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Okay, I think this is where to post this, but I'm new here, so forgive me if I'm wrong.

Is there a Lunar Magic for Mac OS X or does anyone know how to convert the current Lunar Magic so it will work on Mac OS X? I want to make a hack, but I only have a Mac (hey, that rhymes!) so I don't know if it will work or not.

Or, if you would like to, I could use an assistant to help make the hack, as you can see by my signature. I've only used Lunar Magic once, so I don't know a whole lot about it. I'd need a professional for the hack I'm trying to make.
Oh, I understand that. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to convert LM so it works on Mac. But thankz. you know how to play .spc music on Mac? Or something? I don't know if there is a Mac version of WINAMP, like MACAMP, but...yeah, I dunno. :)

You could try getting Crossover for the Mac and run LM with that. Or you could get VMware Fusion and run it with that. I think there is a free version of Crossover:

Really? Sweet! I can't get VMWare (it costs over 800 dollars! Jeez!), but I might try Crossover.
Okay, Audio Overload isn't working. I'm trying WINE now.

Wait, I'm too young to drink wine. LOLOL!!!

EDIT: I can't find a good download button for WINE, so I'll go with the other program, Crossover.


Okay...calm down...Is there anything else I could use for Lunar Magic and/or the music player?
FINALLY! I got the music player to work!

Now...I will download more music for my game. I have a list right here:

Title Screen: Stickerbrush Symphony (downloaded)
Overworld Level: NSMB Overworld Level
Athletic Level: Super Paper Mario World 1-1
Underground Level: Yoshi's Island Underground
Invincible: Super Paper Mario Starman (where he tuns to a giant 8-bit Mario)
Beach Levels: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Gwarhar Lagoon/Oho Oasis

That's all I have decided so far. Does anyone know if any of these songs have been made or have a URL to any of them?
Nah, never mind. I'm just using what I can find.

Now, then...any other ways I can run LM on Mac? Crossover and WINE didn't work.

Also, how do I view sprites, blocks, and stuff like that? Would I have to use LM?
Originally posted by UnFallen
How did Crossover now work??
Did you install it and get it up and running at all?

No, when it was done downloading, I opened the .dmg file and it came out as a text document. Is it a .exe? Because my Mac won't run .exe, just .app.

.exe - Windows executable
.app - Macintosh application

Virtualbox won't work. I don't have an Intel-based Mac. The only Virtualbox, apearantly, that works for Mac, only seves Intel-based Macs. Anything else?
Originally posted by UnFallen
Originally posted by Goombill Rezne Koopario
Originally posted by UnFallen
How did Crossover now work??
Did you install it and get it up and running at all?

No, when it was done downloading, I opened the .dmg file and it came out as a text document. Is it a .exe? Because my Mac won't run .exe, just .app.

It's not an exe it's a .app for apple computers. Post a screenshot of this:
Originally posted by Goombill Rezne Koopario
No, when it was done downloading, I opened the .dmg file and it came out as a text document.

I don't full understand what you mean.

Well, to be more specific, it wouldn't open with anything exept a word processor. What I meant by "text document" was not text in English, but in computer language (not just the 1s and 0s, but other codes).
No, .dmg is like a...well, its icon on a Mac looks like a hard drive, so I guess it could be a...I don't know. .png is an image, is that what you were thinking? .dmg and .png sound very similar, so I can see where that thought occurred.

If I remember correctly a .dmg file is a "image"(similar to ISO). Try it may help.

Wait...would I have to pay for it? I'm looking for something free and limitless.

Or I guess I could hire someone to help me. Like, I come up with, like, development and all, and then they do their magic in Lunar Magic, you know...seriously, I could do that. And I could test because I already have the emulator.
Well, I don't think that would actually ever happen, but it DOES sound funny. I'm sittin' here, laughin' my butt off!

But not to get off topic. Is there anything else that could run Lunar Magic on Mac? Crossover (no download button), Virtualbox (only for Intels), and WINE (becuase I'm too young to drink wine!) don't work.
Originally posted by UnFallen
Also you could use bootcamp(it is free with Leopard.) It does require a disk of a Windows OS just like VMWare fusion.

Also what is the real reason that you can't download wine.
(Try to give you some serious help on the topic ~_~)

First off, I'll try that. Luckilly we still have the CD of our Windows XP (I think...).

Second, seriously, there was no easy-to-find download button for WINE. Check every page, it's not easy to find. And I don't want to have to become a member.
...and I need to know how to use .ips patches for NES games. I know how for SNES games, but not NES. Help!
...I'm not sure what it will be good for, maybe a bonus game, or a boss, ore something. The design is right here:

Like I said, I'm not exactly sure what it will be good for, but you can definetely use it, I'm sure. Just give credit.
First of all, I made it with the SMW SNES tiles. I took one of the tiles and made it into a block with just a red outline and made a fraph thing with it. Then I took the SMW tiles, and while I was playing SSBB, I moved the camera around to make sure I got this to be just right.

Second, this stage was from Melee, although, yes, this was one of the Melee stages featured in Brawl, as I was playing Brawl because I don't have Melee!

So, I made it myself out of SMW tiles. If I had stolen it, it would look 3D. Besides, in the background, there are other ledges with apple trees. Also, there wasn't as much grassy spots in the real game, and there are no flowers or grass patches in this.
Lunar IPS? Is that like Lunar Magic or does it WORK with Mac?
It doesn't work. Maybe I didn't use it right. I'm going to try again and this time do something different.
Fine. Whatever.
I just had a great idea of a SMW Hack! See, my dad is really into Star Trek, and I thought it might be cool if we made a hack starring Captain Kirk instead of Mario and captain Picard instead of Luigi! It will start in space, and then Kirk and Picard travel to the Mushroom Kingdom (while it's dark outside). For Message Blocks, we could use Captain's Log, and for power ups...

Mini-Marios replaced with Normal Kirk/Picard
Super Marios replaced with Caped Kirk/Picard
Fire Marios replaced with the Borg Suit (from the episode where Picard was possessed by the Borgs)
Caped Mario replaced with Gravity Kirk/Picard

And instead of Princess Peach, we could use Counselor Deanna Troi, and we could use some other characters here and there, like Commander Riker, Data, La Forge, Worf, Wesley, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Checkoff, O'hira, Guinyan, etc. For Bowser, we could use the leader of the Borgs, and for the Koopalings, we could use Borg minions, and for the main enemies (Goombas, Koopas, etc.), we could use other aliens. So what do you think?
Sweet! Where can I download this hack? Is there a beta version out?
Can I be a beta tester?

Or is this game already done?
I'd like to make SPC files by importing MIDI files like you guys do, but I don't know what programs to use! How can I import a MIDI and create an SPC? It's not for a hack; I hear someone made an SPC player for Game Maker.

Any help would be appreciated!!
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Goombill Rezne Koopario's Profile - Posts by Goombill Rezne Koopario

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