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Thanks, guys. Got it to work. Now if we can just get some blocks that is smashable with this dash, it will be golden for Wario-based hacks.
how do you get this patch to work? I used the LevelASM Tool to patch it and it just froze my rom, and when I patch it normally with xkas, it made all the levels disable Yoshi. Anyone knows how to use this patch?
It didn't come with any readme, but it says at the download desc. that it assumes I have LevelASM. When I tried it with the LevelASM Tool and followed its instructions on how to use patches with it, thats when it froze the rom.
Here is the patch:


!Freespace = $56BDEE|$800000

org $02A768|$800000
JML CheckYoshiDisable

org !Freespace
reset bytes
db "STAR"
dw End-Start-$01
dw End-Start-$01^$FFFF



PHB					;
PHK					;
PLB					;
LDA $1B9B			; if $1B9B is set, always prevent the Yoshi from spawning
BNE .NoYoshi			;
REP #$20				; else, check the level number
LDA $010B			;
LSR #3				;
SEP #$20				; level number >> 3 = index to flag tables
TAY					;
LDA $010B			;
AND #$07			;
TAX					; level number & 7 = index to bit tables
LDA YoshiDisableFlags,y	;
AND $018000,x		; $018000 is a bit table in reverse order
BNE .NoYoshi			; if the flag for a particular level is set, then Yoshi won't appear
PLB					;
JML $02A76D|$800000	;
.NoYoshi				;
PLB					;
JML $02A771|$800000	;


db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 0-1F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 20-3F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 40-5F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 60-7F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 80-9F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels A0-BF
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels C0-DF
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels E0-FF
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 100-11F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 120-13F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 140-15F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 160-17F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 180-19F
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 1A0-1BF
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 1C0-1DF
db %00000000,%00000000,%00000000,%00000000	; levels 1E0-1FF

If I patch it as is, ALL levels disables Yoshi. What do you set in the db to make it only work on on certain levels?
So I tried to change that byte you said, but it didn't do anything. Yoshi is still disabled in all levels. The level I'm trying to do this on is level 130 in LM. I'll see if its a freespace problem.

EDIT; Tried it on a clean rom and its still the same ;(
I set the freespace to $2D8000, but it still won't work right. I'm going to see if I can PM the author of this patch and see if they can help with this.

EDIT; Wait! That's you imamelia. HELP ME! Please?
You'd be better off asking MAKE questions Here, since the author of the program has an account there.
Can I get a 2 player version of this hack so me and my cousin can play this on the Wii together? Shes loves Pokemon and SMW. What a great combo #ab{;)}.
Originally posted by Doownayr89
You and your cousin will have to take turns playing..

Eh... no thanks. That's is so 1991...

Oh well......
Originally posted by leod
But SMW 2-player mode makes you take turns already, there is no difference other than that you can't trade lives whether you play single player or not and take turns.

Actually there's more. I like splitting up and going different paths to complete OW's faster like this game has. I also like having different lives/score/inventory/etc. and helping a friend if a levels to tough or need extra lives. Those are my fondest memories of SMW when I was little. I just thought it would be more fun if we could play this hack that way, but he said he can't so.. oh well.
I want to make it so ONLY Player 1 has this ability, not Player 2. I can't see anywhere in this asm on how to swap it around. I only see for both or P2. I want it just for P1. Can someone help me?

here's the code:
	LDA $0DB3		; if player =/= luigi, skip all this code.
	BEQ $00
;; (Note: change the above BEQ to BRA to disable the luigi kicking    ;;
;; feature. change .ongnd to $00 to enable it for both characters.    ;;
	LDA $13E0		; if frame number..
	CMP #$0B		; is jumping upward..
	BEQ .lufrm		; show kicking frames.
	CMP #$24		; is jumping upward..
	BEQ .lufrm		; show kicking frames.
	LDA $71			; when player animation is set..
	ORA $74			; or if climbing..
	ORA $75			; or in water..
	ORA $1407		; or flying..
	ORA $149D		; or flipping gate..
	ORA $14A6		; or spinning with cape..
	ORA $187A		; or riding yoshi..
	BNE .ongnd		; jump to end of the code.
	LDA $9D			; if sprites locked..
	ORA $1426		; or message box opened..
	BEQ +			; don't show luigi's frames.
	JSR .luigifrm		; display luigi's kicking frames..
	BRA .ongnd		; and finish code.
+	LDA $73			; if ducking..
	ORA $140D		; spin jumping..
	ORA $1499		; or facing screen..
	ORA $149F		; or is flying..?
	BNE .decspd		; just decrease players speed; not show frames.
	LDA $13E4		; if running timer..
	ORA $13E1		; or if swooping while cape is being used..
	CMP #$68		; is #$68 or above..
	BCS .decspd		; just decrease players speed; not show frames.
	LDA $77			; if player is..
	AND #$04		; not on the ground..
	BNE .ongnd		; then skip frames+speed decreasing.
.lufrm	JSR .luigifrm		; display kicking frames.
.decspd	LDA $7D			; if player y speed..
	CMP #$88		; is #$88 or minus (but not #$00-#$7F)..
	BMI .ongnd		; don't decrease their speed.
	LDA $14			; during every..
	AND #$03		; 4th frame..
	BEQ .ongnd		; don't decrease speed.
	DEC $7D			; otherwise increase speed.
.ongnd	RTS

	db $00,$00,$01,$01
	db $00,$01,$02,$01
	db $07,$07,$08,$08
	db $07,$08,$09,$08
	LDA $14			; run frame counter B..
	LSR			; divide by 2..
	AND #$03		; amount of frames displayed = 4.
	TAX			; transfer A to X for indexing purposes.
+	LDA $19			; if powerup is zero..
	BEQ +			; branch forward
	INX : INX : INX : INX	; increase x 4 times; for indexing.
+	LDA $1470		; if player isn't carrying something..
	BEQ +			; don't show carrying frames.
	LDA .inairfrm2,x		; otherwise actually show carrying frames..
	BRA ++			; and branch to store them.
+	LDA .inairfrm,x		; show normal frames..
++	STA $13E0		; and store them.
+++	RTS			; return

Thanks. It worked.
So I'm trying to use the Powerup Hacking Kit patch By ICB to make the fire flower give ammo for the Fire Ammo Counter patch with code provided like this:
LDA $0111 
CMP #$63 ; If higher than 99..
ADC #$20 ; add 32
STA $0111 ; to Mario's fireball ammo.
BRA ++
LDA #$63
STA $0111

and placed it here in the patch:


org $01C5EC
	JML flower 	; New Flower Pickup code

flower:		;New Flower code goes below.
LDA $0111 
CMP #$63 ; If higher than 99..
ADC #$20 ; add 32
STA $0111 ; to Mario's fireball ammo.
BRA ++
LDA #$63
STA $0111

BRA RETURN	;Return (leave this here)

RETURN:			;Return (leave this here)
JML $01C608		;jump back to shared routine RTS...

Endcodeblock:		; code ends here

And when I try the patch it crashes. Can I get some insight on how to make this work?
Ok, so it worked, kinda. When I tried it, it made my player switch to Luigi and did the fire transforming thing #ab{o_O}. But it did add to the ammo counter though. If we just fix the former...
You're right. I'll have to look into my freespace and all my patches to see whats the problem. Thanks.
Sorry to keep bothering you guys ,but at one time I saw a Coin wallet for Xkas. I was wondering if anyone has that code/patch/info anywhere. I want to edit it so it uses #0111 (ammo counter) as the address to "stop" at 50. Thanks
Come on guys. I really need help with this. It's holding my progress back. One was created, but was removed for a hex edit of the same. I need it in Xkas format. Please?
How do you change what button shoots fireballs? I looked in the RAM map and I saw the controller data, but not how to change it. I want to shoot fireballs with the R button. I'll make sure you get credit in my hack. Please?
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RedRose64's Profile - Posts by RedRose64

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