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I want to make a good hack with changed music, sprites, etc.
can someone help me.
by the way, I'm not good in english....
do you want to release it?
the ?-blocks and ''turn-blocks'' are from WhiteYoshiEgg, right?
I use them in my other hack, too. XD
(but I don't release any hack from me! not here!)
this is good to make a zelda hack maybe someone make a boss-special for this patch ^^
Originally posted by SonicBlue77
Thx guys! Also, why don't we put [RPG] when we submit these kinds of FG instead of [FG]? I have already seen RPG FG that said [FG] *name here* and it'd be hard to tell the difference between them. This would keep it organized. :)

yes, and player for this Patch: [RPG-Player]*insert name here*
and FG: [RPG-FG]*insert name here*
i vote for entry 4 because it fits the titlesceen perfectly
entry 3 would fit as cradits screen best
did you guys saw the actual episode?
its just awesome ^^
next episode (release is tomorrow) naruto goes six tails and maybe 8 tails o0

Is it allowed to post links to "watch anime" pages? Well...I just post it ^^
(every thursday comes a new episode)

these are the only ones I know ^^

to read Manga, klick here

(every thursdaynight comes a new chapter)

In Manga Naruto had a hard fight vs. Kyuubi... and he met a important person for him...

If you want to know, how the battle has played out (<-- google translation) and who the person is that he met, start reading from here.
Wow... I love that Idea! ^^
do you want to release one ore more demos or release it "only" as full version?
I am working on my first port and have a problem with using snares.
Certain snares sound different than the other ones (mostly it's the first one of every 4th tact (1, 5, 9, etc) and at one part, it's the first one of every tact.

I have rendered only the snares in order to make sure that it's really coming from there, here the spc if you want to listen to it for yourself:

I have no clue on how to fix this. Here's the txt version of the snares, in case you want to take a look at it:
#5 @25 q7f v255 y10 ; Snare (note: for the snares-only-render I had to make it #0)




Everything else works fine, it's just the snares that seem to have that problem. (The bass drum also does this, but it doesn't really matter there.)
Originally posted by Masterlink
That's because you have to redefine the percussion instrument for every note they play.

Ah, I see. Thank you very much.
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