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woo nes. wait the nes came out in 1986 in america right. if i am right our anivercery is next year
Its over after nine years or so. or 6 i lost count
I got to say The pit of dispar and item abuse are the hardest hacks i have ever seen and take alot of luck and knowing how to do all of the glitches in super mario world.
The hardest game i have played is i wanna be the guy but thats irrelevnt to smw
Originally posted by SilverSwallow

Sure, Level 103 [Reassembled Level 12] is yours. Got any ideas for the level yet?

I was thinking of Ruins of some sort Not sure if it will be haunted or just an crashed airship.
i have a few map 16 items in my level. Do i need to claim a page it its useing the orignal graphics?
Originally posted by negativestar54
I'm sorry, but I have to drop my level. I'm getting the error that happens when you try to open a locked hack in Lunar Magic.

I remeber there was a way to unlock a locked level but its difficult if you ask around on the fourms pepole may be able to help you if your intrested you could try that to see if it solves anything
Ill give a update of sorts.
I got most of the ship done.
it has 2 paths though and does not scroll.
I also figured out all five yoshi coin positions.

i still need to put in a new midwaypoint and take my map 16 tiles to the approrpate page but other than that its almost ready for testing plublicly.
Bad news is that i dont realy have time to work on the level that offten anymore.

The good news is that the level only need 2 things to be finished
The map 16 to be replaced in the level after moving it to the page i got.
Also i need a mid point to be placed.

Again i am busy but i will check in from time to time with updates as i make them.

Edit: besides needing to be tested.That also has to happen too
I Realy got to start re working on the level sometime. I have a date of august now though for a deadline for the basic level.
I am somewhat of a smw hack player and i could playtest and record the results if needed.
ok i think i have it done right. there are bound to be problems with it. also it did not come with a name(aside from the isp file).

i just hope this works.
well i cant answer all of the claims here you put. a redesine with that custom palett would be good. also can i add music from another mario game or would anything do. ill remake it as an airship but i dont know since cutsom sprites are banned for reassembled ill work with what i got and the gfx to redsinge it as an airship level.
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