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So I've been trying to program some music selection custom blocks. One decreases the song number, the other increases it. The only real problem is the music changing itself. I've already figured out that for whatever reason, vanilla and custom music does not mix, so I've customized the blocks to only play songs beyond 1E, thus no vanilla music will play.

Even so, it's really hit or miss as to whether or not the sound chip will stall and crash each time I switch a song. I've filled my song list with the same 4-5 songs, so it's probably not the songs themselves. Here's a video demonstrating what happens.


Using the coins variable for now for debugging purposes.

One thing I noticed is that 38 always crashes, no matter what music I add there. Here's my block code for the left block

;Decrement Music

JMP Mario : JMP Return : JMP Return : JMP Return : JMP Return : JMP Return : JMP Return

	LDA #$45		;Push mario down so as to not overtouch the block
	STA $7D
	LDA $0DBF		;Load number of currently playing song
	CMP #$1E		;Check if song number is below 1E (vanilla songs always crash)
	BCC Init		;If song number is less than $1E, go to Init
	CMP #$2B		;Check if song number is too high
	BCS Init		;If song number is too high, go to Init
	STA $1DFB		;Otherwise, play song
	SEC			;subtract 1 from song counter
	SBC #$01
	STA $0DBF		;Update song/coins variable
	LDA #$22		;Init - Force song number to $20

Any ideas?
Thanks. I have been wanting to create real SNES music for many years, but I'm not smart enough to program my own SPC file or anything. Thank god for addmusic.

I guess I'll try and compile my "dream list" of SNES into a sample bank. It's just, thinking about tuning and looping and breaking the game's SFX and size limits, all of that good stuff, is a real motivation killer...
If people continue to take 4 months to make one ASMT level maybe you can go back to this in the meantime.
Originally posted by Atma

10 : Romancing SaGa II Bass : @12

You deserve a medal for that.

I can't tell you how many roms I've corrupted with LM + blocktool + gieger all trying to make changes to the same rom.
So is it playing bowser.txt? Is it playing silence?

Also, the custom music hack performs some bitwise operations on the song numbers it gets sent, so the final results you see in the registers might not be the same ones you originally sent.
I'm trying to make p switches play a sound effect instead of changing the music.

The easy part was changing the p switch itself. I've gone in and made it store 2B to $1DF9 instead of 0E to $1DFB.

The problem is, my sound effect just doesn't work. It just plays silence.

Making the p switch play 2A, which is a valid sound, works fine.

I used romi's addmusic to insert my sound effect as 2B, which does not work fine.

This file works fine as music... but when inserted as a sound effect with -se option, I can't get it to make any sound.

#7 w240 t53

#7 @24 q7f v120


EDIT: Nevermind... the formatting was wrong. I found an example sfx somewhere, and learned that there shouldn't be an channel specified with # probably because the channel is automatically specified by what register you're using.

For the record here's a proper sfx file:

@8 l12 v96

o5 g f+ d+ < a g+ > e g+ > c
Naw, it was just the formatting. Also, instrument @24 doesn't seem to work in sound effects.

To clarify, I've got this problem solved.
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