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Posts by RedRose64
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Please, guys. Don't forget about Super Mario World: Return To Dinosaur Land By RAGB. Probably one of the best pure vanilla hacks on this site.

But this hack is awesome too. Can't wait to try it out.
Dang, I was hoping you found a timer to change or increase Star Mario's duration. Oh well. Still a good tool.
How do you add echo's to songs with HuFlungDu's AddMusic 4.04? It seems like the old echo code messes up the sound in most emulators. (Snes9x GX in general)
Originally posted by Alcaro
I'm pretty sure it's the same method as before... maybe you forgot the header?
$ED $80 $6D $2B
$ED $80 $7D $00

Thats what I mean. When I added this, it didn't make the echo at all.
So theres no way to simplify the code so all I need to do is copy and paste it to the beginning of a song that I want the echo effect with, like the old Romi's Addmusic did?
I have a problem with 200 Limit Coin Counter patch. I'm using Sonkuu's shop blocks.
The item can be purchased for 69 coins, but with the patch applied,
if I have more than 150 coins, then I can't buy the item.
Can someone help me with this?
Can Someone make a tutorial on how to use the new Exanimation feature in LM 1.8? Ice Man's tutorial relates to 1.6 and lower.

Don't know if this is the place for this question......
Maybe someone should test and separate songs that is sure to work with BSNES. I know that's a hell of a lot of work, but it could really help people in the long run who wants accurate music in their hacks, or wants them to run on snes9x GX (SNES emulator for the Wii).
Originally posted by steeledminer

Don't use that sprite. It's broken. Trust me, I've tried it.
Originally posted by Maxodex
Originally posted by RedRose64
Originally posted by steeledminer
Don't use that sprite. It's broken. Trust me, I've tried it.

What? Where did you get that idea? I can use gt just fine, you're doing something wrong. Steel, that generator makes slow-falling stuff, you cannot make rain with that.

Froze the game when I used it, Got a tutorial on how to use it?
Hey Mattrizzle, hoe do you get the Crranky's hints patch to work? I patched it to a headerless rom and everything, but when I fight a boss it just freezes, and is it compatible with the DKC1 sprite viewer to have them both in the rom at once? Thanks in advance.
Don't know if this the right place to ask this, but I'm trying to find the HDMA sprites for wavy and lava bg's, but I don't see them in the sprites section anymore. Does anyone else have them? Can you share them with me? Thanks in advance.
Thanks buddy. Can someone tell me why they were removed in the first place? Were they glitchy? When I had them in a hack before they work just fine....oh well.
Originally posted by DiscoMan
Well, it's because it's pointless to waste a sprite slot for some code that you can put in LevelASM.

They aren't glitchy but they're trying to be efficient as possible by replacing Spritetool to LevelASM for inserting small codes.

Gotcha, but most people like me don't know how to use levelasm, or want to use such a complicated system with drawbacks, when there is an easier, simple sprite that does it for you. So convenience at the expense of efficiency is all I can say.
Dude, that Mario at the title screen scared the shit out me.....


But seriously, nick mini-hack. Maybe a tad bit more variety in enemies between levels and it'll be perfect.
I've trying to copy and paste data to make the Wario Dash patch (not sprite) to be compatible for the 2nd player only. not both players. Can anyone help me do this properly?

; Wario Dash - by K3fka
; Give credit, please

!Freespace = $1E8000

;   Defines
!DashRAM1 = $1DFD	;The dash timer
!DashRAM2 = $1DFE	;The dash cooldown timer
!DashTimer = #$1F	;Time you will dash for
!Cooldown = #$30	;Time before you can dash again


; Hex edits

org $8E6F   ;  \ hack the routine neccesary to start
JSL Routine ;  /
NOP #2

org !Freespace

!CodeSize = Ending-Routine ; \
db "STAR"		   ;  | All code preservation
dw !CodeSize-$01           ;  |
dw !CodeSize-$01^$FFFF     ; /

JSL K3fka
LDA $0F31		; \ Restore the 
STA $0F25		; / Hijacked code.

STZ $15            ;  \
STZ $16            ;   | Keep the controller value zero, simulating no button press
STZ $17            ;   | This is JSR to to because it saves space, keeping some branches working
STZ $18            ;  /  (BRA, BNE, BCS, etc)


LDA !DashRAM1	;\We're not dashing if our dash timer is zero
BEQ Check2	;/
LDA $72 	;\
ORA $73 	; |
ORA $74 	; |
ORA $75 	; |Cancel the dash under certain conditions
ORA $1470 	; |
ORA $148F 	; |
ORA $187A 	; |
BNE Cancel	;/
DEC !DashRAM1	;Decrease the dash timer
LDA #$04	;\
STA $13EE	; |Simulate sliding
LDA #$01	; |
STA $13ED	;/
LDA #$B3	;\Set the pose
STA $13E0	;/
JSR DisableController
LDA $76		;\Dash left if we're facing left
BEQ DashL	;/
LDA #$2A	;\
STA $7B		; |
BRA WallCheck	; |Handles moving based on direction
DashL:		; |
LDA #$D5	; |
STA $7B		;/
BRA WallCheck	;Then jump to the wall check

LDA !DashRAM2	;\If the cooldown timer is zero, start the dash
BEQ ButtonCheck	;/
DEC !DashRAM2	;If not, decrease the cooldown timer
BRA End		;Jump to the end

LDA $18		;\
AND #$40	; |Jump to the end if we're NOT pressing X
BEQ End		;/
LDA $19		;\Or if we are small
BEQ End		;/

LDA $72 	;\
ORA $73 	; |
ORA $74 	; |
ORA $75 	; |Cancel the dash under certain conditions
ORA $1470 	; |
ORA $148F 	; |
ORA $187A 	; |
BNE Cancel	;/
LDA !DashTimer	;\Set the dash timer
STA !DashRAM1	;/
LDA !Cooldown	;\Set the cooldown timer
STA !DashRAM2	;/
LDA #$04	;\Play the sound effect
STA $1DFA	;/
BRA End		;Then jump to the end

LDA $77		;\
AND #$03	; |Check to see if we're touching a wall
BEQ End		;/

STZ $7B		;Stop moving
STZ !DashRAM1	;\Zero out the timers
STZ !DashRAM2	;/
STZ $13ED	;\Stop sliding
STZ $13EE	;/



;Done, son
It's works, but I'm getting glitches in my status screen.
Still getting glitches, I think it's because I moved my timer up some and when I used the patch, the hundreds digit moved back to the original spot, screwing up the timer. I'll try it on a different ROM.
Thanks. Works with no known glitches. One last thing, where in the code would I change the dash button from X to A?
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RedRose64's Profile - Posts by RedRose64

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