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Tip: Only use a few different kinds of enemies per level. Overdoing it can make your level feel disjointed and clunky.Not logged in.
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Is there a way to do this without crashing the game? I tried adapting some code from a shooter and it just turns the screen black...

EDIT: wait what? how is this my first post?

Then some example code would be nice ^^;

I changed the maxslots variable and the slots table, but for some reason the extra four slots just aren't uploading... Any idea why?

Somehow one of my levels got corrupted, but I have a savestate I can play from that works... How do I recover the data from there?

...I actually played through the savestated level and managed to recreate the entire thing block by block.

This is a little something I've been working on for the past month or so, after not working on it for several. It's pretty much one of my attempts to fundamentally change how the game works.

Yoshi actually plays like Yoshi
Various graphic, sound and gameplay tweaks
Custom music in every level

This demo covers most of World 1, though due to time constraints is missing two levels and the boss, though all finished levels are fully playable.


Download here!

EDIT: apache. HAET.
EDIT2: ...the link was pulled out from under me.

Well most of the level design thus far was done like 6 months ago, when I temporarily lost interest because some things were still generally broken >.> The castle is completely new though

That's because it's my new toy >.>

That is a modified version of your walljump patch. Those note blocks are meant as sort of a "Surprise, you can go this way" thing, though what you're technically supposed to to is take the koopa, running-jump off the end of the platform, spit it at just the right time, bounce off it, grab the other koopa, hop off the two below it and spit-hop again...

dang that was a mouthful o.o

anyway, the glitches with the note block and the OW tiles I have no idea how to fix, but the latter disappears when you load from SRAM. The graphic corruption is apparently a bug with dynamic sprites, I've seen it happen in SCORPION's hacks occasionally...

also, if the walljump glitch involves the lack of a wall, just STZ freeram 3 and 4 first thing each frame. (...or was it 1 and 2? whichever set is "can walljump this frame")

I'm working on a certain project that doesn't require an overworld of any sort, and my current setup involves a bit of a bad hack involving a blanked-out level and a custom sprite that loads stuff from SRAM and triggers a screen exit. Is there some way to have starting the game, dying etc. just bypass the overworld entirely?

Someone really needs to make either a tracker that can export to addmusic txt or a convertor for XM or IT modules...

...Meh. I already have the load/save system working (autosaves everything when you exit the level in any way)

I've been working on this one in the background off and on for quite a while, and it's finally ready for a demo release. What is it, you ask?

And what on earth could this be?

And this?

It's one of the first ever Metroidvania Mario hacks, complete with:
- Working save system
- Respects save slots
- Works properly for erasing slots
- Saves location, lives, powerup, coins and switch palaces
- Metroid-style permanent powerups, in the form of coins you collect
- Saves to SRAM
- And last but not least, a whole new world with branching paths and varied environments!

<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>
Now with video!

The demo contains three environments (grassland, caverns and desert), the Yellow Switch Cave, and the first poweup coin (plus a little something extra at the end, if you can figure it out!) and can be downloaded here!

Credit to Icegoom for the NSMB base, of course, and anyone else I can't remember; full credits will of course be listed in the final version, assuming the project does in fact run to completion.

Also note: I'm looking to make this somewhat of a team hack at some point, since I very much doubt I'll ever be able to finish this on my own.


P.S. If you figure out what to do with that number, hold down and press A in midair.

First post updated with a short demonstration video. Sorry about the framerate, I'm running like 50 things at once on this comp...

Here's a little something I just figured out and threw together: SP4 Reclaim

From the readme:

SP4 Reclaim System
by JVyrn

This sprite is a quick workaround I found for the problem of dynamic sprites permanently "eating" the last few tiles of SP4.

How to use:
Set the level's extended animation area to either the same as SP4 or a file identical to it from tiles 40 to 7F
Set up two ExAnimation slots as follows:
- Type: 0x20 8x8s: line
- 1 frame
- For the first: Destination 4C0, Frame 00 6C0
- For the second: Destination 4E0, Frame 00 6E0
Place the sprite about two or so screens away from anywhere a dynamic sprite can go. Place your sprite using SP4 on the same screen.


What about Super Mario Adventure? There's a pretty big ASM hack involved, so it should certainly be quite different to play.

Actually, it triggers continuously as long as the sprite is onscreen.

Check if $1407 is zero and skip the whole walljump routine if not.

Physical level space. The current level modes require stages to be too linear for certain design types; there should be a way to, say, "double up" a vertical or horizontal level, so that half of the length is sacrificed for double width.


I released a demo of this last C3, but I don't think much of anyone played it... However, I haven't stopped working on it.

In case it wasn't clear, this is a metroidvania hack. Since the last demo I've completely revamped... well, a lot of things. Instead of a save menu or any sort of overworld, you now get this save room.

A save star...

...and a checkpoint star. These are like save stars, except they only last until a game-over or quit.

This is one of the Ability Coins. There are three to collect in this demo.

The yellow switch.

I've changed a few miscellaneous things about how the game works, too:
- Hitting a wall makes a sound if you're moving fast enough
- You can press A in midair to switch in and out of a spinjump
- Edge-of-screen area transitions keep Mario's momentum

And without further ado...

Download now!

v1.1 UPDATE:
Tweaked some minor level design
Added the interior to Mario's house
Added a view-save-file feature (press up in the save room)
Added RPG Hacker's VWF dialog patch, used for the Ability Coins and the Info Box in Mario's house
Fixed a bug or two

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JVyrn's Profile - Posts by JVyrn

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