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I think this is the most users you will ever see online at once. Enjoy it while it lasts.
sorry guys, none of them seem to log me in but I'll keep trying.
I'm curious too if anyone played my level. In comparison to the other vanilla levels, I feel as if I could've and should've done more. Of course, it is inevitable that the flaws in the level are now unfixable, but it'd still be nice to get a second thought on its design.
Who do you think would win in a gunfight: A penguin or a dolphin? You must assume that they can both use (correctly hold, fire, and reload) a firearm, they both know that they need to kill each other, and that the battle takes place on terrain with land and water. There is no right answer to this question (because we can't prove who would win apparently you can prove it) but feel free to explain why your choice would win.

From what I can tell:
Penguin: 7
Dolphin: 9
Something Irrelivant 3

Try to keep this to gun-related victory. We are trying to not just decide who's better, but also who's better in a firefight.
There are no eskimos harvesting penguins and dolphins, just one penguin and one dolphin wielding firearms fighting each other. And I don't see why this would be closed because we've stayed relevant to the topic so far.
I remember saying that they can both correctly hold, fire off, and reload so either one shouldn't win because one can hold a gun and the other can't. However, since giving a reason is optional, your vote will still count.
And who keeps shooting Camoslash?
Easy, cows are guilt-free.
Bring it.
Originally posted by l30n4rd0
This is getting more and more retarded.

I asked for a vote and offered an option of opinion. You are giving an irrelevant opinion without a vote which is wasting space on this thread. Off-topic crap like that kills the fun.
Little over half way done aaaand... we got a week left. Darn. I'm gonna have to drop out. Shame I couldn't finish but school and education have to come first. If anyone wants me to play/test their level and offer feedback, PM me. Otherwise I'm waiting until after the deadline to play levels. Good luck to everyone else!
Originally posted by GeminiRage
Even if it were against the rules to have someone else test your level, it would be very difficult to prove if anyone else was involved. I can only assume it's okay, since they weren't making the level. They simply gave suggestions or ideas, which is hardly any different from looking at other levels for ideas.

I looked through the rules of the contest and this entire forum and there is nothing mentioned by Firephoenix saying that a user of SMWC cannot test and provide feedback on a participant's entry prior to the deadline of the contest. I would like further clarity on the issue, but until this is proven otherwise I am still offering to test and provide private feedback to anyone who requests me via PM to do so.
Glad to see it's okay. Last time I'll say this, I'll be offering to test and provide private feedback if you request me by PM to do so. I know we don't have much time left but trust me it helps to have your level tested before submitting it.
If anyone is still crazy enough to ask for a beta test and feedback with very little time to fix any issues then please request me by PM and I will test the level and provide feedback as soon as I possibly can without rushing the test itself.

Also good luck to everyone except... anyone with a level exactly 62 screens long.
You're sad man. I don't know who you are, who Chester is, and I don't care. Just ban my ass I don't wanna hear your bullshit. You can't do anything to make me regret not supporting you except ban me.
I decided that it's time to take another survey thingy. Do you think that colors like black and white can have a neon variant like other neon colors (neon green for an example). I would like to hear your reasoning behind your decision and (if your current religion so permits it) your best impression of an orca whale's mating call. I will be keeping a tally of who does and doesn't think neon white and/or neon black are colors for the duration of this thread's regular activity. Please stay relevant to the topic of the recognition of neon black/white as colors and the mating of orca whales. I thank you in advance for your imput, your opinion is important.
I can see this is a dead-end topic. Eh, it was worth a try. I'm not the kind of guy to overspam things, so I'll wait a month or so and come up with something better.
Searching for the one line of code that bugs your sprite and keeps it from functioning correctly. For every time you want to check if you've solved the problem, you have to reinsert the same sprite back into the ROM over and over again to test its functionality. The same can be applied to putting music into the game where an instrument in the song gets out of sync or there's one or two foul or wrong notes. You have to constantly reinsert the .txt file too.
Automatic level design to an extreme. Let me express how much I love this idea.
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