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Originally posted by Remnic The Hedgehog



You level of fail increases exponentially.
Originally posted by manaphy87

I think it goes along well with the "SMW hacking" theme.


Rainbow Star = Text Color
Pipe = Link
Lakitu = Image
Mario Head = Smiley
Message Box = Quote
Green Poison Mushroom = Code

I hope you like it.

Actually, I must say that this one is, while not the most creative one, a rather neat idea. Some buttons' meanings are too hard to guess, though.
He's talking about the legendary Open Source section of the site.

Oh, and by the way, Diamondphoenix:
Do not try to find the truth about Open Source. It's one of the things on the site not meant for the eyes of the uninvited.

...actually, I don't know why Open Source is still shown on the main page for normal users...
Originally posted by Kieran
The best cartridge to tilt for fun is definately Ocarina of Time. :D

Did you ever fix that corrupt, undeleteable save file I created by tilting your OOT cart?
Originally posted by Remnic The Hedgehog
It would require a major ASM hack for this kind of thing.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAno. How about knowing what you talk about instead of just randomly guessing? This ASM hack is quite simple to make.

Modify the GFX file loading routine to check if GFX00 is being loaded. If it is, and Mimi is used, load another file instead.

Doesn't require that much work at all.

Here's a section of the GFX file loader that might be useful:
UploadGFXFile:                         ;
$00/AA6B 2228BA00 JSL $00BA28          ;
$00/AA6F C001     CPY #$01             ;
$00/AA71 D00D     BNE SkipSpecial      ;
$00/AA73 ADEB1E   LDA $1EEB            ;
$00/AA76 1008     BPL SkipSpecial      ;handle the post-special world graphics and koopa color swap.
$00/AA78 A031     LDY #$31             ;
$00/AA7A 223BA000 JSL $00BA34          ;
$00/AA7E A001     LDY #$01             ;
SkipSpecial:                           ;

Wait, wtf... I'm being helpful...?
Originally posted by Marche102
Smalls,Pikaguy knows NOTHING about ASM.

And how is that my problem?
Seeing as SMW Central was my idea to begin with, Boom gave me three free years of adminness. Whenever that time runs out, I have no more reason to stay here. (I'm NOT going to pay to take care of a forum full of morons) Maybe I should plan a "goin' away" party?
I'd rather forget my earliest hacking years. Anyone who asks me about them from now on will be banned.
Originally posted by LuigivsKoopa
and make sure you don't rename a Bitmap file. (example: greenhills.png (BMP file))

Wow, best description ever. You should get the Nobel Prize in Smartitude.
Originally posted by pieguy1372
One problem though. I don't know how to do that.

First of all: Haha
Second of all: Who would want to type those painfully long addresses every time they wanted a smiley? -_-
Editing the time-and-coin based level? How would that be any hard? It's about as easy as the level entrances.
*Takes a look at my several-years-old handwritten notes I made when collecting data about the status bar for my program*

Hm... There's a note here saying "Hide stars"... I believe it's what hides the small star counter... It might also remove the big star counter too, I don't remember.

(NOTE: These appear to be SNES addresses. Too lazy to convert them myself.)

Hide stars:
Set the following addresses to EAEAEA:
00:8FBD (or does it say 8F8D?)
00:8F87 (or does it say 8F37?)

There's also a note entitled "Disable score"

Disable score:
Set the following addresses to EAEAEA:

Note to self: Maybe I should remake the status bar editor?
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