or no kill! If you say that we should kill, why have you not voted on someone yet? If you're going to try to persuade us, then you'll have to follow up on your word also, or else you've given us a reason not to.

No kill, but I'm watching you )B|
Is there any way to make mario generate an SMW sprite instead of the regular fire-flower. If so, can you specify the state that the sprite spawns in? For example, Sprite DA spawned in Initstat A, or Sprite 0D spawned in Initstat 9. If possible, could you show me how?
...Dandy... I died. Well, good luck everyone. *disappears*
Is there any way to convert a SPC file to a MML file without turning it into a MIDI file first? I tried doing it by SPC-to-MIDI, but then when I tried MIDI-to-MML, the text file looked funny. I could give an example if you need me to.
I was porting a song from an unpopular SNES game (my first port) by ear, and when I tested it in the game, the melody seemed a little off, and cut off the last whole-note. I tried to fix it, but couldn't get it to match with the other parts of the music. I viewed each channel individually and found that the problem was within channel #5. Some notes are stretching a little longer than usual (an example would be the first one) and this causes the cut-off of the last whole-note. All other channels seem fine though. I went back in and tried to fix the streaching, but could not. here is the song, and for the sake of saying it, I used addmusic_e. Could you fix the text file or tell me what I'm doing wrong.
I'm in next game! Also is night or deadspeak on? If so, can we reveal info?

p.s. serial killer will be fuuuuuuuun (a three-way battle in a two-way game seems interesting to me.)
Originally posted by Demonsul
I can't see Alexnobody really being anything other than a flak shield from the Mafia...


If Alexnobody anounces that he's Mute, then the Mafia wouldn't hit him to waste a night-round kill. Of course, I could see the Serial Killer doing so, but that's beside the point. At the same time, Alexnobody could have a special role, and could be fooling us all. How? He came in late, and the Host said he would switch two roles, Alexnobody the possible sender/recipient of a role. Since he came in late he could use a possible punishment role as a disguise. This being the case, he had us fooled real good.

Long story short: Since Alex could be Mute he is not really a shield for publicly announcing his "role", and could be strategically fooling us and the mafia by claiming to be Mute.
Alexnobody, I'm just bringing up a point that nobody thought of. People were arguing over killing each other just because you mentioned you were Mute. If you look at the past posts, you'll see what I mean. Well, look at the bright side, I aroused suspicion If you want us to really kill you, then fine.
I vote Alexnobody on the terms that he recommended so.
...Didn't the host decide not to put a cop in, or did I miss something again?
Huh, thought that was only a suggestion. *checks previous posts* Oh yeah! The whole Cop-Chief thing. That's probably why we can't no-kill this round. Clever.
Originally posted by Crystal/Half-Breed
Longest dayround ever. Z_Z


So we have already nine votes, we just need four more to move on with the majority, or have 8 on someone (the way it's looking now, 3 more on Alexnobody).
~People who still need to vote~
4. Orbis
5. Yakov
11. Mysteryman
14. Werewolf

Does the day round go until majority, or until a set time?
@Thundahack: Just because someone doesn't come out and say "I'm da Guv'nah" doesn't nessecarily mean that they are inactive. The posts are public and new, they'll have to read then at some point.
I tried for about a week or two more, testing it on the 3ML MML Editor (it works fine on there), and there is still four or five notes that are too long in channel #5 that push off the last tied whole-note. here is the text file again. By the way, it's not really shrinked down yet, but I don't think that's the issue.

Edit: Here's a link to what it should sound like. You'll notice the difference in the melody (#5).
Cool. I guess this random find makes up for the valley fortress event I missed. Kinda obvious when the thread is linked but not the forum.
Thanks Slashman. There wasn't supposed to be an "a" before the 8's, so now the melody's up to beat.
I'm flipping to and from so many things right now (mainly CoD6 & my hack) so I'm not gonna sign up for this one. I will watch every now-'n-den
Generic: Duncan letting go of the horse's ears made it stop. This occured because he had his hands on the ears of the horse while it was racing down the road. When he realized that the horse was out of control and that there was a car coming, he flailed his arms about. This being hard to do while gripping the ears of a horse, I assume he released the horse's ears to flail. Without the grip, the horse could've calmed down.
(that, or it saw the headlights and reacted like a deer)

Death, Crime, & Deceit:
Originally posted by Ultimaximus
...followed by a click indicating the recorder had been shit off...

I can think of a better wurd than that. anyway,

The one thing that shot right out at me was that his head hit the keys, then the recorder keys clicked off, rather thanthe keys clicking off when his head hit the keys. One other thing was his head would'nt have hit the tape recorder spot-on as comparison to the position of the gun in his hand (which makes perfect sense in a suicide). just a little convenient to the situation of a suicide...

edit: I blew up my 100th post
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