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Too many games to make a choice, but it would have to be one of these:

-The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
-Chrono Trigger
-Street Fighter 2 - The World Warrior
-Super Smash Bros (All three)
-Super Mario Galaxy (1 and 2)
-Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
-Super Street Fighter 4
-Super Metroid
-Donkey Kong Country 2
-The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess
-Mega Man 2

Anything on that list, I would be content with being my favourite video game.

Well, I'm in it to see what they've got planned with Project Cafe, and what new games are planned for the 3DS. However, the three things I'd like to know are:

-Is there going to be a new F-ZERO game? Damn, I need to blast down a race track at a 1000mph.

-Are the rumours about Super Smash Bros. Strife true? I doubt it alot, but it'd be amazing if there is one.

-Despite Skyward Sword, and the Ocarina Of Time remake, what have Nintendo got planned for the 25th anniversary of The Legend Of Zelda? I hope it's something special, but the Ocarina of Time remake is more than enough for me to say that the anniversary is great anyways.

On a side note: Since Sonic Generations is rumoured to be on the 3DS, I wonder what we'll hear about that at E3...

Donkey Kong Country has a great soundtrack, but these 5 tracks have got to be my favorite:

Aquatic Ambiance - DKC 1
Gang-Plank Galleon - DKC 1
Krook's March - DKC 2
Kaptain K.Rool - DKC 2
Hot Pursuit - DKC 3

Note: "Kaptain K.Rool" as far as I know isn't the real name of the song, but meh, I call it that because I think it's a better name.
It's real name is "Crocodile Cacophony".

Anyways I chose these tracks because they're like heart-pumping tracks (couldn't think of a better description #w{xD} ), except for Aquatic Ambiance which I like because it's peaceful and mysterious.

Well, this is gonna be hard, but...

5) Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

Now, when I first saw this game, I thought it was terrible, then 3 years later, I brought the sequel, and after liking Super Paper Mario alot, I brought this, and it makes me feel foolish for not buying it ages ago. It's a great game with great story, excellent RPG battle system, and it's seperated into chapters, each more awesome than the last, except for Twilight town.

Originally posted by GoldenSonic15
2. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GCN)

I never actually finished playing (the farthest I got was right before the chapter where you go to the moon), but most of what I played of it so far is awesome. Other then the Twilight Town chapter. I HATE THE PART WHERE YOU LOSE YOUR IDENTITY WITH A FIERY PASSION.

Agreed, in my opinion, it takes way too long to do that chapter because of that.

4) Street Fighter 2 - The World Warrior

The first fighting game I owned, and probably still the best, it has an amazing soundtrack and the characters are kick ass, and it's basically where the series took off. The second best street fighter game for me so far is Super Street Fighter 4, but that's probably because it's similar to Street Fighter 2 in a sense.

3) Chrono Trigger

Probably the best RPG I've played, so it's a pity it took so long to get into Europe, but I've only legally got the copy a short while ago on the DS, and yet now, they've released on the virtual console, go figure. >_<

Anyways, Chrono Trigger has a epic plot, the characters are amazing, and near every character in the game has their own little reason for either destroying, or wanting to use Lavos, the parasitic creature that destoys the future. Just amazing.

2) Super Mario Galaxy 2

Now, the first Super Mario Galaxy game was epic, and had a staggering soundtrack, but the sequel is worthy of the reception it got in my opinion, because you got Yoshi back, even better levels with new mechanics, and the soundtrack leaves you standing in awe whilst listening to it, as if the music was some form of power over your will.

1) Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

The first 3D Zelda title, and it's impossible to describe with words, because that's just how great it is. The story of one boy and a princess with his fairy taking on a king of thieves is just awesome. And the way the gameplay is kept fresh because the dungeons are mystifying to explore, but that makes it all the more rewarding to find new weapons and defeat the boss. A truly great game.

...Wow, that was a massive wall of text there... o_O

Hmmm, it's true that save states can be useful, and therefore, abused, but at the same time, it makes it a challenge of will power, to not use savestates. I used savestates alot when I started using them, but now, I only savestate at awesome points in the game, so I can go back to a specific point easily, or I only savestate for hacking. It's still tempting, but I try to use them only at a point, where I get angered to a point of breaking something, be it a piece of paper, or my keyboard... well, I don't actually break stuff but you get what I mean. =)

It's why I like console games better, and why I'm trying new games, because you play games the way they're meant to be played, so you enjoy them.

Hmmm, well on the original 64 version, I always went to the shadow temple, but I've always meant to try it the other way round, and so I tried spirit temple first and it feels more natural in terms of story. After you defeat Bongo Bongo in the shadow temple, Impa always says you'll meet Zelda very soon, so if you do the spirit temple beforehand, imo, it feels more natural in terms of story.

I should of done it as spirit temple first ages ago...
That damn shadow temple gave me the creeps.

I run an evil corporation called Shadaloo, and make everyone kneel before my psycho power.

A DVD. I can cut all the zombies limbs off and watch a film afterwards (it says "???" on the disc).

My N64 works though I can't use it at the moment because of certain reasons, but I only had five games for it:

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Super Mario 64 (First N64 game I played)
GoldenEye (Didn't own at first, used to play it at friends)

And some Formula 1 game, which was pretty amazing.

I have got Paper Mario on VC, but I don't really count that.

Originally posted by errorgfx

Hey, that's a very nice redrawn SMB3 graphic! I like the detail on the foreground.

I've actually got something to show myself, some hand-drawn graphics:


Originally posted by RainbowLuigi281
I like it, but I think the dirt palette should be brown and not white and the bushes could use some work. Other then that I think it's perfect.

Originally posted by Volke
I am pretty sure he is going for rocks rather than dirt, but meh.

Yes I was going for rocks. #w{=)} But I did another palette just to see how it might look and I think it looks good:

It's not bad for an alternate palette. Oh, and yes I need to do some more work on the bushes. I might try editing the vines slightly aswell. Anyways, thanks for feedback so far. #w{=)}

I would love to see Chrono Break, the sequel to Chrono Trigger (and Cross). Chrono Break was a trademark registered in 2001, and people thought it would mean a new sequel to CT and CC, but the copyright was allowed to expire two years later in the US. The copyright for the Europe will expire in early December this year whilst the copyight in Japan expires late July, 2012.

It's a pity though, I would of loved to have seen another sequel.

Hi guys.

I got banned on the whitelist survival server at the date, 23/12/2011, after apparently burning down a house, and stealing items, both belonging to a user called meteormario. I'd like to know if this ban could be lifted, as I did not grief, nor did I steal meteormario's stuff.

I'd understand if you do not unban me, but I'd like to know if you got any proof that I actually did grief, because otherwise, I see this as unjust.

Thank you.

Hmmm, it's just that I don't remember even having a flint and steel, let alone burn a house, so if it was me, I apologise sincerely, but I'm pretty sure I did not burn meteormario's house, or steal his stuff.

Again, I apologise sincerely, but I know I didn't burn anything.

Originally posted by Binrazan
If evidence backs it up and you have nothing to counter it except your own word don't expect to get unbanned. If you're accused of arson and theft in real life and your only alibi in court is "I didn't do it because I don't remember doing it" odds are you're not going to win freedom.

I never said I would get unbanned, I just wanted to definitely know you have proof, and furthermore, I'd like to see it. If it's definitely there, then I will walk away, it's just that it's not fair if someone gets accused, there is proof, but it's not shown, and accused person gets banned.

On a side note: Would people who can vouch for me help in this case? Not necessarily to prove I didn't do it, because I'm normally in a isolated spot on the server so it's highly unlikely anyone was with me, but who could prove I'm a good person on the server.

Edit: Also, in the creative server, you spawn underground, and when you finally get out, there is a sort of dip in the ocean. What is with that?

Ok, regardless of whether you unban me or not, thanks for your time.

Did survival get griefed, the house at spawn is wrecked?

I gladly vote for an Overworld contest. I believe the last one was held a few years ago, so it could be good to see how OWs have evolved over these past few years. =)

Hmmm, being neutral means I'm free from the shackles of war...

I'm in.

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