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Howdy. I'm hooligans87, brother of Octillery (formerly Manaphy87). As you may or may not know, I'm the one helping him with Super Mario Zone, so I'll be posting pictures of the hack when he cannot. And...I'm not quite satisfied with this layout, so I'll probably get a new one soon...

Originally posted by Octillery
Special Thanks to my brother, hooligans87, who designs levels alongside me. He doesn't have an account here. As I recall, he made one on Neolight but he never uses it.

Well, bro, as you recall, I just registered here. I'm sorry I haven't been active much, but I'll be doing more in the future. Expect some more screens up soon, everyone.

Wow, I must say, I like the story concept, especially with the way the "infection" spreads every time you complete a level. You also have some interesting level designs, though (to me, at least) it seems a bit unclear at times where you are suppose to go. Still, this seems to be shaping up to be something good. If you need any help, just ask me, and I'll see what I can do, though I'm no expert.

Hi, I joined a while ago, but I haven't really been active till now. I'll just post my pretty okay Mario (or not Mario)-realted doodles here. I also do chao pics, and a lotta cute stuff, as my avatar implies...

Assorted non-existent sniffits (ug, older piece):

Pic I did for a Halloween contest (old, but not as much as the last 1):

Yikes, I oughta draw more Mario stuff! As I said, these are fairly old; expect new stuff soon. Also, how do I get the image to show, and not just the url? Forgive my noobishness. Thanks, guys!

Want me to draw you a picture? Just say the word, and I'll do it (I won't draw dirty or intensely violent pics, though)! What I like to draw best are cute pictures, so if you want a really cute, pic, chances are, I'll do it.

Originally posted by Armageddon
Originally posted by hooligans87
Want me to draw you a picture? Just say the word, and I'll do it (I won't draw dirty or intensely violent pics, though)!

what will you be drawing on? paper? or is it ms paint?

On paper, of course!

Originally posted by Trelic
How about Mario as Star Wars? If you're going to do that, feel free to be creative.

Hm...I guess Mario would be Luke, Peach as Lea (or perhaps Luigi would be her...), and Grodus could be Vader. Or maybe he'd make a better Grievous...

Originally posted by Dotsarecool
how do I get the image to show, and not just the url? Forgive my noobishness.

[Lazy way] click the little landscape button on the post toolbar and enter the url there.

[Better way] Insert the url to this code: <img src="URLHERE" />

Thanks much!

Originally posted by Parabuzzy
Well, Grodus WAS the one with lightning powers, so maybe he could make a good Palpatine. XD
Also, Luigi as Lea would be hilarious. Don't forget about the Storm Koopatrols, as well as Yuxes being the Droidekas.

What about X-nauts?

Originally posted by Mythbusterbro
It's pretty good, especially this:
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This one is really funny!

What the heck is that?!

Anyway, I like that show, too, but I haven't seen any new episodes in a while...
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Booyeah, bro! You already know what I think of this hack. How can I help?

Wow, um...perhaps we should all start a comic series.

Originally posted by Agent 27
It's been over two weeks and you haven't even made ONE picture.

Well, this is a request thread. Someone's gotta officially request something.

You, my friend, already owe me a couple of art trades.

Anyone else, though, aside from my brother? In the mean time, I can post something cute:

That's what I really like to do: cute things. If anyone wants to request something cute, fire away!

Whoops! Well, I'm saying it, now. In the mean time, I'm gonna post another cute pic:

See that? It's Mario-themed, too.


It shall have color.

Very cool stuff, bro! Sorry my response is a tad simple, but rest assured, I'm thrilled.

Well, then, I guess I will...

Ooh, a site-wide hack? Count me in! I'm not sure what I'm gonna do quite yet, though...

Whoa, I'm not sure if those are able to be made cute! Anyway, to Quizler, do you mean baby Geno, or just straight-up Geno?

Very cool drawings, bro!

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hooligans87's Profile - Posts by hooligans87

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