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ok i got [Sprite] Earthquake Bowser
but insert him, bowser does every thing he is suppose to.
but how would i insert the graphcics of him?
Originally posted by Mumbo Jumbo
Youtube is 90% "a stupid", so I wouldn't believe it.
Plus, the person probably got their account suspended on purpose.

yeah most of videos just try to put fear in someone
it is proably fake
I was just wondering what your guys favorite band is.
Mine is Lamb Of God.
Originally posted by The Thunder
But the Bowser sprite uses SP3, right?

yeah when i insert it. it is all different colors of bowser
like he is black and white with some green
Originally posted by SAMHAIN
Well something about the October air inspired me to rip the SMB1 8-Bit Bowser graphics, took a few hours but I needed the ripping practice anyways. Yeah also just saying sprite has many terminologies whether mythological, asm wise, or even the soda. In this case KingGoomba meant graphics, ExGFX, whichever you may call it. It's much easier to take a moment to comprehend the question at hand, than rattle off something that still leaves the question in the air. No disrespect Thunder, anyways I'm not sure there are any NES Bowser graphics already available, though If they pass submission they will be, I just submitted them, also I will put them on my site. Enjoy everyone, 8-Bit Bowser is back!

o awesome thanks i will have to find it
Originally posted by SAMHAIN
Yes the Bowser sprite included in spritetool uses SP3. If you are not sure how to insert ExGFX I recommend getting familiar with the functions of Lunar Magic. There are many tutorials in the documents section that could help.

Heres off the top of my head how to do it.

1. You need the Bowser graphics, in spritetool they are located in the tilemaps folder included.

2. In Lunar Magic open your rom, select the Blue Mushroom inbetween the red and yellow mushroom (highlighted it says quick ExGFX extract).

3. If this is your first time clicking the blue mushroom you may get a message, just click okay, it's not of importance.

4. Clicking the Blue mushroom will create a ExGFX folder where your ExGFX will be placed, rename the Bowser(sp3).bin (or whatever it is named) to ExGFXxx.bin (xx being a number 80 and above) and place it into your ExGFX folder.

5. Now click the yellow mushroom to insert the ExGFX files you have in your folder in this case its just the Bowser graphics.

6. Click the Red Mushroom on the top right next to the SMB3 Breakable brick and Noteblock, when highlighted it will read Super GFX Bypass dialog.

7. You will now want to select the ExGFX Bowser graphics in the drop down SP3 menu, just select the ExGFXxx file that you named in step 4.

8. Click ok, save your rom, test it out, you should be all set.

Also for the messed up colors, you will need to change the colors yourself in your palette editor for Bowser (change colors in Lunar Magic by Clicking on the Star). I'm not sure if sprite tool includes palette files for the sprites included. You could download the SMAS Bowser graphics in the ExGFX section which does have the palette file for the correct colors, I also just submitted a 8-bit Bowser ExGFX with palettes included, or change the colors yourself, if you find a palette file (.tpl or .pal) select file in LM then palettes then import palette file from file. You should be all set.

Hope this helps you. Sorry for the Length of the post, got a little carried away haha.

oh ok i will try everything out
is bowser in sprites or ExGFX?
Originally posted by SAMHAIN
This is a link to the NES Bowser Graphics I submitted, or you could go to my site I have linked in my layout, I posted it there as well.


Bowsers Graphics for his sprite are going to be in the ExGFX section,
someone submitted a Mario All Stars version that would be this one.


Hope this helps.

nice thanks
if i make a hack i will give you credit for bowser
Originally posted by SAMHAIN
No problemo KingGoomba, and thanks for the potential credit haha.

I downloaded 8-bit bowser but could you explain how i would put the the color of him in my hack?
Originally posted by LGraviet37
Well, I don't know if this is in the right forum or not, but which Yamha keyboard is the best?

The P-85 ;This one has MIDI in and out, and 12(?) voices to chose from
Or the DGX-530 ;This one has NOT got MIDI in and out, but it has like 500 voices

Which one? I am just looking for a nice, 88 key keyboard.

From what it sounds like DGX-530 sounds like it is better but i play keyboard once in awhile, i dont know to much.
i was just interested
Originally posted by Dragus
Do you use a controller or a keyboard? I'm curious to see how the majority of this community plays. Friends of mine say they would have trouble playing with a keyboard. As of right now I play with a keyboard and get by fine, but I'm tempted to see if a controller would be better.

i got a microsoft X-Box controller
i hate playing keyboard
ok i will try this out when i got time
Can you insert 2 custom sprites on the same level if like they both go under SP4?
cause i got a Gaint Paraihan Plant (can't spell) and i want a Gaint Hammer Bro in the same level. is it possible?
Originally posted by monkey_dude312
I was wondering where to find the koopa ExGFX bin number because i'm trying to replace the SMW koopa with a SMB3 Koopa but I can't seem to figure it out...

i think there is some here
Originally posted by Fourpify
Yes it came with Spritetool there both in giant (SP4).bin

Really? ok thanks
Does anyBody know where i can get this?
Originally posted by monkey_dude312
umm...thats kinda not what I was looking for but I just need the actual bin number for the koopa...

o yeah it is 0 & 1 i thought u meant the sprites
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