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Tip: Avoid making large, flat, boring stretches of land. Vary up the architecture and spritework in your levels.
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OK, so I patched it, and it says "Relative branch out of bounds (distance is 8388612) [BEQ notpressing]". Did I do something wrong? This is my first time using asar and I didn't see anything in the patch that says freespace....
Thanks guys. It finally worked. That's something I've been wanting to do for a long time.
052D8	$00:D0D8	3 bytes	ASM	ASM that handles losing lives. Change to [EA EA EA] 
to not lose a life after dying. Change to [80 03 EA] to always 
go to the Game Over screen when dying.
OK, I know this been talked about a hundred times, but it's starting to bother me.

I have homebrew on my Wii, and it allows me to play SNES roms on the Wii , mainly hacks. So I started to download hacks from here and nearly all of the full Hacks have custom music that breaks like a wood-chipper, and then if you finish the level or lose, the hack freezes. The 2 hacks I wanted to play the most was Buried Treasure and SMW2+3: The Essence Star. Both of them breaks on the wii emulator. (the emulator is called Snes9x GX based of the PC snes9x 1.51 or something). I played Essence Star on the PC a while ago before just because I support Golden Yoshi's hacks, but now that I have a netbook, I don't sit at the computer and play games anymore. I want to play them on the TV. Theres a lot of hacks like this in the database and it's getting tiresome to keep patching these roms and playing theses hacks just to get in the and the music blows up, wasting my time. Hunter & SCORPION's Bet Saga - SCORPION's Ravage is another hack I wanted to try but it messed up on stage 2. Super Mario Omega is another, The Second Reality Project Reloaded is another and so on.

Now I know something is being done about it but I have some proposals that I wonder if their possible solutions to fix the old hacks or not.

1. Can we make a patch that resets all the music to the default level number? Even if I hear "Here we Go" in someone castle level it would be better than the wood-chipper noise, and at least I can play the hack through. That's probably the most realistic idea.

2. Contact the author of these hacks and see if they can fix the tracks themselves. A little unrealistic since most of these hacks are over 2 years old so that's probably the most un-realistic idea.

3. Can we at least add something in the hacks description if it works in BSNES (usually if the music breaks there, then it'll break on the Wii)

What does anyone else think? I don't even use ZSNES anymore, even to test my own hack. and I really want to play some of these hacks.
I completely agree. I'm so sick of fighting that Kirby boss in every, single, hack that I could puke. And then people give it like 20 or so HP not knowing that you could keep jumping on him while he's flashing and squash him anyways.

I'd rather just fight the originals then custom bosses. But that's part of having public released resources. Almost everyone goes for most popular bosses to stick in their hack, no matter how much it doesn't fit thier hack, like that "Fryguy?" boss.

Whats worse is that people don't even try to change the GFX's of those bosses so they clash thier hack even more, or add artificial stuff to heighten difficulty like adding bullet bill generators.

I think people should take advantage of that newbies custom boss and make stuff out of that. A great ASMer could make some interesting stuff with it.
Yeah wiiqwertyuio. That patch won't work since it only changes the actual original music, and not the custom tracks.

What we need is something that can simply revert all the tracks back to the original SMW music. Basically un-bypassing/resetting the bypass music settings in the hack. Again, Its just so these hacks can be playable in BSNES(or in my case the Wii) rather than freezing and such.

Hope I explained that right.
Originally posted by yogui
Originally posted by RedRose64
(the emulator is called Snes9x GX based of the PC snes9x 1.51 or something).

Are you sure is it based on Snes9x1.51. Because there are multiple versions of Snes9X GX, and the latest ones are based on the latest version of Snes9x (1.53). And broken custom musics works only up to 1.51, not on 1.52 or above.
If your version of Snes9X GX is based on 1.52 or above, try to get a older version based on 1.51 and see if the musics still broke.

I never thought of that. I'll try to see if they have older versions of it.I forgot which version I have, but we still need a better solution, though.
For the first time in a long time, I actually agree with all the above posters, except one. You know who you are, kaizo hacker #ab{>:}.
Originally posted by S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N.
One of the best things to do is just simply focus on level design and what not. Just because there is a fortress or a castle on an Overworld/Submap, does not mean it needs to have a boss. Simply end it like you would any normal level. To make up for that, have the castle/fortress designed to be slightly longer or something. We avoid bosses all together!

And exit out the end of a castle like a ghost house?

Or, Grabbing the Yoshi egg and carrying it to to exit with (invisible) blocks that only let you exit with that Sprite and triggering the castle destruction cutscene? My wheels are spinning now.
Good news, everyone. yogui idea of finding an old version of SNES9x GX (before 1.52) did the trick. Now i'm able to play any hack, no matter how broke the music is, on my Wii with no problem. Still, thanks to wiiqwertyuiop for your efforts and S.C.O.R.P.I.O.N. for actually willing to vanilla his music in his hack.
Is there a full FAQ on Super Mario: Buried Treasure? I can't find this Truth Chamber. The NPC said go to the pit of spiders and coins on a dusty dessert, but I searched everywhere and couldn't find anything. Does anyone know what level its on, or a full FAQ on this hack because its getting frustrating to play these levels over and over again because you can't Start and select out of them.
Originally posted by everest700
Absolutely Not Tired Of SMW Music


In fact, I'm quite the opposite. I'm more tired of custom music than the originals. Mostly all hacks unless its vanilla or made before Addmusic have custom music in it, so I rarely hear the originals anyway.

Seems like just about every hack here uses almost the exact same 10 custom songs over and over so much that hearing the originals is more welcoming than custom music. No lie.
In Super Mario: Buried Treasure, what level are the Piano rooms?
I don't get it. The hack was already released to this site by the original author in a previous thread. It just wasn't submitted in the hacks section. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't care if it gets submitted. I can understand not submitting things without the authors permission, but this one is a judgement call and I believe there no harm in adding this hack to the database.

I'm only saying this because this is a good hack and since the site is down and the author is inactive, we can at least preserve this hack for others to enjoy.

Also natnew, if you press down on those downwards-pointing arrow you'll, you guess it, fall down through those blocks.

I'm also in a rush and posting this real quick so......
I'm also having this issue as well. Every time I hit the Custom Block on any emulator, it freezes. How is everybody else using this? Can someone that has had success with this tool explain what steps they took to get this working?
So I applied it and it worked.....somewhat. Now all my Mario GFX are garbage. Power-ups work, just Mario's GFX are screwed. Do I need to set free-space or free-ram?

Also can I select what power-ups I want in my Rom instead of inserting them all, which I don't want. I only want the Raccoon and Tanuki in my hack? Thanks in advance.

A through Tutorial is much needed.
Originally posted by JackTheSpades
If a xkas patch needs freespace, you always need to set it.
Use slogger for that (can be found in the tool section)

I know that already. But I don't know if it needs freespace or not.

Again, successors of this tool, please stand up and explain.
I followed all of those steps you posted and added the part where I had to patch Powerup.asm. With all that I'm still getting garbage gfx for Mario. Like this:

I also can't press select to use an extra power-up
If this things too buggy too use or it's still in a beta phase, then say that and leave it alone.

Also the original thread didn't really explain things, since that was the first place I looked before even asking this question and finding this thread.
So no help on this today, right?
Well, when I did patch the powerup.asm the powerups worked. It crashes when I don't patch it. But it still screws Mario Gfx's.

Yeah. I give up. This tool's not usable for me. It not like I have a shitload of patches, or music, or sprites. I have a virtually vanilla hack until I added this stuff for a simple power-up. Every time I use the powerup.jar, it screws Mario's gfx. Everything's is in their right folders so I don't know......
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