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What you described about anime is called fanservice.

You're going to have to learn to deal with it, because it's not going to be possible for things like this to stop. A lot of people do care about it, but companies use attractive people in their commercials and stuff to attract attention from their audience.

This isn't just a women thing. It's a guy thing too. Both genders have high expectations because of media.
Except it hasn't drifted off topic in the slightest aside from that small argument between Tanooki and HFD.

It's a discussion, you don't have to stay if you don't want to. Don't make a thread about a controversial topic expecting it not to blow up.
For the facebook banner thing, can we use different dimensions as long as Facebook sticks it in smoothly? For example, the template I'm using to plan everything correctly has the profile picture at 322x322 and the banner at 1712x637. This is far greater than the requested dimensions, but when uploading to facebook, it uploads smoothly and doesn't move around at all, and it uploads as the template shows.

If this won't be allowed, I'll fix my submission. For now, it works completely fine, though.
SMWCentral Facebook Banner


Files included:
- Profile Picture PNG
- Banner PNG
- Full Template PSD
- Profile Picture PSD
- Banner PSD

Important note: Dimensions are not the same as the requested in the rules or whatever, but it uploads fine.

For quick reference on what it looks like:
I do agree that my entry was bland and unoriginal, but my reasoning for using the same design is that people will go to that page and feel more at home or something since it's the same banner etc. You don't really want to change something that is already right. The home banner is basically a logo for SMWC at this point.

Plus, a lot of effort was spent in planning where Mario would be, how exactly I'd set the positions, stitching the backgrounds, and syncing it such that the avatar was in a good position.

But yeah, none taken @Ladida, I understand where your anger is coming from. I'm actually surprised that I got first too, I thought your entry would just dominate it all.
Rookie mistake, Lightvayne. You may have confused us since we're both Chinese.

I knew something was off once the facebook page banner was up.

Lightvayne pls no gg tho
Originally posted by Dotsarecool
Yes, kian, MVS, and mockingod, I do see all of your posts. {B)



Those are the ones I post in.

I'm subscribed to a lot just to read stuff

/r/pics, /r/videos, /r/mildlyinteresting, /r/showerthoughts, /r/tifu, /r/iama, /r/anime, /r/eli5, /r/shittyaskscience, /r/writingprompts, /r/3amjokes, /r/androidthemes, /r/galaxynote3.
Control panel > Language > Remove language

Also it doesn't change automatically. Language in Windows is set by some button combination that uses shift in it. I know this because my aunts computer constantly changes between Chinese and English when I type and it's annoying.
Only staff but iirc they don't do close requests.

I guess it depends on the situation
Well being touchy feely is a huge sign that she is indeed interested in you. However, you also say that she could have been a bit tipsy, so that may have made her be a bit more touchy feely than usual(I don't really have experiences with alcohol).

Your situation isn't really super predictable with the information you gave, but from personal experience, getting in physical contact with you, especially in such a way as yours she seems interested.

Similar thing that happened? Well, we are both 16, so I know she wasn't drunk when she did it, but she did some physical contact, but I acted cool like you did, and not take it too seriously. Then when we were chatting and talking about stuff she mentioned "You are more oblivious than you know" and I asked her, "what?" and she replied, "nevermind". Long story short, we're going out now.

If you are interested, try and talk to her casually, then try and get some information out of you to confirm that she likes you. That's when you can respond how you see fit.
If the splash screen appears, it isn't the monitor. Boot the computer in safe mode and then try reinstalling the graphics drivers.

Once logged in in safe mode, go to control panel -> device manager -> display adapters

If you see a (!) in a triangle on the icon, something is wrong for sure, but if not, then just do it anyways to be safe. Right click the drivers and click uninstall, then restart, or try click update, try downloading the driver from the website itself, etc. It took me a while to get everything fixed for my computer because Windows 8 update to 8.1 is buggy with dell laptops.
Wow you didn't mention me I'm hurt
Did you try doing what I said in my post? I've had a similar problem, like I said before. I'm not saying that all computer repair places are bad, but sometimes they just lie in order to get more money out of you.

Anyways if you did try what I said, try and take it to your teacher, yes, it's worth a shot. If that doesn't work out, try see if you still have warranty on the laptop and send it in to repair. They'll tell you the expected price before they repair it, and if you don't like it, they'll send the laptop back, without being repaired.
I don't know about the Xbox controllers, but try and go to steam library (I'm assuming this'll work since it's a source game, but portal 2 seems to do things differently sometimes), right click portal 2 > properties > set launch options

type -windowed -w WIDTH -h HEIGHT -novid

What this'll do is make it start windowed instead of fullscreen and not display the little boot animation that source games have. Set width to your preferred width, same for height.

If you still experience crashing, it could be directx, so try adding -dxlevel 81

That'll set the game to DirectX 8.1.

I'm not sure if these'll work on portal 2 at all, but it's worth a shot.
Originally posted by MolSno
Even my school schedule is a mess too. Sleep at midnight, wake up at 5 or 6:30 AM depending on whether I did my homework or not.

My schedule right now is to wake up at 5:30-6 on weekdays so I can get to my job as a TA for a summer class by 8, but I usually get there at 7 or so because my parents have to drop my brother off to his job first.

I go to sleep sometime around 11-12. On the weekends it's the same, but I'll probably wake up at 6-7.

Also hi everyone I haven't been here in a while. I have so much free time now that I should probably use to get started on college essays and studying for the SAT subject tests that I'm going to retake one more time, but I'm putting that off until later. Right now I'm just so bored because all the games I played/play have no appeal to me right now.
Galaxy Note 3 here. Probably the biggest phone here, besides the iphone 6+. My screen size might be just a bit bigger in size, though.

I use the phone every single day almost every minute of my free time. I watch livestreams, text friends, browse reddit, watch youtube videos, play games (mainly hearthstone).

My phone is rooted right now and I customized it a bit, but it isn't like super-hacked. I mainly take advantage of the root for gaining free wifi tether instead of paying for it.
Scrolling past and noticed this thread. From an outsider perspective (I dont know what happened in the last thread), it does seem like all of the responses in this post are kind of against the OP in terms of the actions he's done, and are responses that are actually insensitive to a suicidal/depressed individual.

Since my absence from this website, I've had a wide range of experiences. One of those was being truly depressed and suicidal. I myself have had calls for attention to my friends and they shunned me for it. It seems that this situation is sorta similar, and has received some backlash.

Now, making posts for attention that have no substance is bad and you should try avoiding that OP and fight your suicidal thoughts as much as you can. Everyone else should be more understanding in some ways that sometimes the mind just needs to scream.

Originally posted by Falaflame
If you're truly in such a destructive state, yet still have the time to post a thread like that, then you also have the time to go out and get help from an actual professional. They may not relate to you on an emotional level, sure, but it's a lot better than reading something some random person on the internet says. We're just people living our normal lives. We're not PhDs. So a doctor who actually has experience in that field would be of a lot more help than we would.

We may not be doctors, but having someone to just talk to can help immensely. Adding onto that, a person being suicidal can have many reasons, and even if they're completely aware of what it is they cant just get rid of it.


If you guys see a thread that says "I'm about to kill myself", at least just try remedy the situation first before immediately accusing him of attention seeking (this is what I assume the previous thread was about). Of course it's attention seeking, we know this, the OP would know this. However, you're playing with the literal loss of a life, and you should treat that very carefully. It isn't as simple as "if we get rid of the thread the problem is gone".
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