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Originally posted by Hallomentio
A debate that has clashed ever since the first NES tune was remade with real instruments. Which is better, 8-Bit or orchestrated\instrumental music?
For me, I kind of prefer 8-Bit game wise... Something about the beeps, whistles, and clicks just seems better than anything else.

i agree, there is just some type of feel to it that i cant explain.
it is awesome
i was wondering
i thank you all in advance
Originally posted by messiaen

Have fun!

oh i will

this is cool
I am not sure if this is the right spot for it, but how do u post a layout for like when you reply?
Originally posted by FullMoonWolf355
there is a document about it in the documents section


I reccomend using XKAS gui its alot easier

thanks i never saw that before
thank you hollow wiener
What is the best way to take pics of your rom hack?
i would say gray but alot of plp i know would say grey
Originally posted by cyphermur9t

For me I wing it.

me too not even thinking, just put random stuff in the level
yeah i think this would be awesome, like more ghost and more fun.
for me its bin like a mounth and its gone by quick
Originally posted by GRIM, THE LORD OF DEATH


this is a awesome OW
a bunch of death metal
the more double bass, the better
thank you very much
mashed poatos are the best
Like, could it get moved down to the bottom of the screen?
it took like 5 mins to load the first 1
so i guess 1. :D
could i also get the link to it?
Originally posted by Phantasm

i bring my halloween spirit to the internet.

i also agree with you
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