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Tip: Try sketching out ideas for overworlds and levels. Even if they don't manage to fit into Lunar Magic completely, at least you have a base to work from, instead of doing it all from scratch.Not logged in.
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Wario and my Mii, usually in the Flame Flyer or Off Roader. I sometimes use Yoshi as well.
Add me as a contestant. I'll have the level complete by the weekend. ;)
I never realised this thread, so I'll post now.

I'm Findoku, but call me whatever you wish. I joined to talk about SMW and hacking. Also to submit my own hacks. I hope I have fun. ;)
1. Do you use lunar magic windowed?

2. How long have you been hacking?
Not long, only for a few days. I started playing others hacks a number of months ago though.

3. You any good?
Ok, I made a few sample levels and I feel they're good enough to be accepted.

4. Do you use map16 at every chance available?
If it's Vanilla, hardly. Custom graphics, certainly yes.

5. Vanilla, ASM, or Strawberry/Chocolate (map16 edits, palette edits, few custom blocks)
Not too sure what this means, but I usually have custom gfx, music and blocks.

6. Favorite type of level to make?

7. Favorite type of level to play? I dont want a "OnEs WiTh 1337 DeSigN" response. I mean like water, or castle or something.

8. Mosted hated type of level to make.
Not sure. Probably ghost house if I can't think of a level design.

9. What level type do you hate/like the least to play? I dont want a "OnEs WiTh ShItTy DeSiGn" response. I mean like water, or castle or something.
None really to be honest. Not sure anyway.

10. Favorite hack?

11. Favorite Hacker?
None in particular, but since I think FPI made TSRPR, then it's FPI.

12. How many hacks have you made?
None, but a few levels; not ones to appear in a public hack of mine though.

13. Any up here on SMWC?
Not yet. ;)

14. Do you know any ASM?
N00b hacker here. ;)

15. How many tools can you use? Lunar Magic and the palette editor(lol) is not included. You can list any other SMW editor though. Oh and please list them.
Super Block Tool Deluxe.

16. Have you made any custom graphics? And thats backgrounds, foregrounds and everything in between, including sprite graphics.

17. Have you uploaded any on the site?

18. Made any custom music?
No. I don't know if I plan to in the future.

19. See 17.

20. Have you made any custom blocks?

21. See 17.

22. Have you made any custom sprites?

23. See 17

Lot's of "No" answers at the end, lol.
Ok, here's my level:

..Oh? Contest closed until the official one finishes? Oh well, had fun making this level anyway. ;)
The original SMW was challenging 10 years back for me, especially Tubular. Special World was awesome. Today, I find it too easy since I found all 96 exits in the space of 2 days.
I mainly play its hacks now... a lot. I like getting "Game Over" all over again.
"Bowser has yet again kidnapped Peach, but he has not returned to his castle... instead, he has hidden on an Island in which he decides to take over. Mario must travel through 5 worlds and then travel through Bowser's Island and once again defeat Bowser."

That might not be the final plot. If it's not, it will be something along those lines.

This hack will contain custom music. Everything else will be pretty much "Vanilla". Map16 is used, however. The first world won't be difficult for beginners, so experts will pretty much pwn world one in minutes. As you progress further, this hack will get difficult... in a fair way. ;)
There will be a "Star World". The levels are short at first. They're around the length of SMW's first levels. The last levels will be quite a bit longer, heck... maybe even 10x as much screens on a few .mwl files. The levels will get less linear too for more fun.

Level 1:

Level 2:

(2nd Screenshot soon)

Level 3: (This level is mainly Mushroom platforms, not line guide)

Level 4:
(Player isn't trapped)

Ok, I decided to download some graphics and I have spiced up the first 2 levels as a result. I removed the cement blocks and it actually looks much better. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm going to make the first 2 levels less linear too since I noticed all the flat ground while testing out GFX I downloaded from here, so I'll spend some of my time later at that.
Level 2 still needs to be decorated in these new screenshots:

Level 1:

Level 2:

There's a YI hack called Bowser's Island? Hm, I might think of another name then. O_O
Anyway, if you have any suggestions from the screenshots, just say so. The weekend is tomorrow, so I plan to spend some time on giving world 1 a makeover.
Edit: No longer available.
Since I posted a mwl file, here's an ips instead:

Level 105.
There are floating platforms in cave levels which makes less sense, so...
Any chance that you have a link to this tutorial? I ended up giving up failing. SMW hacks while travelling... would be so much win.
My first one too, I just looked around a lot of the threads and I was impressed by quite a number of them. I'm working on a hack, so I should have something for next time. :D
The Second Reality Project Reloaded
Discovery - Find all switch palaces without reading hints in-game.
Desert Super-trek - Complete Birabuto Desert running the whole level without slowing down.
999er - Complete Bowser's Starship without the midpoint.
Befriending Yoshi - Complete a level still having Yoshi

Kaizo un-kaizofied! - Complete a level in Kaizo Mario World without savestating.
Bored - Complete a hack with a rating of 2 or below.
The key to impossible - Jump from key that's in mid-air.
Super Skills - Gain an extra life from a star or jumping on enemies.
Easy - Have a total 50+ lives after winning the last level.
IT'S OVER 9000!!! - Complete over 9000 levels from different hacks. (Long term achievement :P)
I'm looking forward to the Wario hack. Are you using Wario Land 4 GFX?
Thanks for the link! Took me 5 hours, but it worked! This will really come in handy.
I must say, I really like the Yoshi GFX. Nice use of exGFX and level design. This thread I keep an eye on.
Looks like a savestate-less version of Kaizo Mario World, which is good. Keep it up!
You all made me try out Kusotare or whatever out. I personally didn't have much trouble not seeing Mario and therefore didn't have to do Azure's 5 hour part. :D
This rom hack has the glitchiest graphics ever.

I need to complete Black Forest. Spent around an hour on that level, but I even messed up with my back-up save state. I tackle this stuff tomorrow.
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