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Deleted my first post. Going to give one new request.

Super Mario Sunshine - Corona Mountain
You didnt see my request did you S.N.... E.G.G?

Super Mario Sunshine - Corona Mountain
hmmm,,, alright then..

new request.

super mario sunshine - ricco harbor
Overworld from my hack.
Change the green outlines. - Fixed
I see half a Back Door. - Fixed
Piranha plans look out of place. - I might delete em
The ladder-thing with a piece missing looks weird. - Fixed
That's a lot of levels. - Removed.
Why so many off-screen exits? - Removed
Is it for another Halloween hack? - No

I removed everything from the overworld, And with that im just adding many hills, lava lakes, and i deleted all paths cause the idea wasnt that great to do it. Ill soon be releasing a picture with the renewed overworld.
1. Best all-around hacker: S.N.N, FPI
2. Best graphics designer: ghettoyouth, icegoom
3. Nicest: TrackFTV

4. Most witty: none
5. Funniest: TrackFTV
6. Best Local Mod: S.N.N
7. Best Full Mod: Tatrion

8. Best Admin: Removed.
9. Most mysterious: None
10. Best male regular member:
11. Best female regular member:
12. Smartest: NONE
13. Most unnoticed person with hidden talents: NONE
14. Most fun to talk to: NONE
15. Most likely to be banned: darklink898 (lol sorry dark)
16. Most likely couple: A Yoshi And KPhoenix (=D)
17. Most unlikely couple: Danny And Pac

18. Worst spelling/grammar: none
19. Most likely to gpo=asgda18b]`ugdc: WTF
20. Most likely to get a lump of coal for X-Mas: WTF again
21. Best post layout: none
22. Most informative posts: none
23. Most likely to be a politician: none
24. Most mellow: none
25. Best all-around person: S.N.N, Bio, TrackFTV, A Yoshi <<<( you guys rock! =P)
Just something i made for halloween.

I dont know where else i have to post this >.>
Hello all. Im learning HEX at the moment and i cant figure something out. I have chosen 015C1 - The sound that plays when the logo pops up. I want to change that to the dragon coin sound. But i have no idea how. If someone could help me i would be really thankfull.
I got it now, Thanks alot.
Can someone also post a page with music ID's?