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Konami's announced the first post-Kojima Metal Gear game. It's a co-op zombie shooter.

Making a Co-op game out of the MGSV mechanics isn't a bad idea by any stretch, but I really, really do not trust Konami to properly support this game after the shitshow that was MGSV's online gameplay.

Although to be fair, this is still more than I expected out of Konami.
That was a really fun contest, you asshole. Slightly bummed that I placed as low as I did, but oh well.

Comments on what I got right:

1: My knowledge of obscure Final Fantasy ports comes in handy! It wasn't from 2 or 3, and it didn't sound like a SNES song, so eventually I remembered that these games came to the Wonderswan and checked there.

7: I played a decent amount of Tetris DS, so I got this one immediately. Game has a distinctive sound, that's for sure.

16: I originally pegged this as a Sonic song, which, considering that Sega's Amusement Vision made F-Zero GX, isn't far off.

19: I'm a big fan of Bigger, Longer & Uncut, so I figured out it was "Blame Canada" pretty quickly. My mental process was "Wait, is that - No, it can't be. Oh my god, it is!" Then I just needed to figure out what the 8-bit remix is from, and Stick of Truth was the obvious candidate. I'm actually a little surprised not more people got this, since Blame Canada is a pretty well known song and it has a recognizable melody. Robin Williams performed it at the Oscars and everything.

25: This drove me up the wall for a while, but if I remember right someone on IRC mentioned Super Mario Galaxy (unrelated to the contest) and it clicked.

36: I spent a while looking up Hyrule Field themes, but I had played Soul Calibur II somewhat recently and it suddenly hit me.

54: Was having a lot of trouble tracking down the arrangement before I remembered this game existed.

Comments on what I didn't get:

2: There's only three Kirby games it could actually be from. I really should have been able to get the full marks for this one, I have no excuse.

13: This is one that sounded super familiar, but I couldn't get it.

21: I need to play Trauma Center again at some point, and this just further cements that.

23: Thought for sure this was Wild Arms.

27: Cunt.

32: I like Gran Turismo, I have no excuse.

39: Thought FOR SURE that this was a Tim Follin song.

40: You aren't kidding about it sounding RPGish - I had it pegged as being from Final Fantasy.

43: I'm with Crusade - Thought this was from Wily Castle. Even as someone who doesn't care much for Mega Man, I don't really have an excuse for not getting that it was Wood Man.

44: I couldn't get it but I originally thought it was a Ristar song. You can hear why.

52: As someone who has played through Sonic CD multiple times with the US soundtrack, I hate myself.

This was fun! Hopefully I can participate in the next contest.
What is LunaLua? (I keep writing Lunala by mistake.)
Treehouse of Horror V is probably the best one. The Shinning is filled with some truly fantastic gags and is legitimately creepy, and Time and Punishment is very, very funny. Nightmare Cafeteria is a bit weak, though.

The homer3 segment in one episode is really good, too. It's gimmicky, but that's not always a bad thing.
New Trailer

Really don't like any of the Pokémon shown, but at least we can shut up about getting a new eeveelution
Those evos can go fuck themselves.

Main thing for me is that I'm really happy they've established that Pokémon aren't just trapped in PCs forever.
Man, between Brexit and this, this year has sucked ass.

I can handle the world listening to one racist dumbass with stupid blonde hair, but not two!

For real though, I've heard the sentiment that "I voted Trump because I just wanted to burn the system down and start over" probably didn't realize that now it's all going to go to the white, rich and privileged. Shit's only going to get worse.

Also, Brexit sucked but I could at least understand it since "Fuck the EU" is practically the UK national anthem and it's not exactly likable, but Trump has no such defense. That, and "$350 million to the NHS" sounded great before it turned out to be a complete lie.
I've been basically playing this nonstop. I've beaten the game and put 40 hours into it, which considering it came out in Europe on the 23rd of November, is a fucking lot. IT'S REALLY GOOD, YOU GUYS! Even if it's not especially challenging it does a good job of making you use and experiment with your team compared to X/Y, which is really what matters.

Alola is a fun region, too, and the storyline is pretty well done. The dialogue is legitimately funny, and the characters are likeable. The one thing I will say is that
by the end of the game it's kind of ambiguous as to how much is at stake. If they had the ultra beasts go into the Alola region and wreck havoc or something, that'd be an identifiable threat. Instead, Lusamine is just sort of bumming around.

Also, I really like some of the ways it ties back into Red & Blue. Namely, the fact that they mention Bill's teleporter mishap and that
you fight the professor, like the old scrapped battle in Red & Blue

I like how the elite four is mostly just people you've met in the game already. Kind of gives the idea that the elite four was thrown together after you arrived.
Namely, a upcoming Crystal hack named Pokémon Prism. C&D notice here.

Following this, I shall provide some advice to any romhackers/fangamers out there:

1: Don't have a donate button or otherwise take money from it.
2: Don't hype it up, if it's done, just release it.
3: Don't have the franchise in the title. Pokémon Uranium might have fared better if it was called "The Uranium Project" or some shit.
4. Keep a general low profile. Keep the announcements to forum posts, keep trailers unlisted on YouTube. You don't need to keep the thing completely underwraps, though.

Sucks for the Prism devs though, and slightly concerning for us. (I'm pretty sure this site has broken pretty much every one of those points.)
Depends on the show, really. Shows like Futurama or Firefly still have a huge fanbase, but who the fuck remembers Ally McBeal or Sex and the City?

God, I love this boxart. Also, the idea that they're making a new Super Bomberman game, specifically, is kind of awesome.
That chapter in Super Paper Mario, with the incredibly thrilling activity of walking on a hamster wheel for like 20 minutes.

It's kind of the opposite of the other ones here, but no less painful.

Also: The Library from Halo 1. I never found it as hard as a lot of other people, but god it's boring. Halo 1 is already really repetitive, and this just takes that to ludicrous degrees.

Every other level in Sonic '06. Because that game fucking sucks.

The Great Maze in Smash Bros Brawl. Good god, I had a vendetta against that level when I first played through it. Shit took me weeks and it was not fun.
I like Pokémon Prism because it kind of revels in the fact that it's not at all official and that the sky's the limit. Power Rangers bootlegs? Sure! Pokémon Quartz jokes? Why not! Glitch City? Missingno? Hell yeah! Pseudo-Legendary starter? Fuck it! Mystery Dungeon references? Yep! A rival who's an outright psychopath? Yes! War Crimes as Pokémon attacks? That's...actually kind of weird.

But other than that, it does that kind of weird shit well, giving the game a unique flavor without distracting from being a genuinely good Pokémon game in it's own right. And, y'know, it's insanely well made and polished and all that.
Yeah, Gumball fucking rules. It has that old CN feeling of pure cartoon anarchy that even something like Adventure Time or Regular Show lack, and it eventually morphs into this bizarre parody of sitcoms, kids shows, and itself. Why does the dad never get a job? Because the universe will collapse if he does? Why did this character disappear? Because the universe dragged them into a timeless void.

A gorgeous, surreal world and excellent jokes really help it become something pretty special. Also, it's animated in the UK which is great because every other British animated show is either claymation or shit. (Well, excusing danger mouse.)

Also, I'm going to BS a "technically it's Cartoon Network" clause and give a shout out to Rick and Morty, which is as good as people say, and I have a soft spot for Aqua Teen.
So Voez (the rhythm game that requires it to be in handheld mode) is really good. It's not the most aesthetically exciting game in the world for the most part, but it does really cool stuff with the different lanes moving about.

The soundtrack is quite good, with a solid variety of songs that are pretty well suited to rhythm gaming. There's just over 100 songs, and for £20 that's pretty damn solid value.

Only complaint is that there's rankings for how well you hit a note, but but as far as I can tell, it doesn't actually display what ranking you got when you hit the note, which I think is a bit of a bummer. It's always satisfying to see a "perfect!" (Although I imagine a high level player would want that turned off anyway)

If you want a good rhythm game for the Switch and don't mind it being handheld only, this is a great buy. (And no, there is absolutely no way this would work on a controller.)
Originally posted by Mediocre Espurr
I'm really enjoying the Switch so far, but I'm having a strange issue. The device seems to crash constantly in handheld mode giving me an error screen and telling me to restart the console requiring. It happens no matter what I'm doing; Playing Zelda, making a mii, browsing the eshop. Even stranger is that it stops if I plug in headphones. I'm not sure if its a defective console or if it's something that can be fixed in a patch. Is anyone else experiencing this?

...I'd probably talk to Nintendo about that.

Originally posted by RPG Hacker
So has anyone tried the Switch Pro Controller already?

Yes. It is the best controller Nintendo has ever made and a good candidate for the best controller of all time. Only knock is that there's no analog triggers, which Nintendo has a weird opposition to nowadays, it seems.
Pacific Heat. Being a moderately popular sitcom, Archer has a few shows chasing their wheelhouse. But Pacific Heat is particularly sinful.

Every single line is a joke, and even though they aren't all *totally* awful they're never given any time to breathe. It looks hideous, the voice acting is dreadful and it is, frankly, really racist.
Originally posted by IanBoy141
A reboot of an original show that basically ruins every aspect of that show and replaces it with something dumb. This is why I don't like to watch stuff such as Teen Titans Go, which is an perfect example of this.

I'm not opposed to something like TTG that's basically just an official parody, but I reeaallly haven't enjoyed the humor from what I've seen. Hell, Sonic Boom arguably does what TTG does better, even if it's not exactly a masterpiece it's still pretty good at mocking the Sonic franchise in a more loving way. TTG's just mean.

Hell, I'd argue that even what Lego does with their TV shows and films isn't all that different.
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