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I want you guys to hold me accountable to this: if Bubsy is in Sonic Forces, I will buy it day one. That's a promise.

On a side note, really dig the new direct format. Information comes fast and furious.

I know people like to shit on Kotaku, but this is a genuinely fantastic article that's a deep dive into the state of fan translations at the time.
Only Nintendo would make a premium version of their budget model.
When I first played it, the boss rush at the end of Cave Story kicked my ass and made me wear as a hat, and I never finished the game because of it. Then years later I played through the game on 3DS and had little trouble. Oh well.

Also, pretty much half of the boss fights in Final Fantasy V. Seriously, FFV is less of an RPG and more of a puzzle game where you have to find the way to bullshit through every fight.

The race against Hilary in GTA Vice City. He drives a muscle car. You drive a sedan. Also, the cops will try to arrest you, and ONLY you. Good luck. The only way to really beat it, in my experience, is to deliberately get a high wanted level before the mission starts, then try to dodge all the police and hope they accidentally smash into Hilary.
So I just found out about a hidden feature in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

To switch from wireless play to LAN play, hold in L and R and push in the left stick on the main menu.

Not joking.
Yeah, I have to side with chineesmw here. I don't think the Faux-3D effect is really the right call. I think the second one could use some more shading around the edges, though.
Archer had a really fucking weird season. The premise is that after the previous season ended with him being shot, he is placed in a coma and imagines that he's a 1940s Film Noir detective.

Already weird, but the thing that really stands out is that they really commit. It's a genuine film noir, and it has a tone that goes back and forth between goofy and dramatic impressively quickly. It's not afraid to spend several minutes building up to a single gag. For instance,
Kreiger's backstory in the dreamland universe is a good example. It turns out that he was a Jew who faked his death and became a Nazi so that he could blow as much of their money as possible on cybernetics by killing his patients. Then when Nazis confont him on this, he reveals that he has robot dogs and mauls them all to death. This is all played seriously...until the nurse he's in love with states that he hates him for being a Jew, and he casually mauls her to death as well.

And in the finale, where Lana gets shot by accident by Mother, and it's very dramatic...until she keeps constantly getting shot because the gun has a hair-trigger.

It's a really divisive season in the fandom, but I really enjoyed it, even though I'm not sure about the finale.
Despite Gold/Silver coming to Virtual Console, Crystal is not following them, even though Yellow is on Virtual Console. I have a few theories as to why, ranked from least likely to most likely:

A) Emulation problems. I see no reason why they shouldn't be able to run Crystal, but some dodgier Gameboy Color emulators can run Gold and Silver but not Crystal, so it is a possibility.

B) They're planning to release Crystal after people buy Gold or Silver and hope people double dip.

C) The japanese version of Crystal made use of a mobile adaptor designed for the Gameboy Color. You could hook it up to a mobile phone and connect Crystal to the internet. Then the player could trade Pokémon and obtain the GS ball. This feature was gutted in the English version, but it's possible that instead of just modifying the ROM to remove this version in the Japanese version, they decide not to release Crystal at all, and America and Europe followed this because...Nintendo.

It seems like every day something horrible happens. Global warming, ISIS, politics in general...but worry no more!

The people who gave us Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams are giving us a hot new Bubsy game! All is right with the world!

Watch the great trailer here!

nuke the world
Y'know, I was thinking a few days ago that "Hey, I think SMWC should move over to Discord." Then I go on the site, and sure enough...
The best show on TV that nobody is watching right now is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Despite having the poorest Nielsen ratings out of any show on Network Television, it's genuinely amazing.

The title might make it seem unappealing, but it's actually a hilarious, irreverent, and occasionally heartbreaking take on romantic comedies and musicals that criticizes its own title.

The premise is that a depressed lawyer named Rebecca Bunch finds his old flame, Josh Chan, and decides to move to West Covina to be with him. If there was anything about romantic comedies that bugged you, this show has probably devoted at least one musical number to ripping it apart. It filters the reality of relationships through someone with obvious mental health issues who believes in tropes like "true love" and "destiny". Plus, it has really likeable, yet flawed characters and great, hilarious musical numbers.

There's nothing else really like it.
Is it cheating to post a trailer of an unreleased cartoon because oh boy

Also Pacific Heat, also on Netflix, is an answer to the question "What if Archer was total shit?"

TTG...I think "taking these superhero characters and turning it into a surreal kids show" is actually a good idea, and I think the show deserves to be looked at on its own merits, but even under that I don't think it's very good.

(Also, Family Guy, whatever, but for all of the problems with a lot of South Park I can't really think cases where I thought it was outright racist. I dunno, I'm never quite sure of how seriously to take it sometimes. Also, I don't think that show is really lacking in creativity these days, either.)
"You made the mistake and judge a man by his race, you go through life with egg on your face!"

If you haven't listened to Paul's Boutique, you're seriously missing out. Quite possibly the best defence of sampling as an art form that there is.
Originally posted by Y.Y.
Oh wow, can't wait for news articles to say that "games make you violent" bullshit again.
Isn't that fun?

I mean, if this was the 2000s I could see that happening, but in 2017 probably not. That ship has sailed. The right-wing media insulting gamers also insults a lot of their demographic

Also, although the obvious reaction is "This was probably his kids or something" it's actually pretty plausible he's genuinely a weeb. He was very westernised - He did a lot of his higher education in the west and had an American girlfriend. Plus, being in a cave all day must be real dull.
Originally posted by Kaijyuu
I don't see why this is all that surprising. Even violent revolutionaries are human beings.

It's more hilarious than surprising, really. You gotta pass the time somehow, and anime and video games are certainly ways to do it.
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