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While I kinda agree on the whole running through walls thing being a bit too secretive, I felt that it was very appropriate for an Emerald Hill remake. Heck, I've never seen such a precise remake at all. (Those passages would look a bit better with layer priority enabled but meh.)

Also, first post. Hi guys.
Hey there guys. I've run into a strange problem regarding a autoscrolling Layer 2 section of a level I am creating.

You see. If I play through the level from the beginning without dying the Layer 2 disappears:

However if I enter that area if I had died and started from the midway point, the Layer 2 returns:

I am at a loss for how this had occurred and would love help in regards to my problem.
That patch seemed to make things worse as now regardless of the point of the level I am at, the layer 2 ship disappears still.

Though through further testing I figured out the problem had to do with a vertical level I guess the game was loading Layer 2 scrolling rate settings for.

So yeah. Problem solved. Thanks anyway.
I would love to sign up for a Desert/Haunted level, yo.

You have been assigned the following:
SUBLEVELS: 178, 179, 17A, 17B, 17C, 17D
SECONDARY EXITS: 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148
MAP16: 1950 - 199F (FG), 5150 - 519F (BG)
EXGFX SLOTS: 1E6, 1E7, 1E8, 1E9, 1EA
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