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GravityxHammah: Although I agree with Ramp, the BG is quite nice. Good usage of FG tiles to make a BG.

Uhrix: That is a awesome FG. I like the decorations and the sprites in the dirt. Very creative idea.
Chuckles: Those graphics look awesome! I like the NES style in the second one, with the way the palettes are setup and such. No complaints from me.

Thehoundsquad: I think what Hobz was trying to say is that the background would not loop correctly without creating cutoff.
MarioFan22: Ha I like that gimmick. The bramble idea was executed very well in that level. And the level design seems to be a plus as well in that screenshot. Very well made level you have there.
Zildjian: From the pictures presented, I think he did a excellent job on the levels. I am really fond of those palettes and the level design, they seem to be top notch. I played Insert Coin and I loved the levels, so I pretty much know what to expect out of his level design too. If he happens to release this new project, I would really like to give it a go.
I like almost all sports, but the ones I play the most are:

If we are talking about watching sports, it is easily basketball. Love watching the NBA.
Yeah also if you do have Heart Gold or Soul Sliver, you can go to Mt. Silver and catch Teddiursa or Phanpy (depending on the game) at level 43-48, so it is easy to obtain a Pickup team.
Originally posted by Falconpunch
Oh, last night, we had a severe thunderstorm.

Yeah I had that same system yesterday. There was a tornado warning for my county too. Luckily there wasn't to much damage and the power didn't go out.

We get a severe storm like once every week/two weeks here in Illinois. Other than that, it is usually hot and sunny. And in Winter, we get a decent amount of snow. Last year, we had a very brutal blizzard though.
Oh god yes. Nice to see that you saved it Foop. I can't wait to see some progress on this hack. Definitively gonna play the demo once it's released.
Maybe a desaturated red would be better? I think it is slightly over saturated, but not to the point of being an eye sore. That's being nit picky anyway. Love the concept of the level, it's dark-ish cave palette seems to be nice as well. Not to mention the idea of the sparks also seems interesting. I hope that you can get a sprite like that for this particular level. Great work Lynnes.
Ripperon-X: That is a very stellar rip you got there. I have always liked that Metroid set, so it is nice to see it get ripped.

Anyway, I have been playing a lot of Angry Birds lately, and I got bored so I started re-drawing the tileset.

Here is what I got so far.

In that image, I still got to make the grass a little less repetitive and give it some shading. Suggestions?

Also here is some birds because I felt like it.
Originally posted by Washington Post
NASA announced finding an Earth-like planet outside the solar system that could have the right temperature to support life. As Brian Vastag reported :

The search for Earth-like planets circling other stars is heating up, but the latest discovery is not too hot at all. It’s not too cold, either. Instead, the temperature on the newly announced planet Kepler-22b could be just right for life — about 72 degrees, a perfect spring day on Earth.

The new planet — named Kepler-22b — has key aspects it shares with Earth. It circles a star that could be the twin of our sun and at just about the same distance. The planet’s year of 290 days is even close to ours. It likely has water and rock.

The only trouble is the planet’s a bit big for life to exist on the surface. The planet is about 2.4 times the size of Earth. It could be more like the gas-and-liquid Neptune with only a rocky core and mostly ocean.

Link to article.

Pretty interesting. It would take a really long time to get to the planet, seeing as it is outside the solar system. I'm just curious to find out if there is any life on this planet already.
I'm gonna go ahead and make the assumption that these screenshots are still in the early stages of development seeing as there is a lack of sprites and a background. Overall, I feel that this has potential. The level design seems to be well thought out and not to repetitious. I also have a preference for the Creating/Eating block segment, it gives a nice touch to spruce up the design. The main nuisance I see is that the palettes seem very plain. In a way, they feel generic seeing as those are mainly the default palettes. Maybe try to give them some variety, or something to stand-out. Cause those neon-green crystal things in the cave section just don't look good with the rest of the palettes in the screen.

With a few more enhancements like a background, newer palettes, and some decorations, this level would be, in my eyes, pretty decent. Just make sure you don't make things too repetitive and tedious.
Originally posted by Wormer21
Aren't those from the tree tiles?

Actually, they are from the castle tileset.
Oh don't beat yourself up over that. If you want to fix your friends problem, you're first going to have to find the bass of the problem. The two of you are also going to need to work in perfect harmony, but I'm sure you guys can duet!
Personally, I like the less saturated palette more. I always, for some reason, felt that forest levels should be more dark and less cheerful then the rest of the levels. But by all means, if you were going for a more upbeat atmosphere, then the first palette would be more suited.
I would give you 2.000.000, but I don't need another Green Lantern. I already got one.

camoslash: If my memory serves me correct, I think that is Through Glass by Stone Sour.
Glad that I decided against taking AP Calculus this year. I know that if I did take it, it would be deriving me crazy.

In all seriousness though, Lil B and a large portion of mainstream music these days are total non-sense. There is so much wrong with the music out nowadays...
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