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There's only one thing I hate.

When someone is so stupid you just want to yell to him trough the computer screen.
Here comes slippy!

Ehm what...

The first Mario game was Donkey Kong which was released to the arcades in 1981..
Here comes slippy!

Finally something that I'm kinda good at.

203 time left - Non-TAS

And wow.. Why didn't I just go directly into the left pipe in the bonus room? That would've saved me around 5 seconds.
Here comes slippy!

The upcoming games for the 3DS looks awesome, and I think I'm gonna buy it..

Because I still just have my about 5-year old grey Nintendo DS, and it's just not as good as it was when I bought it.
Here comes slippy!

Well here's mine..

I don't have that many deviations because I don't really know what I should draw.
Here comes slippy!

I managed to get 271, but it was a close one.

Non-TAS 271 seconds remain

And if the clock thing never stops at the right time for you, just turn of annotations and stop it yourself.
Here comes slippy!

.. The path will be hard to remember xD

And oh.. can you see what's wrong in this picture?
Here comes slippy!