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I have a question about Layer 3 tile upload. What ever happened to the Layer 3 ExGFX patch? I can't seem to find it anywhere, I think it was taken down due to LM 1.71, but was it ever fixed? I only need to know how to load Layer 3 GFX from a different source than the default, but the code in the Stripe Image Format tutorial doesn't work, and I can't find the patch anywhere. Does anyone know of where this exists?
Originally posted by foop2164
Layer 3 BG test for my hack:



That's amazing. It's a shame Layer 3 isn't utilized more in SMW, since you can do some pretty neat stuff.

Mind if I ask how you did that? Did you use a Layer 3 ExGFX patch (which I can't seem to find) or did you just overwrite existing Layer 3 tiles?
Basically you would have to do it the way described above. Basically writing your own save system instead of using the default. It wouldn't be easy if you're new to ASM, but it could be done.
Two things worth mentioning about this one.
Originally posted by Dual Performance
Hi, I am having problems with this generator:

dcb "INIT" ;generators don't have an init routine
dcb "MAIN"
LDA $19 ;\If Mario's powerup
CMP #$01 ;|is Big
BEQ GETPOWER ;|then continue
LDA #$00
CMP #$01 ;|but if he gets hit or gets another powerup
STA GETPOWER ;/then reset the powerup RAM to Zero.

I want It to keep the powerup even if you get damage, but I don't know where's the problem.

On the line I bolded, you realize you're comparing zero to one, which obviously wouldn't work. Also, why do you do that in the first place, since you don't ever branch after the CMP.

Also, your code could really be compressed into
dcb "INIT"              ;generators don't have an init routine
dcb "MAIN"                                    
LDA #$01
STA $19

JSR SPRITE_CODE_START   ;I'm guessing this did something in your original code besides what you said

If all you want is to make Mario big all the time.
Sequels aside, do you think you will ever make another full SMW hack independent of Essence Star 1?
Originally posted by yogui

Yes, I use 1.65. because 1.71 have too many map16 and it as a BG2 and a BG3. I prefer to stay classic and do my hack on 1.65.

I'm not sure why you would possibly consider that a bad thing. I mean, you could just not use them.

Either way, really nice graphics, considering it's all vanilla. The Layer 3 water level looked a bit boring, but the rest was pretty good.
It's a beautiful level, and in terms of a puzzle it's not bad either.

I don't know if you have a lot of short levels in your hack, but this seemed a bit short. Like that portion where the end was should have been the midpoint, and there should have been another puzzle after that. But that's just a suggestion, it's certainly fine the way it is.
They look a lot better now. It looks like actual walking instead of rotating, like it was before.
What do you mean by 'higher speeds than allowed'? If you're talking about the fast auto-scroll, I'm pretty sure there's no easy way to do that.
Originally posted by FUGGNUTZ
Originally posted by prince700
Why do you have "Super Mario World" in your title screen? O_o

It's an SMW ROM hack.

True, although isn't the purpose of hacking to make something different than the original game.

It's not a big issue, but I would think more emphasis should go on the name of your hack, not that it's based on SMW.
Looks like MarioFan22 basically hit all of the main points, but you may want to read the Hack Submission Guidelines and start another project.
Red, green, and blue look the best. The others look a bit too strange.
There's one on the tools page, although there are a lot of other good free ones out there too. I use PSPad Hex, and I think the one on the tools page is Translhextion.
Well what you want to do is pretty advanced. So obviously there's no easy way to do it.
Did you apply any patches or use anything besides Lunar Magic? That's the only thing that could cause that.
To be honest, the levels almost look a bit too busy. I'm all for adding decoration, but between the land squares, green circles, and bushes, the screen gets a bit cluttered.
I'd have to agree. It's up to SMWCentral to moderate stuff like that, not the hacking program itself. Some hacker would probably find a legitimate use for it, and get frustrated when the program tells him he couldn't.
Nothing against your sprites, but they look a LOT like the enemies from the ASMT series (both the goombas and the koopas). I don't know if you're trying to rip them off, but you may want to rethink those.
What is the point of a pointless hack, exactly?

Also, you couldn't at least be bothered to SPELL THE TITLE correctly. I know you don't understand how capitalization works, but come on now...
This question is somewhat embarrassing for me to ask, seeing as I know ASM fairly well, but this is something I just can't figure out. When making a patch, where is the best place to find free RAM? I know your first reaction is going to be to check the RAM map, and I have, but everything I've tried that claims to be empty is either used secretly or is set to 85 every frame. Does anyone here have a recommendation? I only need 4 or so bytes, but this seems harder to find than it should be.
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