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Thanks for the info, but it still crashed on level load. Its the code above because I tried some other codes around here to test this uberASM stuff and that stuff worked. This code do not.
Originally posted by Thomas
Originally posted by yoshicookiezeus
Fairly certain that should be JSL $00F5B7 rather than JML, or you'll get a stack mismatch when returning from the hurt routine. Also, $C1,x? Are you sure you didn't mean $C2,x (the sprite status table) instead? I'm not entirely familiar with Yoshi's coding, but even as weird as SMW is programmed in places, I doubt Nintendo would have him use a sprite table that partially overlaps two others.

Agh, I'm bad at coding. The $C1,x was a leftover from something else.

But yeah, it definitely shouldn't still be crashing. After you patched your first patch (with the orgs) to your ROM and it crashed, did you reload to a backup, or are you still using that ROM? If you are, you're going to have to go to a version before you patched it, or port to a new ROM. Since it's not actually an ASM opcode, the org command doesn't actually exist in the ROM, and can't be rewritten by simply patching again.

Well, I never keep a rom if a patch doesn't work. I make continuous backups before this uberASM stuff.

So when I added yoshicookiezeus changes, it loaded but now I get hurt instantly as get to that level until I die. Sigh....

EDIT- I think JSL is making me get hurt instantly without sprite contact. I could be wrong though...
So I tried that and when I get hit on Yoshi He doesn't run away, I jump off and I don't take damage. I'm starting to think this may not even work through LevelASM....
OK. I found another patch that uses getting hurt on Yoshi. Its the playasyoshi patch by Whiteyoshiegg:

		PHB			; \
		PHK			;  |
		PLB			;  |
		PHY			;  |
		PHX			;  |
		REP #$30		;  |
		LDA !LevelNum		;  |
		PHA                     ;  |
		LSR #3			;  | Code by Roy:
		TAY			;  | Load the bit that corresponds
		PLA			;  | to the current level
		AND #$0007		;  |
		TAX			;  |
		SEP #$20		;  |
		LDA.w LevelTable,y	;  |
		AND.w ANDTable,x	;  |
		SEP #$10		;  |
		PLX			;  |
		PLY			; /

		CMP #$00		; \  If zero,
		BEQ .UseOldRoutine	; /  use the old routine

		JSL $00F5B7		; \  If not zero, hurt Mario/Yoshi
		PLB : JML $01F74B	; /  and return from the routine

	.UseOldRoutine			; \
                LDA #$13		;  | If zero, restore some hijacked code
                STA $1DFC		;  | and continue the routine normally
		PLB : JML $01F722	; /

This is the part that handles getting hurt on Yoshi, except its routine is triggered with the LevelTable. If I can edit this to just work with the LevelASM, it'll be set.
Well, that patch makes me get hurt on Yoshi on ALL levels. I just want it to work on one level. Unless I missed something, there's no table in that patch that controls that.
So the asar version doesn't let me insert at all saying;

And the Xkas version didn't work at all.........
The ANDTable thing made asar say "the freespace is leaked"...then it did nothing.

Can I tweak the PlayasYoshi thing to just use the hurtonyoshi routine without all the other stuff it comes with?
OK, so I was able to tweak the Playasyoshi patch to get the desired effect I was looking for, now on a per level basis as a bonus. Thanks to all that helped me.
Originally posted by dahnamics
Sorry to piss you off let's just call that even. The random death after beating 2 headed Dry Bones makes it impossible to proceed. Also check out bosses made by Sonikku. He's really good
Those still are bosses that are overused. He's better off making his own bosses out of the N00b bosses than those. Don't oppress someone creativity.
Can I ask where are the music tracks on Cranberry Ruins 4 and 2 called? They sound so wonderful.
I made a power-up out of these, but they don't have yoshi interaction. I can't collect the power up when riding Yoshi. Here is the touch routine;

TouchRoutine	LDA $187A		;\  If touching Mario...
		BNE RETURN1		; |	
		JSL $01A7DC		; |		
		BCC RETURN1		; |	
		JSR PowerupRoutine	;/  Run powerup routine

I tried to CMP $187A to 01 (riding yoshi flag) but then I can't collect it WITHOUT Yoshi. How can I collect it for both forms?
So just remove the whole touch routine?
Thanks, it worked. Why didn't I think of that #ab{¬_¬}
Cmon. don't you keep up with your own thread?
Happy Thanksgiving!
This isn't a request, but what happened to "Super Mario RPG: Nimbus Land" song? I can't find it anywhere on this site.
I think he means how you kind of start levels too far to the left or something like that. I don't know why he would call it "but-hugging" though...
Does any have a copy of it. It was removed for some reason and I need the v2.5 copy that fixed the goal tape item carrying freeze. Thanks in advance.

It was removed because a simple GFX glitch that changing Free RAM would've fixed.
No... that's the same patch. Every time I carry an item to the goal post the game breaks. Fakescraper made a fix for it, but it got disapproved and erased from this site because of a Free RAM mixup. As useful as this patch is, its gone. I was hoping the original author could be contacted so I can get it back but.....
Originally posted by RedRose64
This isn't a request, but what happened to "Super Mario RPG: Nimbus Land" song? I can't find it anywhere on this site.
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