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i liked 1 of the first parts where bowser and mario fought.
i agree with mario too
Mine is Donkey Kong
Heres how it goes
1. Nes LOZ
2. Link To The Past
3. OOT
4. Majors Mask
5. Wind Waker
Ok i now most of you probaly Have the Homebrew channel
but i am just saying if you dont, to get Wii Backup Loader.
Wii Backup Loader lets you play Downloaded Wii games straight of your External hard-drive. You would need the correct one that turns off error 0002 so you can actual play them.
Originally posted by GhostMan
Okay, Nintendo just realeased a new Wii system version (4.2) and guess what. It removes homebrew. Yup that right. Homebrew. No more emulation, texture hacks, cheats, and no more DVD playing. And it gets worse >_> I have updated my Wii and it remove the homebrew channel. So all you homebrew users;

Do not update your Wii to 4.2 if you have The Homebrew Channel Installed!!!

Good news guys!
The fine folks at HackMii have released the HackMii Installer v0.5 which will install the Homebrew Channel 1.0.5, DVDX 2.0, and BootMii beta 4 on any version of the Wii System Menu!
Check out Wiibrew.org and look at the latest news!

if you do just down grade your wii
Originally posted by HauntedMetroid
yeah, its called "Sledge Bro" but i couldnt find it in the custom sprites section, im pretty sure it comes with spritetool though, im at a friends house so i cant check.

o ok thanks i found it
Originally posted by kirbyeatsbomberman
If not and they didn't share the same tilemap then you could make ExGFX for them.

like put the 2 files and make them 1?
i dont understand
Originally posted by Ultimurdermus
I don't think downgrading is as easy as you think.

yeah thats how i did it
when i had 4.0 it did not let you install wad manger
but i got the down grading thing and downgrade to 3. something
it is easy
Originally posted by The Wizfish
You can either use these tools, as posted in this thread:

Originally posted by Buu
Zelda - A Link to the Past:zcompress / Zelda Script Editor / Hyrule Magic

Or, you can use Zelda Classic and ZQuest. I highly recommend these, as they are much more easily customizable (for example, it can play MIDI files as background music without any need to convert the file to an .SPC or whatever), and are generally less frustrating, in my opinion.

Either way, you'll need to look up a tutorial for the tool you choose to use. I went ahead and found you a download for a ZQuest tutorial which can be accessed here, but I wouldn't know where to find a Hyrule Magic tutorial, so Google could be your friend I suppose.

EDIT: Forgot to point out that Zelda Classic isn't a ROM hacking tool, but an engine with which you can make your own games. I still prefer it though.

yes they do look easyer to customize, thanks
Originally posted by Der Wixxer
I have to get homebrew on my Wii again :<
I still have system version 4.1, will it work with that too?

yeah you got to get bannerbomb
Raining Blood by Slayer
i would not say shy, but i just did not want to look stupid.
Originally posted by kirbyeatsbomberman
Like if you had a pirahna in one space on the left and a koopa in another space but you werent using the koopa in that level, you could paste the graphics of the Sledge bro over it (in the exact place it is in the other GFX file) and save it as an ExGFX.

(This is how I used Eeries in a Reznor fight)

so what you are saying is like i could over put the sledge bro over a koopa GFX and save it as a EXGFX?
Originally posted by Big Al
So who here follows the MLB and what team are you rooting for?

Well, being that I'm originally from the Bronx, I'm going with none other than the Yankees!

Cardinals all the way cause i dont like mostly any of the other teams besides the angles.
mine would be...

4.that one on the show with the vowels
5.Legend of Zelda

And last Porn =) just joking,....or am i? no i am 7.Music
Originally posted by The Haunted Muncher
dont expect videos from me I dont have a video recorder. nope, not at all

Originally posted by GhastlyFox
Well, not exactly. He used Koopa as an example. If your transferring graphics to another ExGFX file in the SAME location as the other file. You can also change what tiles the sprite reads from by editing the ASM file, but at your level just stick to copy paste.

ok i got u, thanks for the advice
i would say Yoshi's island
is it expand as 1MB? that might be the problem
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