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Sure I'll Take one. just redo my Avatar Please also Thanks
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The Bunny's Curry

There once was a bunny
Who loved to eat curry.
The curry went afar
When it was eaten by Derek Acar.

The bunny loved his curry.
He was so sad about his curry
That he ate Derek’s pike.
Now Derek knows what it’s like!

By Baby Yoshi1000
April 29, 2010
C++ Please:)
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Sure, I'll make a request. My avatar drawn by you please.
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Any Comments or something? It's been a while.
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Well, I've Beta Tested Pokemon and Yoshi Rom hacks. And I'd play it start to finish no matter what. Also I Swear to not use GG
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Originally posted by Myself
Why?Because 8-bit awsome it's is just a Reshaded SMB1 NES Mario in Smb1 Snes
Here's the Bin FileVideo will be up soon
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I need some help with revamping the orignal SMB graphics and Importing the first two levels of smw (minus yoshi), a smas level editor download link would help if one exists.
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Here's a list of Things, Done! For done & Need for I need it.

Goomba (Done!)
Koopa (Done!)
Power-ups (Done!)
Hammer Bros (Need)
Bowser (Need)
Lakitu & Spiny (Need)
Toad & Paech (Need)
The Whole Tileset (Need)
Buzy Beetles (Need)
Bullet Bill (Done!)
Luigi (Need, Use the luigi from this sheet:¶m=03&c=1&id=16556 )
Pirahna Plant (Done!)
Remember, I'm working on them too. Also the program Isn't working. I hope mushROMs will suport LM level files.
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Remeber me?
I'm doing a project known as "SMB1 NES Revamped", were I'm updating all the orignal sprites and FG tiles in the NES version of SMB1 , revamping them to fit the style of the SMAS version and remaking one level from every mario game on the SNES. This .bin file contains my progress thus far. I really need help with revamping the FG tiles, if you want to help, PM me or contact me on msn([email protected])

Originally posted by altoiddealer
Looks really cool!

The one thing I hated about SMAS version of SM1 was how the physics of breaking blocks was altered. On the NES, you can run down a line of blocks breaking them. In the SMAS version, Mario goes upwards a little when breaking a block, and gets caught on the next block, so you can't just run down a line breaking them.

Suggestion: Fix this in your hack if you can :)

I'll try with my basic(next to none) knowledge of asm

@Egadd This is the SMAS Version of SMB1 so it seems right.
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Originally posted by Ersanio
I think there's a patch to fix that actually.

Try this.

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New Screen:

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Originally posted by Mattrizzle
FYI, several unused revamped NES graphics exist in the ROM already:

I already know of this, I want to revamp the graphics myself.
There are a lot of unused tiles in the nes version that got revamped for what ever reason, I really don't know why
Check out my SMAS Hacking Forum: Click
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