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Decent hack so far, but there's a big issue I noticed in the screenshot of Tightrope Terror.

If the message box didn't already give it away, that midway point in Tightrope Terror is a trap. If you lose a life after cutting the midway tape, then re-enter the level, Mario falls right into the lava and dies, meaning it becomes impossible to continue. Essentially, it's as bad as a Kaizo trap, or perhaps even worse.

Plus, there's the cutoffness everyone else mentioned above.

Also, it kinda resembles the original level 101. I know from frequent reading of the submission guidelines and removal logs that blatant edits aren't allowed, so you might want to nuke it with Ctrl-Del and start from scratch.

Aside from these issues and the various other issues everyone else noticed, the hack's okay.
There's more bad stuff I found while actually playing the hack. I'll list it by name.

Plip... Plop... (YI1): Stacked munchers (especially ones cutting into water) = NO. Plus, there were bad corner tiles all over the place, and it was a blatant level edit. Press CTRL-DEL to wipe the level and start from scratch.

DOINK (YSP): Invisible cement blocks in the second room of this blatant level edit. CTRL-DEL it.

Da Jungle, Mon (YI2): Cutoffness galore. The grey lava there is unnecessary, since falling into a pit is instakill, and the lava (along with pretty much the whole damn level) is horribly cut off. Oh and by the way, grey lava doesn't make sense, and looks weird in a forest level. Looks like this one was CTRL-DEL nuked, but the design was just plain shingad (ugly).

Starclimber (YI3): The Yoshi coin near the midway tape is placed across a sub-screen boundary. Don't do that! First screenshot shows the cutoff that results from collecting it. The second shows a trick that you can pull if you touch only the bottom half of it. A witty player (like myself) could sit there as small Mario and get infinite lives! When placing Yoshi coins, always use F2 to show the subscreen boundaries, so that none of your Yoshi coins get flagged for encroachment. There was also lots of cutoffness, and of course, it was another blatant level edit. :(

Mushroom, Mushroom (YI4): Even more cutoffness, and (you guessed it) ANOTHER blatant level edit. CTRL-DEL. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

Tightrope Terror (Iggy's Castle): Sprite memory issues, and that god-damn midway tape death trap. Furthermore, not only was this a blatant level edit, but the second area is completely unedited.

Donut plains 1: ANOTHER Blatant level edit with cutoffness and bad corner tiles. And why the heck isn't vertical scroll working? Check your settings.

My advice: Rethink the design of your levels. The vast majority of them are blatant edits of original SMW levels; in fact, I advise starting all over again with a fresh ROM. CTRL-DEL all the original SMW levels (except the boss levels and level 104) and start back at square one.

Try not to stack munchers, but if you must, use ExGFX to make them look like mines. There's actually a graphics file on the site that does just that.
#6 no doubt. Cause the hack definitely deserves a nice formal presentation.
I never really posted in forum games, nor do I ever want to. That being said I say:

Auto-scroll is nice to have every now and then, but a bad thing to use too much of. As Forty2 pointed out, it gives the player endurance challenges, and makes them more aware of their surroundings.

In short, I practically entirely agree with Forty2. Use them wisely, and use them correctly. Don't use fast autoscroll though - after about 1F screens, you won't even be able to control Mario, which can cause unavoidable damage or death.
It's a nice hack, but there are some oddities with that overworld that I noticed.

Red = Perspective
Pink = Probable cutoff
Blue = Cutoff

Not too sure about the red and pink, but if you look closely the door in the blue circle is slightly cutoff.
Nice level, but my only gripe is the lava. Grey lava looks really weird, and lava in a forest/grassland level doesn't really make any sense. You might want to simply remove the lava there, since a player can just as easily die falling into a pit as they can getting burned alive in lava.
Doesn't look too bad, but there is a bad palette for the cement blocks in the second screenshot, and some pixel-cutoff around the pipes and skull boxes in the third. Looks promising otherwise.
Apologize Now!: Don't you think it would be a better idea to make the level from something else besides cement blocks and switch palace blocks? Furthermore, the port of Apologize didn't seem too accurate. All that aside, I noted some other issues, with severe problems in bold-faced text.

*Cutoff ropes, both severely cutoff (due to no tile terminating them), and slightly cutoff (due to cement blocks).
*Bad status bar palette due to the background using colors from the status bar.
*Cutoff midway points.
*Glitched ON/OFF switch block graphics.
*Bottom row of Lunar Magic used as ground.
*Ugly palettes on the ropes and some of the switch blocks.
*No fade fix applied.

EDIT - I don't care if it's an automatic level. Just because it's automatic doesn't mean it's an excuse to make it look shingad. Make it look more presentable - no cutoff, bad palettes or glitched graphics - or just get rid of it.

Excess Express (Day 1):
Yikes, those bricks look cutoff. Also, using parts of the goal post as colums looks kind of odd, and there are also a couple of weird-looking palettes. Still, I gotta give you credit for using the barrier that only lets you pass when you get all five Dragon Coins. My only serious pet peeve with this level is that fake Dragon Coin at 1:28. It would be a good idea to simply get rid of it.

Dark-Flash/Glimmering Hallway: This one was fairly nice too, and I gotta give you credit for using the Kirby's Adventure enemies. I also liked that puzzle at the end - you even provided a reset door in case you accidentaly destroy the shell or kill the Beach Koopa. However, it seemed kind of bland otherwise. Perhaps you could spice it up by adding Dragon Coins, maybe?

All in all, decent concepts, but kinda bland level design, and some pretty bad flaws in that automatic level. Don't be afraid to experiment around until you get something more presentable.
Very nice level design you got there, but my only real gripe is with that fifth screenshot.

In addition to what UMA said about the horizontal munchers having odd palettes, I would also suggest using something other than cement blocks there as walls.

Skinny pipes would work perfectly, seeing that you apparently know how to use them without creating cutoff.
Any particular reason for the odd mushroom palette? It looks strange with an orange stem. Nothing too big though. Just my personal opinion.
That doesn't seem to be the only issue in the hack, Counterfeit.

Upon looking in Lunar Magic, I noticed that there were MANY more sprites in the level than had appeared. This equates to a sprite memory error.

Abby, you should first get rid of some of the unnecessary sprites, and then change the sprite memory setting (Lakitu head button) to 0E.

If that doesn't fix the problem, apply edit1754's No More Sprite Tile Limits patch to your rom with xkas, and change the setting to 10 instead.
You're doing a bit better Abby, but there are still some issues to fix.

The ledge on the right is still cutoff. Also, wrong corner tile at the left.
Originally posted by WhiteYoshiEgg

Two free lives this early is a bit too generous. I would recommend getting rid of these 1up mushrooms, and moving the Dragon Coin over to the cloud platform.

Another wrong corner tile.

The cement blocks create cutoff in the water. Also, another bad corner tile.

You do realize you can extend those shooters down, right? But that's beside the point. Using them with cement blocks creates cutoff.

You can die here by glitching into the cement blocks if you walk onto the springboard while Super and/or riding Yoshi. NO. The player should never be able to die like this.

Cutoff nets, but worse yet, you're forced to ditch Yoshi here. The player should never be forced to ditch Yoshi under any circumstances.

Another cutoff net and bad corner tile.

If I hit this midway point and die...

I fall to my death upon re-entering the level. This is a big problem since the player can no longer complete the level.

Easy 1up mushroom. You should probably hide it somewhere else or simply get rid of it.

Lag. Also, the yellow pipe below Mario is cutoff.

Sprite memory issues. The springboard that was supposed to be here didn't spawn, and now I have to wait out the timer.

I might be missing something very obvious, but if I didn't bring the P-switch from the beginning of the level, I would have been stuck here and forced to wait out the timer or commit suicide.

But worse yet, you once again forgot to place the goal tape. This means I am forced to wait out the timer or commit suicide anyway.

Finally, you tell me not to enter the second level...

... but I am still able to enter it anyway! Now I'm stuck again, and have to suicide/wait out the timer to escape.

It would be nice if you fixed everything I showed you here.
For P-switch disabled used blocks, you can just use plain old used blocks.

If it's On/Off switch activated blocks you're after, you'll want this. You'll also need to download xkas and BlockTool Super Deluxe.

Make sure you read the xkas tutorial and the BTSD tutorial, so you know what to do.
Cutoff everywhere, particularly at the following places:

1. The areas in the walls with the used blocks.
2. The ceilings.
3. The water, particularly where it meets the blocks.

As for the background, just change it until you get something that is not glitchy. Since you are using the cave foreground tileset, SMW's cave background should work.

Finally, the ground tiles have a bad palette. Choose a different palette that is a more smooth gradient - try using palette 6 or 7.
Pretty nice hack, but in the fourth screenshot, there's a bad corner tile where the bridge meets the ground. It might be better to use something other than the bridge here.

Also, in the fifth screenshot, there is some pixel-cutoff around the top of the pipe.
Here's a picture to clarify what GvS said about the overworld a bit:

Red = Bland and boring
Blue = Cutoff
Purple = Possible cutoff/wrong tile
There are a couple of issues I noticed with some of those screenshots.

#2: Very slight cutoff where the lava meets those stone blocks.

#3: More cutoff around the pipe where it intersects with the ground.

#4: Cutoff again, this time where the water meets with the pipe.

#5: Flying for an extended period of time with a cape while dodging enemies is considered very cheap. This would be even more serious if this screenshot is from one of the world 1 levels.

#6: You're supposed to use solid edges with lava. The edges of the platform Mario is standing on are not solid. Furthermore, you seem to like capes quite a bit. I don't know if you designed your levels to prevent players from cheating and flying over them, but if you haven't, you might want to do so.

#7: This one could be the real game-breaker. Obviously, I cannot show you in the screenshot, but those glass blocks have tileset specific "bounce" sprites that appear when you hit or cape spin them. Therefore, they can only be used with certain tilesets, and the tileset you are using in that level is not compatible with those glass blocks. That is, when you hit/cape spin them, they use glitched graphics. You might want to get rid of them and replace them with something different that will not glitch up upon hitting them.
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GlitchedRS's Profile - Posts by GlitchedRS

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