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Man... I have not even looked at the others and already I can tell mine will look awful. [url=http://bin.smwcentral.net/4900/Man%20getting%20lowering%20into%20fire.ips]

I hope I'm linking to the right place.

That's a preview for my kaizo hack that's a bit... different.

Well, the first level isn't that hard. I just suck.

Anyway, notice something? The auto-scroll wasn't ultra fast, no munchers or invisible coin blocks.

The idea is, i'm trying to make a kaizo hack that doesn't have invisible coin blocks, munchers or rediculous scrolling speed.

Oh, I'm even going to apply the counter break patch to prevent people from carrying over power ups.

Um, this may seem weird, but when I try to play Xka shack I get rickrolled. Seriously.
Originally posted by Alcaro
It's not a real hack. You can't play it. It's a homebrew rom meant to fool innocent users.

I decided to make a better one, but then I read the date. :(

I'm annoyed. I had a cool idea too. Not the best.

And are only certain people getting on the list? It's not been updated.
I'm posting another one anyway. Just for fun.

It went well.
Originally posted by GhastlyFox
What is it?

Mario. I don't blame you for not knowing.

P.S. That contains 200 sprites. Game would probably freeze if opened.
Is this a base hack? Will you make your own levels?
I'm stunned I got over a point.
I suggest uploading it to the file bin. (Sorry if I sound like a mod)
Originally posted by GN
If floating water is used properly in a level, the level becomes awesome.
"Used" as in "moderately used".

Super mario galaxy had floating water, so why not SMW?

Because super mario galaxy was IN SPACE!

I don't really care about Floating water, but then again I don't care about floating munchers :p
316: It's nice to have one, but you don't have to edit the overworld.


318: Defeat Cutoffness man.

319: No 3-Up moon spam

320: If your hack gets rejected, read the hack removal log to see what you did wrong and try again.
I'm confused, I see them on the signitures and threads but what are they for?
The Second Reality Project Reloaded:

For some reason, I can't get past the magical trick house in World 5.
No event happens after I beat it and I got both exits.
Originally posted by Alcaro
Last time I checked, they were for various stuff. To show you support a hack, some joke (like yours), telling you can rip exgfx (those usually mean you're taking requests), and some other stuff.

What do you mean by "support a hack?" Enjoy it or help it?
Wow. Speechless. I didn't even know that was possible. Yes. Do it.
Originally posted by legoman727
You probably didn't get the real secret exit.

There are actually three exits in the MTH. Two lead to the normal goal post... Then there's a third exit near the end that leads to a key and keyhole. Haven't played it in ages though, so I don't remember where it's located.

Thanks! Time to go on youtube.
Some intresting info here:


The first one is about the test level and the second level is about a blue jay and Lakitu on the overworld.
Originally posted by Link13

I can't wait for New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

It's not real... It's not real...

The reason why I'm excited is because I was making a SMB3 hack and it was annoying using Demo World as a base.
Originally posted by somebody
Here is mine, I made it cause I was bored


I couldn't get past the first few seconds when I started the level. I could beat the intro but... yours is Kind of "Over there"

and ChaoticFox, I know how you feel. I'm trying to start a revoulution called "Stop using so many goddamned munchers and invisible coin blocks." No body seems to pay attention to it.
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