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I am completely new to SMW hacking, so I am an utter n00b at using Lunar Magic. When I tried to place a Digging Chuck, the graphics of the Digging Chuck were all messed up. (Sorry, I have NO idea how to put a sceenshot in my posts, so I can't submit one.) I'm guessing either I have a bad ROM, or Lunar Magic doesn't run properly under Darwine. A reply would be welcome.
Thanks for the help. Things are going much better now that I've got that sorted out. I'll have to experiment more with the graphical bypass to see what other combinations I can use. It looks like ROM hacking is more complicated than I thought, so the first hack I ever upload (if I do) probably won't have many graphical changes, but I'll try to make the levels fun.
Hi. I'm starting my first ever mario hack, and I'd like to share the first part of it and get some advice. It's only 1 level so far, and I've only edited the level and none of the graphics/sprites. I'm trying to aim for simple, fun, and keeping the player alert to sudden enemies/traps. I'm trying to not abuse the munchers or invisible coin blocks too much, and I thoroughly tested this level for any glitches. Here is my hack:


Hopefully I'm doing this correctly.

Please give me some feedback on this level, and I'll make more.

And if you think I really screwed up, tell me and I'll use ctrl-delete and start over.
Okay. I'll remove the munchers by the first block and move those turtles a bit farther up the hill, so the player has a lot more warning. And I'll definitely remove that muncher near the 3 bullet bills and fix the koopa jumping (maybe I'll put a block in place of the third red koopa), and delete the 4 bullets (or move them farther so the player has some time to react). I was kinda trying to get the player to react quickly to traps, but I guess I just went overboard with that idea. I'm guessing I didn't leave the player with enough time.

And as for that koopa not spawning, that's pretty confusing. I have no idea why it didn't spawn, since I'm sure I had less than 85 sprites or whatever the limit is (anyway, Lunar Magic didn't warn me about too many sprites). Is there a limit per screen too?

And maybe I'll try look into Block tool to try make some custom graphics and blocks.
All right. I looked at Blocktool, and found this block that increases time. I was thinking that I could make the Yellow Switch Palace into a timed race with several of these blocks to give you some time, as I plan to start the level with not very much time. Unfortunately, I don't know what these Map16 numbers are, so I can't create the blocks yet. If anyone knows what they are, PLZ TELL ME!!!
I recently started my own hack, and I tried to insert some custom blocks using Blocktool. However, even after I open up the ROM in blocktool, find my block type, enter the Map16 number (though I'm not sure I'm doing that correctly), and saved, my block still acts like cement. I'm trying to get the +10 time block.
I've kinda got Blocktool to work. Just use CrossOver instead of Darwine.

Edit: Blocktool emulated by CrossOver works flawlessly, and I've managed to create some working blocks with it.

I'm not completely sure if I'm looking in the correct place for the Map16 number, but I found the address number in the 16X16 editor in Lunar Magic, entered the number in an online calculator (since I'm using a mac, the built in calculator doesn't have hex), and converted it to Binary. Did I convert the wrong number?

And also, I'm emulating Blocktool in CrossOver. If it's because of that, please tell me.

And also, I'm not trying to use Spritetool. I'm trying to insert custom blocks, not sprites.
Sorry. I meant decimal. I don't know why I said Binary.
Wait, you can press F9 to save? I didn't know that. I'll try it.

And no, it's not doing what I want. I'm trying to make it increase my time by 10 seconds. Unfortunately, it's just acting like a normal cement block and doing nothing.
Actually, that's still not the problem. It's still acting like cement and not increasing my time. Should I try converting the tile number (instead of the address) into decimal and putting THAT as the map16?
YES!!! It worked! Now the block actually adds 10 seconds to the timer so I can edit my Yellow Switch Palace. Thanks.

Now I can make some custom graphics for the block.
Hi. I've managed to create some custom blocks, and want to add some designs to them. I know HOW to edit the 8X8 tiles, and I know how to add them to my custom blocks, but I've got 1 problem: There aren't any free tiles to edit. And I don't want to edit the existing tiles if they screw up blocks already in the game. Is there any way to create new 8X8 tiles?
So I should get YY-chr, copy one of those binary archives in the Graphics folder to the ExGraphics folder, open the ROM in YY-chr, edit the graphics, and click the yellow mushroom to use the GFX?
HELP!!! I'm a complete n00b at inserting graphics, and though there is an ExGFX80.bin file in the ExGraphics folder, and I inserted it, the red mushroom doesn't give me a pull down menu. Am I using the right mushroom? Does it not appear when emulating LM using Darwine?
Man, Kaizo is so friggin hard. I'm trying to play through all the normal stages without savestates (though I'm using an infinite lives code and a savestate after each switch palace), and I'm stuck at the level right before Bowser's Castle. I can beat the first half, but I always fail SO badly at the second half that I usually end up throwing stuff in anger.
I've just attempted Pit Of Despair, and I must say, What were you THINKING, Moltov? I'm standing on top of the first key with a backup save, but I don't know how to keyjump. Am I already screwed by just not moving instantly?
There's a thread here named "Kaizo hack submissions" where there's a ton of hard hacks. You will find it there, along with plenty of other impossible hacks.
I'm making a hack, and I want munchers on the ceiling. However, since I can't include floating munchers, that's a problem. I've tried going into the Map16 editor and flipping "y", but that doesn't do anything. How do I flip them?
That worked, but now it made ALL the munchers in my level face upside down. Any way to flip specific munchers?
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God Of Fruit's Profile - Posts by God Of Fruit

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