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So then why can't you explain to him the basics of hacking?
On Snes9x, you can just barely see the bottom row. And, I think 9x might have a bigger screen. Also,

Sorry if I'm backseat moderating but, shouldn't this be in the Emulations Secton?
... When I was in first grade, at like 5pm, I was jumping on my parents bed, then I like fell and hit my head on the headboard, the headboard had corners, it wasn't round. So, I went to the hospital to get stitches, yay. I only went to school after a week.
Hey, again, I was just wondering where how to access the gym. It says (ithink) to beat 50 levels. I got the secret exit from Eupreve 3(I think again). I see that there is a secret exit in the lapras level, but I cant seem to find it.

Also, I ONLY got the secret exit of Eupreve 3, that is the ONLY scret exit I got throughout the entire game.
Try watching This

Also, dont go to the 8x8, go to the 16x16 block editor, press down 3 times ( i think) then press F3. (I THINK) I havn't hacked in months, stupid trojan.
Happy birthday andy_k_250 and TheEliteGuy
... Big spiders, like the ones in movies. Also my real fear is aliens... THEY ARE FRICKEN CREEPY

EDIT: hmmm, I never noticed, LEVEL UP!
try going to YY-CHR, then change the pallete to what the original smw's coin is. After that, get green and pixel by pixel, or block by block, change the color.Or you can change th level's pallete
When you are testing the level, are you loading state?
Try quitting LM, then re-opening. This happened to me before when I edited the muncher's GFX. But when I reopened it, in LM, were the correct GFX I put, but when I played it, the GFX was unchanged.

EDIT: also, the next time I went on LM, then I tested the level, the correct Muncher GFX was there.
In the tools section of SMWC, there is an English version, because I downloaded my YY-CHR from it and it was in a language I could understand.
scroll down until the pallete is yellow, like the original SMW coins. Then click on green, then edit the coins. Afterwards, save then click on the green mushroom marked 'Insert GFX into ROM'

Here is a tutorial on how.

Made by CSM60

EDIT: sorry NN, but he needs the yellow coin pallete, then he needs to edit it to be green. If he has the green pallete on, then he cant edit it to be the correct pallete.
I'm pretty sure this should be in Basic SMW Hacking.

1. What is a 'Beanstalk'?
2. I think with just a normal jump, with the B Button pressed down, it should be 4 or 5 blocks.

EDIT: O hey, your that guy with the AGK Vids, I saw your SMB Rom hack Speedruns, and thats how I came to hacking SMW in the First place!

EDIT 2: Oh, and proper level design:
Click on the red poison mushroom and then click on FG3 on the top part, then select ExGFX80 (or whatever), then go to your 16x16 tile editor, press down 3 times, press F3, all of your custom GFX should appear.
A Block should be high in the air, while the Growing Vine sprite should be on the ground, or your own place of choosing.

By high in the air, I mean right by the place of departure.
Patch it with this
Originally posted by ThereAreSevenLevels
You beat me to it mockingod!

O check the layout requests section scroll all the way down or press CTRL-F then type in Mockingod.

EDIT: find teh one that is 'close' to the end.
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