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Pretty sure it means the directional arrows on your keyboard.
Use Tweaker to make the goombas squishable. In Tweaker, just open up your rom and on the drop-down box at the top, select goomba. Then click the box on the left that says "dies when jumped on." If you don't have tweaker, itt's found in the tools section of the site, so download it there. Although, if you just do that alone, the goomba's GFX will be glitched-looking. You'll have to make you own squashed GFX to go along with that. To do this is a bit more complicated, so just search for it, and you'll find it.
So, I want to incorporate the block that always gives a flower when hit, no matter what mario's status is. I inserted the one that comes with BlockTool and it works, but only if Mario hits it from below himself. I want it to work when a shell hits it. What would I set the offsets to to make this work? Thanks in advance.
I don't think that I'd need to request it, I mean, the block is already made; I just need to know the correct offsets to make the flower come up when I hit it with a shell.
When I set the offsets to 0, the rom crashes when I touch it with a shell.
The side offset or the sprite Left/Right offset?
So, these are my current offsets:

Below: 0
Above: -1
Sides: -1
Cape: 0
Fireball: -1.

Edit: Yup, crashes when I hit it from below, or if it touches with a sprite in any way.
Originally posted by The Witch's Assistant
Well... What are the offsets it originally has? 0 is usually default, but maybe the coding is weird. Just have the offsets you want it to activate under. By the way, if you didn't know, here's an explanation of what all the offset's do.

Above, or MarioAbove in .asm blocks, does what it sounds like. It runs the code from the specified spot when Mario hits the block from below. Above and Sides do the same, except for the (duh) top and sides.

SPR UP is when the block is touched on the top or bottom, I believe, with a sprite. SPR LR Does the same, except for the (duh again) sides.

Cape is just the block being hit by the cape. Fireball is just (duh2) when it get's hit by a fireball.

So, zKip was wrong, SPR LR was what was causing it to crash, not Sides.

So anyway, you said that it only activated when hit from the bottom, originally, correct? Then just take what in Below, and put it in the other options. I would only recommend Above and Sides, in addition to Below, otherwise, when I sprite hits it, you'll get a Fire Flower, which would a little awkward. Just my 3 cents.

Well, I'm only going to be using this block once, in a switch palace. It's going to be completely blocked off and the only way to hit it is by throwing a shell at it, so it won't be awkward at all, since no sprites'll be able to touch it. The number that was originally the below offset was 1160. I tried putting that into the sprite offsets and it still didn't work. Anyone know what "Reloc offsets" are? Because this block has a ton of stuff in there.

Edit: Played around with the spr l/r u/d offsets a little and realized that 1160 does something pretty awkward. It's pretty funny too. It makes it so that when the shell hits it, it spawns the block right over mario like Mario hit it and the flower comes up out of it. Usually results in death, too.
Is there a block that can be used as a door, but doesn't require screen exits? Like, the destination can be put into the code itself or something? Because I've got a vertical elevator level and the screen exits completely mess up with that and lead somewhere other than what I set it. I know someone's gonna say that I should've searched for it, but I wasn't sure on what to search for, so yeah... Is there anything like this? I just need a way to go from that level to Reznor.
Well, I can't use a sprite. It's an "elevator," using layer 2 falls, so the sprite won't be able to come into the elevator at the end.
Originally posted by TheGreatPumpkin
Then use a teleport block and you set the first screen to teleport to Reznor yes I am aware that it messes the screen exits up, but there is no harm and trying this method

Yes, I've tried that. It just teleports to a different level than I set.
Originally posted by Zycloboo
I'm not sure if I understood right what you tried so far, but you have to place the screen exit in the screen Mario appears in, not in the screen where the door is BEFORE it is falling down to Mario's Position.
If this also doesn't work, you could of course use the block Iceyoshi suggested.

Wow, thanks a ton. I'm an idiot; how did I not realize that? I was putting the screen exit up where the door was in Layer 2, AKA screen 00.
I don't know what happened, but after killing my big boo boss at the end of my ghost house, the rom freezes completely. I've got no idea what's wrong, and I haven't changed anything since it last worked.
Originally posted by The Smoke Monster
There's really no fix. Anything not-normal you have in that room? In fact, a screenshot might help us find out- interplay between sprites may cause something.

If there isn't anything like that, I guess you are just out of luck. It's annoying to say, but corruptions like this apparently happen. I can only say I hope you have a backup.

*shrug* I guess I should just remove the damn boo. Ugh.
1. I don't know about that one. Take a screenshot of LM?

2. You can change the BG initial settings by clicking on the button on the top of LM that looks like a door with a 2 on it. There'll be a drop down box that says "Layer 1,2 (FG,BG) Initial Position." Play with the BG settings until the mess in the BG is fixed.

3. I think you're talking about the Creating/Eating blocks. Those are in the standard sprites list, although, I have no idea how they work.
MarioExGFX. I know what it does, but I've got no idea how to use it properly. I don't really understand the readme, either. :/ Can anyone explain?
As I said, I know what it does. I just don't know how to use it.
For some reasn, when I beat a boss, the boss defeated music plays but then repeats itself which leads to the level just freezing up since the music just keeps repeating. It makes the goal-passed noise/whistle thing and then plays the music and then repeats from that. Anything I can do about that?
Originally posted by Z. Raffle tikt
Show me a picture.

EDIT: Ctrl + Print Screen (scr)

Kinda hard to show you a picture of it, but I'll try to take a good one. Give me a moment.
Yes, I know how. I just had to speed-run through my whole castle to get to Reznor.
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Kilik's Profile - Posts by Kilik

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