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That isn't really a glitch.

This is the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while. This will truly go down in history.

There is some amazing content on the twitchplayspokemon subreddit. They have a document of their success and what they've done.

Also a pretty sad image about what happened to Abby and Jay

I'm still in awe that they managed to beat 4 gyms. They're going to take a really long time with this rocket hideout.
Start + A spamming actually helped. It had something to do with lag compensation and button registration etc. There was an explanation on reddit about it that I can copy paste from if you want to know more about it.
Lots of people dislike the democracy system. I dislike it as well, but it was made so that the channel could stay open. I can't find the response of it, but it was something along the lines of being partnered with twitch and having his channel be shut down if people couldn't do it and stuff and the viewers would decline. Not completely sure.
It's even worse than before now, though, since lots of people are voting for democracy when it's an anarchy and vice versa. Most of the people who vote democracy have good intentions, but when it is switched to democracy, those who want anarchy but don't type anarchy will inevitably type start9 to get those who picked democracy angry. Then it'll go back to anarchy, and the cycle is endless.

There are barely any movement inputs because of this system.
Originally posted by FPzero
For the record, the reason Teyla and I's level fell through is that he got swamped with midterms and I badly pulled my hamstring and couldn't move during the final week of the submissions period. Oh well.

This makes me sad because your level was amazing ;~;

All it needed more was a goal point, then it would have definitely won the entire contest!
Originally posted by S.N.N.
-Would you prefer another contest like this, or would you rather go back to the way it was before?

I have to leave soon so I'll just focus on this one, as I agree with what Lynnes and Everest said about them. For this point, I'd say to merge sort of what we had before and this one.

I didn't like how some people were too late to enter the contest and such. I saw one post asking when the submissions were due by and he didn't even make a reservation post and I don't think he realized there was a reservations.

There really is no easy way to merge them, but discluding people isn't always great. Tons more people could have entered because a lot of the people who did enter didn't end up finishing their levels.

There are a lot of ports that would fit your level just fine Chinee.

For my level, I wanted to find a song that would fit ice and fire, but I couldn't find anything and just used the default cave song and it didn't even sound that bad.

Your level is just water/castle/etc, you can definitely make do without sampled ports, especially if you don't have multiple 'themes' per sublevel like I do.
What is wrong with doing something like this in your thread if you need to?



Like really, do you REALLY need a In-site poll maker that'd probably be less sleek than strawpoll and take longer than doing what I just did? No, you don't. With strawpoll, you can make your poll in less than 30 seconds and link it just as easily.
Pretty sure it's just a random account someone quickly made to share some videos.
Originally posted by Egadd
woah son I'm a freshman he's just a 8th grader (afaik)

Me with my new, shortened hair.

I dont believe you are younger than me anymore. You're lying.
What addmusic did you use? I recall there being a glitch with an addmusic if you did something wrong resulting in all levels being water levels.

I don't remember if there was a fix for this, but I would suggest that you back up your rom next time before you do anything with external tools.

Also, there is probably an easier fix than this, but: Export all your levels as mwls and reinsert them to a new rom. Also the gfx/exgfx should be reinserted to the new rom.
Originally posted by MercuryPenny
Home-school is much better than public school because you don't have to be bullied or be brainwashed by the government. I don't really care about making friends that much because so many people are rude jerks and I hate taking risks.

I've gone to public school for 6 years (K-5), then from 6th grade to current (10), I've gone to a private school. I don't know a ton about homeschooling, but I do know that socializing is going to be important in your futures. I still have a small bit of social anxiety when talking to people, but if I push myself, I can make some friends. Not everyone is a jerk, and if you look closely, you can tell who is a jerk and who isn't. Taking risks is going to be a huge part of your life.

In the years I went to public school, I was only really 'bullied' once. It was so minor I don't think it even counts as bullying, but it was when this one kid literally kicked my butt and I fell forward. That was it. That was in first grade.

Originally posted by BlackMageMario
I see home-schooling a bit anti-social. I remember thinking homeschooling would be cool. Now, I think it's just different. I personally think all kids should go to a normal school, even for just a little while. Not accusing anyone's parents here of this, but I would assume some parents would use homeschooling as a way of controlling their child, not letting them get introduced to other cultures and ideas. It's how you perceive and view it, I guess.

Personally, I know some people who are homeschooled, and have been for their whole life. It's definitely different in some cases, but not all homeschooled people are anti-social. Lots of homeschooled people participate in clubs. I met those homeschooled people because of robotics, and they're some of the most social people I've ever met.
Originally posted by S.N.N.
Originally posted by Qwholl
We eat, sleep, drink, barf, poop, and fart. That pretty much everything you need to know!

in your case, yes, that sums it up perfectly

wait wait wait..

Girls poop and fart???!!??? MY ENTIRE LIFE IS A LIE.
I wasn't watching when they got themselves stuck either, but for those wondering how they got out, this was in Pokemon Mansion so they could still get into random encounters. Basically they leveled until they blacked out.
This is really neat. The physics feel the smoothest compared to other clones I've played.

Someone is going to TAS this to over a thousand, I just know. I wonder if it'll break the counter when it goes too high.
Yoshi in Toyland by The real Luigi master

Title Screen
     Well, nothing is really done in the title screen. Maybe add a bit more be revealed and make your own title screen movements so the player doesn't think of this hack as too boring.
     The cape graphics look really glitchy, and the "Mario start" obstructs the original 'text' that says "TOYLAND". Also, it's a bit weird that you applied a patch that lets the player select what player they want to be, but still end up being Yoshi.

Resting place
     There isn't much the player can do in this level, but the middle "Teleport" block brings you to level 0 which would be an endless bonus game, but there is a timer in this level. It's still a removal reason because it's a forced death.

Yoshi's Island 1
     There is a lot wrong with this level, so I'll try to make it short.
     The Yoshi coins are very close to each other, and the glass blocks are glitchy.
     The third Yoshi coin in the level is placed on the sub-screen boundry, which results in it being cut-off when it is collected.
     Yoshi riding yoshi is really really weird, but the GFX exists @[email protected]
     The glowing cement blocks are displeasing to look at, and the pipe that you shoot out of is weird because the player doesnt have interactions with stuff like Yoshi coins immediately after they jump out. If you want the dragon coin, you have to NOT go in the pipe.
     This level is a very blatant edit of the original level 105. Blatant edits are highly frowned upon, and it is one of the removal reasons.
     There are also 6 Yoshi coins in this level, one being right after the goal... which doesn't move up and down. Is that a hex edit or was it unintentional?

Overworld Before Switch Palace/Switch Palace
     The overworld is weird with the border. I don't know what you did, but some tiles are appearing over the border, and when I move it too when I press start. I dont know how to explain it that well.
     The switch palace wasn't very purple, it was just blue and the switch was yellow. It was a blatant edit of the original switch palace, which I don't really care too much about, but there was only a single coin. Plus, the background in the second room hurt my eyes.

Yoshi's Item Shop
     I would suggest making the prices for these items much higher, because it is very easy to get currency in this game. I also ate the shop keeper, and the lives are very easy to farm in this level.
     Also I bought a cape, and the graphics are very glitchy when I start flying. Half of me becomes mario.

Yoshi's Island 4
     At the beginning of this level, it's possible to walk into the diagonal pipe and get myself stuck and kill myself. To fix this, I would make the diagonal pipe part have a space in map16 and just make it act like a slope.
     If I swim to the right without hitting the message boxes, I'll eventually run into the pipe that leads me to the exit.
     This level is absolutely empty as well. The fireflower wasn't needed at all. Also, at the end after I went out the pipe, I thought that it would be an end of demo since there was nowhere to go, but when I tried to go back in the pipe, it brought me to the exit. I would suggest making the entrance and exit to different pipes.
     At the beginning of the level, you should take note that message boxes will disable Layer3, making the lake disappear. It isn't important to the level, but it just looks weird in general.
     The message box at the end of the level is also weirdly placed since it has no relevant message.

Iggy's Castle
     There wasn't much to this level at all. It wasn't even a puzzle, really. There was a gimmick, but it wasn't a very drawn out one. I can see that gimmick working if there was an actual level. All the levels so far are short and not filled with enemies at all. They are bland and not fun.

Donut Plains 1
     I was surprised to see ExGFX, but disappointed that there wasn't much to the level again. The secret exit is in plain sight, and the exit is just as easy to get to. The bonuses at the end of the regular exit aren't even given because that isn't how SMW's sprites and goal point work.

Donut Secret
     It started, but there was no way to get past. Basically an unfinished level. Mark these as unfinished next time.

Donut Plains 2
     Nothing to this level too. I guess that's the end. It's unwinnable.

     This hack has a long way to go before it is even close to being accepted. There is no real challenge or level design to this hack. It's just showing off that you can insert some custom blocks and ExGFX. You can still work with this hack, but you applied some things that I think may have screwed up your ROM somehow. Don't give up, though. Having basic skills like this is being one step closer to having a good hack. You need to learn level design, though.

Verdict: rejected

Macky are you using snes9x-rr or the regular snes9x?
The creator took it off due to getting many death threats etc. iirc.

The difference between Flappy Bird and Maverick Bird is that Maverick Bird is better in a way. Sure, it's super difficult as Flappy bird might be(?), but it has awesome music, and looks like it has actual effort put into it.

If you've ever played Super Hexagon, you would know that it's a very simple game, but can provide hours of entertainment and fun (if you get good). Super Hexagon is similar to Maverick Bird because it's basically to see how far you get. Super Hexagon is one of Terry's most famous games besides VVVVVV.

I would suggest trying Maverick Bird at least for a bit.
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