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Updated to ver 1.10

Support misc musics, and can change boss room music.


* This is adjusted to all ROM (hacked ROM, applied by original/other addmusic are O.K).
But the ROM size must be between 1MB and 4MB.

* Initialization and removal old data are done automatically.

* You can change ending music.

* You can change misc music of all levels, whether custom level music used or not.
If custom misc music are not inserted, original misc music are used.

* Number of music you can insert.
- OW music
11-1F, total 15 musics
- Level music
20-FE, total 223 musics
- Ending music
1 music by 1 scene, total 3 musics
- Misc music
8 kinds of musics

* Delete old music, and search free space and insert music data like Sprite Tool.

* You can use list file like Sprite Tool to specify MML file.

* Make msc file automatically by option command.

* Apply ADSR command by option command.

* Add some function of MML format. Read manual.txt.
Originally posted by Tewi Inaba
I have followed the exact instructions in the manual. However levels do not start. Do you know what might be causing the problem?

I have the "no sprite tile limits patch", the "dynamic sprite patch", exgfx, custom sprites, addmusic 4.0. patched(more.asm and music.asm), DMA, and an asm patch that uses SRAM.

Mine and Romi's addmusic are incompatible.
Please try a rom without addmusic 4.0. and patched(more.asm and music.asm).
My program patches music.asm automatically and pathes more.asm with -a option.

Originally posted by Daboys121
I don't know why, but the DKL Blimp song refuses to work. It makes the level it's in have no sound effects, and when you complete the level, it turns black, and you can't do anything from there.

Also, a lot of instruments in the Cave Story: Grasstown song are very quiet. When I inserted this in the original Addmusic, it was fine.

I confirmed that problem. I'll fix as soon as mybe. Sorry.

Originally posted by Bio
according to my log, this is where the crash occur, do addmusic insert any code at SNES $973B?

Yes. this program change around $973C to expand custom level music to 20-FF.
I checked Romi's code, his system change around $973B, too.
Maybe, this is the cause. I'll fix to support to rom whitch romi's addmusic is applied.
Thank you for your information, Bio.

I fixed a bug about Cave Story: Grasstown. I had missed about quontize handling.
And, there is no bug about DKL Blimp. This music uses ADSR command.
So, you need to install ADSR patche by -a option once.
ex) addmusic -a -l list.txt
After install ADSR pathe, don't load state save before ADSR installed.

Now, this doesn't support ROMs already initialized by Romi's addmusic.
His addmusic change a lot of parts of ROM, and complex. It is difficult to support.
Please use a ROM without his addmusic.
A rom initialized by original or homing's addmusic is OK.
Originally posted by Doomdragon
Dammit, i had high hopes for this version, but nay, Addmusic still refuses to work on my hack. Not a single version has worked.

I don't doubt that it works, it's just my ROM I think...

Please PM me with your ips and teach which patches applied.
Originally posted by Tewi Inaba

Songs 60+ still do not fail to play. Is that normal and I must do some extra modifications to the rom?
edit: Strangely, song C0 works while the others don't.

I made this support to a rom using Homing's addmusic.
I'm ashamed that I'm not good at English.
Do you mean that 20-60 and C0 musics work, however C1-C3 don't work?
Originally posted by {9}

Songs 60+ still do not fail to play. Is that normal and I must do some extra modifications to the rom?
edit: Strangely, song C0 works while the others don't.

Expand your rom by Lunar Expand and try again.
Still if it doesn't work, please send me PM with your ips and MML data.

Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.

But, it doesn't insert the music. I also renamed all of them to match the list (WITHOUT the numbers at the beginning) and all it is doing is inserting Brutal Mario music.

Can somebody help me here?

Use "-l" option command to insert music according to a list file.
When input "C:\addmusic", system insert 11-FE, MISC1-8, and ED1-4.txt.
"C:\addmusic -l list.txt" means using a list file.
"-a" is install ADSR patche, "-b [number]" changes boss room music, and "-g" generates a msc file.
For example, when you input "C:\addmusic -l list.txt -b 21 -a", system use list.txt, install ADSR and changes boss room music to costom music #21.

Originally posted by {9}

Apparently Carol's addmusic hates capitals :P

Old Addmusic doesn't support capital letter or comma,too.
In case of old Addmusic, it skips letters that are not supported.

Mine severely checks the grammar.
Originally posted by Ice Man
I got a small problem, too. I insert songs from 11-18 for Overworld music and 20-90 for level music and Misc1 for Mario dies music and everything works fine, but when I insert song for Misc5 it tells me that level music is too big, but is in same order everything. Why is that?

My ROM is 4MB and there is still enough space though.

The size limit of level musics is applied to each group of 4 musics,
20-23, 24-27, 28-2B ,.....,F8-FB,FC-FE.
The size limit is 8000 bytes minus sum size of all misc musics.
The bigger the misc musics size is, the smaller the limit size of level music is.

Please reduce the size of misc musics, or move some big size level musics to other gourp.
For example:
20 aa.txt
21 bb.txt
22 cc.txt
23 dd.txt


20 aa.txt
21 bb.txt
A0 cc.txt
A1 dd.txt

This tool can replaces original OW sprites to custom sprites.
Tool and manual are here.

Sample sprites:

-Army tank from SMB3

Force Mario to enter a level.

-The hand from SMB3

Almost same as army tank, but in 50% probability.

-Magic whistle from SMB3

When press L-button, warp mario.

-Speed up Mario (No image)
Change Mario moving speed on OW.

-Navigate Arrow from DKC2

-Save point from Final Fantasy

When Mario touches this sprite, save window is shown.

-Airship from Final Fnatasy

Can fly and move freely on Main map, and land on any course tile.

-Flying Yoshi

Almost same as the airship. Not need to back to ship for flying, and can fly on submap, but only when ride on Yoshi.
Originally posted by Ersanio

But what is the format? YXPPCCCT? I am just making sure

Yes. The format is same as level sprite.

Originally posted by Ersanio

The graphics routine, sometimes the sprite I code just shows up 1 8x8 tile, sometimes the whole 16x16 tile. Am I doing something wrong here?

You need to set tile size.

lda #$xx ;YXPPCCCT format
sta $0303,y
lsr a
lsr a
lda #$00 ;00 is 8x8 size, and 02 is 16x16 size
sta $0460,y

Originally posted by Dinomar
meanwhile i converted the readme for who can't open .doc files(in this word, at least, one hasn't Microsoft word).

(lol the new OW of carol :D)

Great thanks!

Originally posted by Sunrider
Uh... I get this error every time I try to use OWSpritetool.exe.

"The system cannot execute the specified program.
couldn't create tmpasm.bin"

Any help?

Can you run mikeyk's sprite tool? Please check.

Originally posted by InvisibleCoinBlock
Thanks, Aiyo.

SO it only sends you to one place, then. That's a bummer. I may try to make it send me to another place if I press R.

Not difficult. Learn ASM.

Originally posted by Kc

Could anyone help me out with what this means, and where do I set these?

If you want to bring speed up effect to all maps, set "1111111" in list.txt. e.g. "0 fast.asm 1111111"
The position of this sprite is anywhere OK.

Originally posted by Kc

I have got the speed up mario one working somehow, but when I died or passed a level, the submap I was in glitched out and crashed the game, same with other sprites, I wonder, if it has anything to do with the above code.

I couldn't confirm the phenomenon. Is there someone faces same problem?
It's false detection of Avast.

The exe file is only generated from perl script by famous perl module, PAR.
I have cehcked with Norton Anti-Virus and over 10 online scan sites, but they found noting except for Avast.
If you worry even so, install Active Perl and use instead of OWspritetool.exe
Ersanio, almost same as level sprites.
means devide Y by four.

$0200-$03FF are tile data except for size, use 4 byte per one tile.
$0420-$049F are tile size data, use 1 byte per one tile.
Most of $0200-$02FF are used by some effect or some original sprites, so custom sprites use after $0300.

After write one tile data, it is need to increase Y by four.
Or else, overwrite previous tile data.
In the case of tile size data, increase by one.
So, devide Y by four when write to $0420-$049F.

In you case,

			LDA $00
			STA $0300,y

			LDA $02
			STA $0301,y

			LDA #$E6
			STA $0302,y

			LDA #$30
			STA $0303,y
			LSR A
			LSR A

			LDA #$02		;Tile size = 16x16
			STA $0460,y


			LDA $02
			ADC #$F0
			STA $0301,y

			LDA #$E6
			STA $0302,y

			LDA #$30
			STA $0303,y
			LSR A
			LSR A

			LDA #$02		;Tile size = 16x16
			STA $0460,y

Why do you make a meaningless theard in "SMW Hack Discussion" category
whenever I login or answer your questions?
Please close this thread.

Sorry if you feel bad about my complaint.
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