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@SolidSnake Yep, the graphics are from the Super Yoshi's Adventure goal star, since I couldn't think of what else to make it.

@G.n.k. Yep.

For whatever reason I simply cannot make the $F1 command work under any circumstances.

Here's the code:

db $00
db %00001000,%01111000,%11010001,%11000000,$00,%00000000
dw $7FFF,$0000
db %01111100
db %00001111,$13,$13,$23,$29

db $FD," - Select a save file - ";,$FD," "
db $FA;9,60
db $F1
dl .sfroutine
;db "n "
;db $F9, $01
;db $FB
;dl .loop
db $FF

LDA #$01
STA $7F3810

Basically what I'm trying to do is make it display a message and just sit there with the message up until the save slot changes, then refresh the data it's displaying.

The ; is commenting the "9,60" out. When I attempt to call anything with $F1 the game just hangs. Also, when I use $EC the next character to be displayed glitches up.

Right at the beginning of a message, centered mode, before a - character.

I'm going to release a revised version of my Super Mario Adventure demo within the upcoming hours. Mind doing it fairly early? It hasn't gotten much attention for some reason, even though... well, you'll see when you get to it. I'll post here when the update is ready.

Bumped for update, see first post

And the update is out.

Two suggestions:
1. Use a synchronized pair of frame counters, one in RAM and one in SRAM. If a desync is detected, kill the current message.
2. Provide some method of freezing only Mario, while leaving sprites running.

It will desync when and only when the player loads a savestate.

ZSNES savestates contain no SRAM for any SMW hack I've seen. I've had problems with (and uses for) that myself, including the VWF message going on in entirely the wrong place if a state is loaded during a message.

-------------------- did I not know that option was there?

EDIT: wasn't in the version I had.


My current project!

- Metroidvania game structure with a fully revamped save system
- Collectable Ability Coins that give Mario a permanent ability
- Edge-of-screen transitions that preserve your momentum across stages
And much more!


Screenshot Pile: (from 1.0 demo)

(note to self: update these with 1.2 screens)


(forum thread)

Submitted v1.2 update:
- Fixed a really stupid oversight where I left something where it didn't belong
- Added feature to throw fireballs upwards
- Minor level design tweaks

Link in first post updated.

One of the weakest points of the SMW engine is how restrictive the level modes are. You can either have a tall vertical level that's two screens wide, or a long horizontal level that isn't even a full two vertical screens high (four blocks short, in fact!).

This must change. My proposal: Turn one of those "DO NOT USE" level modes into a mode where the stage is four full 16x16 subscreens tall, and up to 14 screens wide, to take the same data space for layer 1 as a vertical level does.

Ideas for how:
1) Simply expand the height of what's otherwise a horizontal level to 64 blocks and make the necessary changes to how the engine loads what tile goes where etc. (would make the most sense but would probably require a new Lunar Magic version)
2) Have some sort of remapping tricks on what's normally a vertical level (would work with current LM but be tricky to edit and would mess with the sprite loading etc.)

Any input? I really have no idea how to actually pull it off, but it would allow for much greater freedom for level designers, and would make it possible to make levels that feel truly massive.

(P.S. perhaps it could have an expanded exit table to allow for a different exit per subscreen?)

Should be simple enough to change the CMP #$0200 to some two bytes of freeRAM in bank 7E given a couple hours of nothing-better-to-do?

Not possible. It pretty much eats the status bar graphics to display its text.

Actually, dsx.asm uses that for dynamic sprite slots last time I checked...

Metallica - Master of Puppets

The Noveltones - Left Bank Two
If you've played LittleBigPlanet, you know what this is. (IN a game, but not made FOR a game)


If multiple levels use the same ASM file, is it only inserted once and just given multiple table entries?

Also, is there any way to modify the base code it inserts? Super Mario Adventure's area-name system relies on a bit of code that runs before levelASM init...

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JVyrn's Profile - Posts by JVyrn

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